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Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant
"What is a Bankruptcy Virtual Assistant (VBA)? A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is a private, independent contractor who is available to work from home for bankruptcy attorneys. A VBA is familiar with bankruptcy law and the preparation of a bankruptcy petition and schedules.

A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant may be formally trained through online courses and seminars, or they may have the necessary experience to comprehend and carry out their duties.

Frequently, the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is responsible for all client contact on behalf of the attorney. The VBA is responsible for gathering all of the necessary information to apply for bankruptcy. This may include information such as the client's name, address, previous identities, and pending bankruptcy filings. In addition to more detailed information about their financial situation, including but not limited to obtaining credit reports, providing guidance to the debtor regarding their assets and the values of those assets, information about the debtor's current and previous income, and a detailed summary of the debtor's expenses.

The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is responsible for entering all data into the attorney's bankruptcy software. The attorney should have provided the VBA with all the necessary instructions for installing the software on his/her home or office computer. This grants the VBA access to all files and settings belonging to the attorney. If the VBA works for multiple attorneys, the same program can have multiple configurations.

When an attorney hires you as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, s/he will regard you as an employee, as you are, in essence, an employee who can work remotely from a home office or other location. This allows the VBA some latitude in their work hours, even if you must meet with clients, attorneys, or complete data entry/forms by a specific date. The VBA's primary responsibility is to maintain order and provide a valuable service to the attorney and his/her law practice by performing menial tasks (client meetings, data input, etc.). Depending on experience and training, the attorney may want to train you as they would any other employee, or they may trust your discernment that you have the necessary qualifications to work for them preparing bankruptcy petitions.

Finally, Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants have a large online community with blogs, online seminars, listservs, and other online resources to keep up with the ever-changing bankruptcy rules, to ask questions, and to receive feedback on difficult cases.

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