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Essay About Cyber Ethics (Internet Etiquette)

Here's an essay about cyber ethics (internet etiquette) entitled "A Shout for Cyber Ethics" written by Richard Lorenz B. Bistayan, a sports news editor of Misonahisian.
A Shout for Cyber Ethics
by Richard Lorenz B. Bistayan

Along with the Philippine's becoming the social networking capital of the world is the increasing reckless behavior.

Both the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detention Group and the Web Safety of the Philippines have reported a rise in cases of cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and cyber harrassment.

Yet, very doomed! The culprits are at large and the victims are agonizing.

Added to these are the proliferation of images and messages that are posted to embarrass, harm, and even bully other people.

There is definitely a need for greater responsibility in online conduct!

The "netizens" have to observe ethics or "netiquettes" in all forms of social media. They must be aware that access to social media is not a license to malign and victimize other users.

In this light, students need to understand of the greater risks while they are drowning, in the verge and promotions of social media. Considering that most students have access to cyberspace and online games, security has broadened its spectrum.

In this light, online students need to join hands in promoting accountability and respect. We must serve as the examples in using our craft with the highest responsibility because we are duty-bound to impose self-restraint. We must be able to draw the line between what constitutes "abuse" and "enjoyment" because at the end of the day, we are answerable with all our actions.

In advocating and upholding ethics in social media, students ought to assist onliners in distinguishing what is worthwhile and what is junk. We have to inform our "co-net generation" to veer away from pornographic sites, gossip blogs, and hate sites that espouse prejudice, racism, and the like.

If only we have the "think before you click" mentality, then we would be able to become responsible "cyber citizens".

Reference: Bistayan, Richard Lorenz B. (June-December 2012) Misonahisian. p. 3

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