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Thousands of Facebook Users Hates The New Facebook Profile...

Facebook, the biggest social networking site in the universe continues to grow and develop. As of the first week of January 2011, they reach more than 600 million users worldwide. Hundreds of millions of people love facebook but thousands of them and growing hate their New Facebook Profile. The New Facebook Profile was introduced on the first week of December 2010. Facebook team said that through the New Facebook Profile, it's now easier to tell your story and to learn about your friends. Here are the highlights of the New Facebook Profile:

The New Facebook Profile features:
  • A quick summary of who you are (like where you live, work and grew up), right at the top of your profile
  • A row of recently tagged photos so friends can see what you've been up to lately
  • Room to highlight meaningful friendships (like teammates, co-workers or roommates)
  • More of your favorite activities and interests
  • The ability to tag your friends in important life experiences
But despite of these new developments of Facebook, users started to protest as soon New Facebook Profile was launched. Here are a large collection of the comments, protest, disagreement of thousands of Facebook users. We hope Facebook Inc., creators and developers would hear or read these before they will gradually lose some users. It's like the myspace and friendster story. If you never listen to the users, users will gradually tend to go away and find another site that makes them more happy and more convenient to use.

Thousands of Facebook Users Hates Facebook New Profile?

Here are the selected protests and comments of the New Facebook Profile by some Facebook users:
  • The new design is stupid. Why would your friends want to see FIRST things like where you live, went to school, or your interests. They KNOW that. the first thing they want to see is what is NEW in your life, i.e. the Status update.
  • I agree. I didn't mind the last changes they've made, like navigation (took a bit of getting used to) but this time, as it's profile page, it is very personal. We should be given more choice of our own layout!.
  • If you want that the ppl see your info, let the info open for all and let us keep the old profile. If you got the FB blocked just for friends, the new ppl or old friends will never see that information anyway when they find you on FB, so....Doesn't make any sense for me.
  • I would HOPE that many other people are complaining about this and that I'm just adding to the pile, as I am SURE that other people will agree with me: BRING BACK THE HEADLINE STATUS! We used to have our most recent status update stored at the top of our profile page! It's not there any more! I really want us to have this back! Everybody who agrees click LIKE!
  • Its the what I'm here for!! and lots of my friends too!! Sharing daily inspiration and funnies is crazy awesome excellent!! It is such a lovely way to start the day, sharing other peoples positive vibes via FB ♥ I dont understand!!! PLEASE DONT TAKE OUR STATUS UPDATES AWAY!!
  • Ya never know, Facebook might have something better than that planned. Also, I use The Rockmelt browser, where when I put the cursor over my friends icons there status pops up, so it's not so bad. I just still think that people should be able to see it outright when they're on our profiles.
  • change it back 2 normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • really DO NOT appreciate the lack of control of the photos so randomly generated and placed front and center nor the lack of an obvious link to see friends photos or have them see mine anymore.... no prominant placement of status messages, no links to see & share, and worst "exciting" change { NOT} is the ability for all to see my replies to individuals on their pages.. NOT COOL.. I .. will not be changeing to the new page.. Please don't make me.. if it tain't broke DON"T fix it...
  • i also want my old profile back! i dnt want the new profile......
  • dear facebook team you are all smart and intelligent people and we admire you for that, but when it comes to design and taste you are awful so please use someone who knows how to desing profiles properly!
  • Amen to that - I prefer being able to see their last STATUS UPDATE when visiting a page, so the first thing I see about someone is what's going on in their life. I couldn't give a crap about the other misc info on there - it doesn't remind me of how I know them or anything useful!
  • It is a mistake to remove the small text box under the profile picture, where users were able to place a quote, a joke, or whatever words they felt were meaningful or representative of their uniqueness. This sort of personal touch is crucia to online networking. A plain list showing people's job / location / school is too much like LinkedIn: it gives profiles a cold and impersonal look & feel. Removing such details that made Facebook special may cause an exodus similar to what has happened to other relationship sites
  • I agree Kika, this new layout is so corporate and uncool. You don't have a space for unique commentary, you don't know if you have friends in common and you don't know where someone is from or if you have anything in common with them. I don't like the change at all!
  • Give us the Downgrade option ! I don't want to be forced to have this new profile.
    I hate it ! I want me profile back !
    Please ppl Get on my group about this question ! "Petição: Opção de Downgrade do Novo Modelo de Perfil no Facebook !"
  • Where did the Links go???
    And the status needs to stay on top! Why would I want to see over and over again, at the most prominent spot, where somebody was born or where they went to school? Is that gonna change, you think? And I want to Say Something About myself, darnit. Those were my not-so-secret messages. Did I mention I kept hiding unwanted photos from the top until one became an empty square? Why are the Videos mixed in with the Photos? I could go on. I like Facebook, but this new design... What a failure on all levels!
  • Everything I WANT to appear on my profile page (I.E. website addresses) is now hidden away.and some of it has vanished all together. Even the 'interests and activities' you have made up for me get higher priority! All the totally irrelevant stuff is stuck right at the top of the wall! Your designers are fools.
  • No choice here, it was imposed. It's not beta, it's rubbish.
    Everything remotely useful for actually connecting with people you know has been removed, including the status update, which is what Facebook is all about. Maybe there is a certain type of nerd who considers the place of his education and job important: it may be the last thing they ever achieved in life. But I want to swap what is happening right now, and so do most other people.
    If you're just a vapid 'friend collector' who simply wants the biggest list possible, without actually communicating with anyone then it's great. If you use Facebook to actually communicate then it's worse than useless.
  • I hate this layout, where's the Dislike button? And I still have problems on FB chat with it saying I'm offline to people when I AM ONLINE and every time I change page, the person I'm chatting to's box suddenly has the scrollbar at the top, so I have to scroll back down to the end of the conversation every time. STOP TRYING TO FIX THINGS THAT AREN'T BROKEN AND FIX THINGS THAT *ARE* BROKEN! SUCH AS FB CHAT!
  • Oh. Brilliant. You're changing the profile layout ... AGAIN. What kind of idiotic focus group did you use for this latest "improvement"?
    Apparently the powers that be at Facebook HQ have no idea about the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  • Dear Mr. Wise man, next time if you want to test something out, throw a poll with a photo of the new appearance, you'll see the feedback of your so called "improvement" . I don't think any facebook user agreed with this new "improved and unchangeable" profile.
  • Evaluation of someone' abilities, status, or way of life is downgrading facebook' users to sheer pool of marketing data. Nice start for the purpose of product' development. Who really cares what's on your mind if it does not benefit their net profit?
  • oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! what are you waiting for? i want my old profile now!! for god sake!! do u want to have a lot of haters first before u turn back the old one?! oh come on!! bring back the old one now!!!!!!!
  • yah so freaking bad! i made a mistake, it was a regret clicking that get the new profile hoping that will be good, but jeez, its so annoying! how i wish i could turn back that time! now i have a dirty profile! i hate it so much!
  • not improvements at all, just changes. Leave a good thing alone- Mark Zuckerberg--- go away!!!
  • Fix chat, the notifications and other bugs before you change the layout AGAIN. Plus that stupid photo-friend chat list is not user friendly because you can't always tell who is on by it cause people constantly change their profiles pictures. Plus Do to a little thing called color theory the blue for away and green for on is not readable in the thumbnails cause the color proximity in some people's profile thumbnails messed with how your eyes view the colors.

