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What are the most viable alternatives to declaring bankruptcy?

What are the most viable alternatives to declaring bankruptcy?
"""If you want to get out of debt, do not choose bankruptcy reflexively. Before focusing on bankruptcy alternatives, it is essential to become familiar with all the reasons why bankruptcy is a bad notion. We have been conditioned to believe that filing for bankruptcy is the best method to obtain debt relief, but this is not the case.
You may need to employ an attorney.
Not included are taxes, child support, and alimony payments.
Some of your debts may be denied (meaning you remain liable for them).
Your credit score will decline for approximately seven years.

Now that you are aware of the disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy, what are some viable alternatives?
Debt Settlement

Settlement is one of the debt relief options closest to bankruptcy. The positive news is that none of these disadvantages are present. Instead of being released from the majority of your debts, a portion of your debts are eliminated. So let's suppose you currently owe $15,000 in credit card debt. After reaching a settlement, you might only be required to pay $7,500.You may be among the individuals who wonder, ""Why would my credit card companies settle for less?"" This is a frequent inquiry, and the answer is straightforward. This form of debt relief requires you to continue paying a portion of your debt. This means that some of your creditors will receive payment.
Consolidation of Debt

In terms of minimizing the negative impact on your credit score, consolidation is one of your finest debt relief options. This is due to the fact that your debt consolidation company will pay off your creditors. On your credit report, it will reflect that these obligations have been satisfied in full. Then, what occurs with the money you owe? Your debt consolidation service will provide you with a new loan. As long as you make these payments on time, your credit score should remain unaffected.In conclusion, settlement and consolidation are only two of the bankruptcy options available to you. Obviously, you have the option to declare bankruptcy, but bear in mind the disadvantages listed above. Before making a final decision, you should at least contemplate contacting a debt relief company that specializes in consolidation or settlement.""

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