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Mail Suspicious Mail Handling

Mail Suspicious Mail Handling
"""Why should I be aware of mail that arrives at work?

When discussing suspicious mail, it usually refers to mail that could be a bomb or contain chemicals, biologicals, radioactive materials, or nuclear material. It is a good idea to check your received mail for odd characteristics.

What format might suspicious mail take?

You are familiar with the mail and parcels you typically get. Be on the lookout for unusual items. If several of these characteristics are present, something might be suspicious: Using a lot of cheap stamps, there is too much postage. The return address is illegible, missing, or foreign. The name, title, or address is misspelled or incorrect. They might have skewed handwriting, handwritten labels, or cut-and-pasted letters for the name and address. Too much wrapping, binding, taping, or tying material is present. You can feel aluminum foil, wiring, or powder inside the packaging or oozing out from it. The package or letter feels overly substantial. They could have soft areas or bulges and an asymmetrical form. The package or mail is filthy, has grease or oil stains, or is leaking. A strange odor, sound, or sloshing sound is present. The return address may not be the same area as the cancellation or postmark, or the item may have been sent from abroad. Letter bombs may feel stiff or seem asymmetrical or uneven. Bombs in packages might be addressed to particular people and come with restriction inscriptions like ""Personal,"" ""Private,"" or ""To be opened only by""; they might also include comments like ""Fragile - Handle with Care"" or ""Rush - Do not delay."" Adapted from the undated Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) article Responding to Suspicious Mail and the Suspicious Mail Alert Canada Post poster (no date).

Which mail is acceptable?

Generally, there is no need to worry about: You get mail and packages from acquaintances. You receive mail and packages from known companies. Items you've ordered from stores, including food, clothing, or books.

What should I do if I think there's a bomb?

You can decline to accept a mail or package if you think it might be a bomb.

DO NOT OPEN IT IF IT IS ALREADY ON YOUR PROPERTY. Separate it. Then get out of there. Never place the object in water or a small area, like a desk drawer or filing cabinet. Inform your manager. Dial 911.

What should I do if I believe a chemical or biological substance to be harmful?

You have the option to decline receiving a mail or package if you suspect it may contain a dangerous chemical or biological substance. Keep your cool. Do not open the package or letter. If a plastic sheet or raincoat is not available, leave the parcel alone or cover the mail or package with one. Get everybody out of the space and shut all windows and doors. Isolate the vicinity of the package. Inform your manager. Dial 911. Wait until the emergency services come in a secure location (another area with a phone).

If I've already opened the package, should I be concerned?

If you spot powder or a liquid in a letter or package, you should be concerned about its contents. It has a menacing message inside. It has something inside that you weren't expecting to get or can't place. If you received something on your clothes or touched a letter or package that could have contained a dangerous substance: Keep your cool. Keep the letter or package in its current location. Clearly wash your hands. Any clothing that has powder or liquid on it should be taken off and placed in a plastic bag. Close the door after getting everyone out of the room. Rewash your hands or take a soap-and-water shower. Inform your manager. Dial 911. Wait until the emergency services come in a secure location (another area with a phone).

What follows is what?

On what to do next, the police, other emergency personnel, and public health authorities will advise you.

Adapted from What to Do About Suspicious Letters or Packages (2004), Public Health Agency of Canada, and Responding to Suspicious Mail (no date), Royal Canadian Mounted Police.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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