    Oh and I hate your "not now" friend thing. If I don't want someone as my friend I mean it. I don't want them getting my FB statuses cause the friend request is constantly pending.

  • Totally agree! I haven't been receiving notifications for about a month and now with this new profile, I have no pics at the top of my page like EVERYONE else does! They can't even fix one problem before they create another one!!!!
  • This new design is CRAP! No status up on top...everything crammed in...advertising all on the right hand side of your wall...typeface (font) is too small...and on and on and on!!!
  • Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate.
  • I see that the new Facebook profile does not have the Wall settings (just you, just friends, you + friends) or optional comment expansion many of us utilize. I sincerely hope this will change before the mandatory roll-out. If not, I've been looking for a reason to spend less time on here anyway. :)
  • yes, that is such and annoying and unnecessary change! The other day, a friend told me to find a video he'd posted. Links are gone, couldn't look there, and I couldn't filter his wall for items he'd posted, couldn't find it in videos for some reason....what a pain!!
  • I strongly dislike the new profile as well. Facebook just keeps downgrading, in my opinion. Kind of like Myspace. Instead of getting better, it only got worse. Not to mention it lost millions of users. The recent changes are terrible to say the least.
  • I just don't like it. Too much things onto the wall just make it too messy. I'd love if given the old profile.
  • Give it up people. Facebook's not gonna entertain such requests, never had in the past and never will. the most pro active thing to do is if there's a mass actions of these:

    1. facebook blackout deactivate for a week.

    2. Delete every single info from your profile that you've been giving facebook to be used as consumer profiling data inlucing groups and pages you like

    3. if massive users install ADBLOCK browser addon to block ads in facebook. there wont be ad revenues if no one ever click on it.

    But then again, no one who ever hated facebook is vigilant enough to perform the above. complain or not, the users still stayed on. facebook knows this too well. by now users has become too attached and dependent on facebook.
  • Facebook IS a profit-organization site. They do sell your info.
    If it is a profit site, give us a reason to actually like it. Stop changing it. Add a dislike button so we can dislike all the changes being made. Thanks
  • The new profile sucks so badly.
    The stroke of images and info on top is pointless.
    It takes longer to post something on your wall.
    Where did the "Events" tab go? It automagically disappeared.
    Also, the common friends seem to be gone, or not in an obvious place.

    Turn it back, now.
    It makes me want to avoid viewing people's profiles.
  • Exactly - where have the events gone? They are (were) one of the most important features of Facebook.
    And the fact that a normal status text update takes two clicks now also isn't thought through very well.
There are thousands of other comments like these. The comments are still growing in numbers. It seems there's people power revolution within facebook. I cannot enumerate all comments made by facebook users due to characters space limitations. We hope Facebook Team will give time to read this and listen to what the users really feel about the New Facebook Profile.

If you have something to say about the New Facebook Profile or to Facebook itself, please leave a comment below.

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