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Understanding the Changes to the Bankruptcy Laws

Understanding the Changes to the Bankruptcy Laws
"""New bankruptcy regulations were implemented on October 17, 2005. Since their implementation, these laws have grown increasingly complex. However, the majority of complications are the result of widespread ignorance. For this reason, it is always advised to retain an attorney when filing a petition in this regard. The bankruptcy attorneys are experts in this field and know how to utilize the laws to your advantage. They will also assist you in comprehending the laws and distinguishing them from any misconceptions.

Nobody Will Be Aware of Your Bankruptcy

Typically, debtors dread that if they are declared bankrupt by a court, their social life will become more difficult. You must realize that the new bankruptcy laws do not contain a provision that would inform your employer and others in your community of your bankruptcy filing. No one in the media will be interested in your case unless you are a well-known celebrity or public figure. Typically, only your creditors and other parties involved in your case will be aware of your insolvency. Uninformed individuals fear declaring bankruptcy because they believe they will be dismissed if their employer discovers this information. If your employer is not a creditor, it is extremely unlikely that they will learn about this. Regardless of the situation, it is imperative that you realize that the new bankruptcy laws prohibit such discrimination. It means that an employer cannot terminate an employee solely because they have been declared bankrupt. Always keep in mind that poverty is not a crime. It is only a temporary setback in one's financial existence.

Does Bankruptcy Remove A Lien?

Some individuals are uncertain as to whether a bankruptcy court's declaration of bankruptcy removes a lien. Well, there are circumstances in which you are permitted to file a special motion to remove certain liens once your case's proceedings have begun. These liens can be eliminated if the court rules in your favor. However, keep in mind that such matters are typically extremely complex, especially in light of the new bankruptcy laws. Therefore, it is advised that you retain the services of an experienced attorney in this regard.

Thus, we can see that apprehensions are the sole cause for many individuals' reluctance to submit their petitions, even when they are fully qualified. This does not imply that filing for bankruptcy is an easy method to eliminate all debts. The answer is no. But when all other options have been exhausted, it is the best and only means to save your financial life. It will simplify your complex financial situation and provide you with another opportunity to exercise financial control. Ensure that you are familiar with the new bankruptcy laws.""

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