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Having Courageous Conversations About Mental Health

Having Courageous Conversations About Mental Health
"""How can I help someone who is struggling with mental illness?

Asking someone simply ""Are you okay?"" is a great place to start when it comes to supporting people who may be facing mental health challenges. Keep in mind that you don't need to be a therapist to show compassion and empathy to people who may be fac

How can employers help their employees?

An organization's key asset is its employees, and ensuring a worker is healthy and able to perform their duties to the best of their ability is typically considered to be the right thing to do. Workplaces have a responsibility to protect workers' health and safety, including to protect them from any workplace factor that may impact their mental health. This duty must be balanced with other obligations such as fulfilling business and operational requirements.

How do I approach a coworker for ""that"" conversation?

A meeting should be scheduled to discuss any issues and concerns that may be noticed. If there are concerns about performance and completing work, this fact should not be the first focus. Instead, start with what you have observed, such as ""I've noticed lately..."" or ""You haven't been yourself lately, are you okay?"" These conversations may not be successful the first time, but continued follow-up is important.

What are some verbal communication best practices?

Be aware of how you are delivering your words. Speak calmly, quietly, and confidently. Use common words. Avoid official language, jargon, or complex terminology. Encourage the other person to speak. Listen carefully. Do not interrupt with unsolicited advice or criticism. Be observant. Determine if it is a good time to interrupt, or if you should wait for a more appropriate time to speak.

What are some pointers for nonverbal behavior and communication that works well?

Give the other person enough physical space; this distance varies by culture but is typically 2 to 4 feet is considered an adequate distance. Get on the other person's physical level. If they are seated, try kneeling or bending rather than standing over them. Use calm body language. Have a relaxed posture with unclenched hands and an attentive expression.

What actions may employers do to promote mental health at work?

Create an organizational culture that values employee input in all areas, such as planning, policy creation, and goal-setting. Ensure that managers and supervisors act in accordance with the organization's values. Balance job demands with employees' capabilities and resources. Have clearly defined job descriptions to help people understand their roles and what is expected of them. Provide leader development opportunities.

What steps may employees take to improve their mental health?

Find a hobby or activity that makes you happy and engage in it regularly. Share your feelings with someone you trust, or write them down in a journal. Seek help when necessary. Speak to your supervisor, human resources, or health and safety representative. Use the Employee Assistance Program if available. Participate in planning with your manager to balance work demands and work load.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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