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What's the maximum UPLOAD Speed of PLDT MyDSL?...

The need for faster internet upload speed is unavoidable if you own an internet cafe or if you upload videos heavily in video hosting sites such as Youtube. And when you decide to choose PLDT DSL as your internet service provider, you need to know how much download speed and also the UPLOAD SPEED it provides. We're not talking about PLDT Fiber here. We're talking about PLDT DSL. How much is the UPLOAD SPEED of PLDT DSL?
PLDT Upload Speed Internet

Here's a secret that PLDT never reveals to their customers. All PLDT DSL plans (Speedster Plan 1299, FamPlan 1299, Famplan 999, FAMPLAN 1995, FAMPLAN 3000) and TELPAD plans are promised and advertised to have an UPLOAD SPEED of up to 1mbps.

I repeat... All PLDT DSL plans are advertised and promised to have UPLOAD SPEED of up to 1 mbps.

Does PLDT keep their promise to give 1mbps internet upload speed to their customers?

No. No. No.

Even if you subscribe to the highest DSL or Telpad plans with the highest download speed, upload speed will remain up to around 0.8 mbps only.

The upload never ever reaches to 1mbps. You will be so lucky if you reach an upload speed of 0.9mbps. I know many internet cafe owners will agree with me and they also share the same ill feeling.

Why does PLDT advertise that their DSL plans have an upload speed of up to 1mbps while the truth is it never reaches that speed.

I would like to tell you my story. I subscribed to highest PLDT DSL Plan (FAMPLAN 3000) and the promised download speed is 15Mpbs.

Even if its 15mbps download speed, I only got around 0.7 to 0.8 mpbs UPLOAD SPEED. It never reaches 1mbps upload speed.

I have an internet cafe (PISONET or coin-operated internet cafe). Everytime I upload a video to Youtube, download speed is negatively affected. Internet connection lags. It means, if usage of UPLOAD speed is maximized, DOWNLOAD speed is compromised.

Everytime I call PLDT Customer Service, I always advise them to set their UPLOAD speed a bit higher maybe 2mbps to compensate the DOWNLOAD speed.

Could you also share with us your experience of using PLDT myDSL? Does your UPLOAD speed reach to 1mbps? Tell us in the comment below.

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