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Active Listening and Mental Health

Active Listening and Mental Health
"""Why is effective communication a valuable skill?

Talking alone is not sufficient for effective communication. It calls for attentive listening, sincerity, and empathy. Active listening is a methodical approach of listening to and reacting to people as part of communication. When you are actively listening, your attention is on the other person as you make an effort to comprehend, decipher, and assess what they are saying. Communication without bias is the key. In the workplace, you might engage with others to define individual, realistic performance goals, decide when to provide feedback, and track your progress toward achieving those goals. These methods will make for a more productive and satisfying working environment.

What are some recommendations for practicing active listening?

Establish eye contact. Keep in mind that excessive eye contact may be viewed as impolite, confrontational, or disrespectful in some cultures. Be focused, but avoid staring. Pay attention to what is being stated. Avoid multitasking by refraining from checking your email, taking calls, or other tasks. As the speaker, pay attention and let them speak. Keep your mouth shut. Even if you might want to ""repair"" something, if you don't fully understand the situation, you risk fixing the wrong problem. Permit pauses. Some folks might require some extra time to reflect and come up with their responses. Never force someone to respond hastily. Pose inquiries. When something is unclear, politely and nonjudgmentally asking for clarification demonstrates interest and concern. Repeat to ensure accuracy. Reiterating what you heard lessens the likelihood of misunderstandings and confusion. Allow the other person to clarify any misinterpretations of what they may have heard. Consider what you heard. Observe the subtleties. Look for cues in the person's body language that could indicate how they are feeling about whatever you are discussing (posture, facial expressions, eye contact, etc.)

What are some pointers for interpreting body language?

Pay close attention to Standing too close or far apart is known as proximity. Position: dislike or disapproval vs interest Make eye contact and move your hands. Using your face to nod, smile, or shake your head Silence can indicate approval, disinterest, disbelief, or curiosity, concern, which encourages continued conversation. actions that back up what the speaker is stating Don't forget that your body language and voice tone contribute to the message. For further details on verbal and non-verbal communication, please check the OSH Answers on Mental Health - Having Courageous Conversations.

What are some further pointers for effective workplace communication?

Find solutions is another suggestion. Don't bring up an old issue again. Consider ""what else"" can be covered or discovered. You are less likely to make snap judgments or assumptions if you give yourself enough time to hear the entire tale. Don't concentrate on offering solutions right away. It can take some time for both parties to agree on a solution that benefits them equally. People are more likely to be dedicated to the success of a decision or solution if it is arrived at through consensus. Allow someone to elaborate on their remarks. We occasionally say things that are not what we mean. Spend some time confirming what you heard to be sure it corresponds with what they meant to say.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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