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Utilizing Bankruptcy Law To Your Benefit

Utilizing Bankruptcy Law To Your Benefit
"However, the vast majority of the regulations governing bankruptcy law are still founded on the major, sweeping changes to these laws that occurred only a few short years ago. While some states also have specific bankruptcy laws, the federal law always takes precedence in cases where the state law conflicts with the federal law. Therefore, it is infrequently advantageous to file for bankruptcy in a state other than the one in which you reside, even if it is technically possible in most cases.There are three main areas of bankruptcy, known as chapters, into which almost all consumers and businesses fall. Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code is used by consumers who can repay their debts over a period of time, typically three to five years. Despite the fact that this is still referred to as bankruptcy, the consumer's debts are not eliminated; rather, the court intervenes to give them additional time to pay off their debts, and creditors must comply regardless of whether the debts are past due.Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the one most people consider when contemplating this drastic measure to eliminate their financial debt. This is the most extreme form of bankruptcy and may necessitate the liquidation of exempt or nonexempt assets in order to repay debts.Chapter 13 bankruptcy is typically used by businesses and is used by individuals to reorganize their debt. As with chapter 7, it is essential to observe that this is a reorganization under the protection of the bankruptcy courts and does not discharge debts.Regardless of the chapter you intend to file, you must be aware that certain categories of financial obligations cannot be discharged and possibly cannot even be reorganized with chapter 13. Therefore, if the majority of your debt is comprised of these types of debts, declaring bankruptcy will not be of much benefit to you.Those who study and comprehend the law can use bankruptcy to their advantage. However, this is a very complex topic. Studies and interviews with filers indicate that the overwhelming majority of those who have filed bankruptcy wished they had done so with the assistance or oversight of a competent bankruptcy attorney. As with anyone who works full-time in their field of study, these individuals are highly qualified to know and comprehend how the law operates and, in each situation, how those laws can be applied to your advantage.Considering that bankruptcy is such a drastic measure, you will naturally want to consider your alternatives. A frequently overlooked option is the operation of debt consolidation services, which can provide the necessary financial breathing room without the long-term negative effects of registering for bankruptcy. Before plunging in with both feet, our website discusses debt consolidation as a viable option.A free bankruptcy evaluation is the best way to determine if bankruptcy law can work to your advantage or if you have other viable options. There is a link on our website for this, where a qualified bankruptcy attorney in your area can evaluate your situation and make recommendations. When you have your options in front of you, it is simpler to choose the one that is optimal for your situation.
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