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Active Listening and Mental Health

Active Listening and Mental Health
"""Why is effective communication a valuable skill?

Active listening, which is a structured method of listening and responding to others, is part of communication. When actively listening, your attention is focused on the other person in an effort to understand, interpret, and evaluate what they are saying. The key is to communicate without judgment. In a workplace setting, you may collaborate with people to set independent goals.

What are some recommendations for practicing active listening?

Make eye contact, keeping in mind that excessive eye contact in some cultures can be construed as inappropriate, aggressive, or rude. Concentrate on what is being said; do not multitask by checking e-mails, taking a call, etc. Listen and allow the other person to speak; do not interrupt. You may want to ""fix"" things, but if you have not heard the entire situation, you may be fixing the wrong issue (posture, facial expressions, eye contact, etc.)

What are some pointers for interpreting body language?

Focus on the following: Proximity (standing too close or too far away); Posture (disapproval or dislike versus interest); Gestures (eye contact, hand movements); Silence (interest, concern, stimulation of further talk; or disapproval, disinterest, disbelief); Actions supporting the words that the person is saying); Don't forget that your tone of voice and body language are also part of the message. Please see the OSH Answers on this page for more information.

What are some further pointers for effective workplace communication?

Consider ""what else"" can be discussed or learned. Give yourself time to hear the whole story; this will prevent you from jumping to conclusions or assumptions. Do not focus on offering solutions right away; time may be required for both parties to come to a solution that works best for both. If the decision or solution is reached with consensus, it is more likely that people will be devoted to it.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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