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Pictures of Earthquake in Negros Oriental - February 6, 2012

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Negros Oriental, Philippines in February 6, 2012. It brought damage to houses, properties and infrastructures in the area. News reported 13 people died, as many as 40 people missing and destroyed more than 30 houses.. Look at the pictures below and imagine how the earthquake destroyed some properties and how it provoked fear to the people in Negros Oriental.
These pictures are credited to Hulagway ug Kasikas sa Dumaguete.

Earthquake destroyed the road in Negros Occidental
The earthquake cracked the road in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental

Earthquake in Negros Occidental
Another cracked road in Negros Oriental

Quake destroyed the roads in Negros Occidental
The quake cracked again the road near a seashore in Negros Oriental.

The Negros Oriental provincial government is probably preparing for road repairs and construction due to the earthquake.

Earthquake destroyed a chapel in Negros Occidental
Earthquake has no mercy in destroying the "Our Lady of Lourdes" chapel in Lo-ok, Negros Oriental.

The earthquake tilted a house in Negros Occidental
The earthquake tilted a house in Negros Oriental.

Quake destroyed a church in Negros Occidental
Again, the earthquake had no mercy destroying chapels in Negros Oriental.

The quake almost collapsed the bridge
A danger in a bridge. The quake almost collapsed the bridge in Negros Oriental

Earthquake in Negros Occidental
A long cracks in the road of Negros Oriental

Earthquake causes landslide in Negros Occidental
Earthquake caused landslides in Negros Oriental

Earthquake caused landslide in Negros Occidental
Another landslide in Negros Oriental

Earthquake in Negros Occidental
The quake destroyed another chapel in Negros Oriental

Earthquake in Negros Occidental
The earthquake destroyed some houses in Negros Oriental

Earthquake cracked some lands in Negros Occidental
See how the quake destroyed this parking lot in Negros Oriental

I think the Negros Oriental provincial government has lot of work to do in reviving those infrastructures destroyed by the earthquake.

more pictures and updates coming soon...

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bryner   (20 January 2013 6:04 PM) [Entry]

Hi I wonder if it is possible to use one of the pictures for the book that I am currently working on? Thank you very much!
admin   (20 January 2013 6:56 PM) [Entry]

bryner, you're free to use the pictures as long as you credit the source.
alicia   (29 February 2012 4:04 PM) [Entry]

so dapa manaliksik tayo ng maayos..........
kung alin ang tunay na relihiyon na tanging ililigtas ng Panginoon......
hindi relihiyon ang makakaligtas kundi alin yung daan upang tayo ay maligtas
Liezel   (10 February 2012 10:59 AM) [Entry]

Kini usa lang ka pagsulay og gipakita lang sa Ginoo unsa cya ka gamhanan. Og kahibawo pud ang Ginoo nga kusog kaayo ang paglihok sa iya mga anak sa Negros para maluwas ang tanan nga mga katawhan. What is important is we have to be prepared for the death that anytime will come anyone of us. Death, is everyone's fate anyway. The most blessed are those who are 100% sure that their soul is going to Heaven and that is only possible through the Lord Jesus Christ.
Mermaid   (10 February 2012 10:47 AM) [Entry]

Sometimes we fail to understand that fortuitous events like this is not simply all man-made but an element of the earth's complex system i.e. its assembly parts working naturally and at the same time it could be a part of natural elimination of the world's overpopulation. It is just unfortunate for the distressed victims. May their remaining families be able to cope up with their losses in the soonest possible time.
admin   (10 February 2012 10:55 AM) [Entry]

Mermaid, if I'm not mistaken, you're thinking that earth has its own immune system like the human body. It it experiences disorder, it heals itself. I feel pity for those victims of terrible chances.
lynz   (09 February 2012 2:58 PM) [Entry]

dont loss hope,,thank God for those who survive.
Paul Carreon   (08 February 2012 11:41 AM) [Entry]

Even though the Prayer are very helpful, we must not depend on that, I think we must also prepare ourselves what will happen esp. in this kind of disaster, but Mary will help us, this is just a test. what we are!
bae_yours   (08 February 2012 9:44 AM) [Entry]

Still God is really good in times of trouble and tragedy.
Keep praising and praying to our true and only God who create heaven and earth.
May God continued heal our land.
melodz   (07 February 2012 8:04 PM) [Entry]

karen   (07 February 2012 4:02 PM) [Entry]

sakto jd. prayer is the only way!!
john do   (07 February 2012 1:01 PM) [Entry]

mayra pu oi... ana jus na basta bad an tawo.
apple   (07 February 2012 1:00 PM) [Entry]

this is a wake up call for all of us... just continue praying and believe in Him.
flong berico   (07 February 2012 12:59 PM) [Entry]

Tinamaan sana yong mga areas na may nagmimina para matapos na yong pagsisira ng mga minero sa kalikasan...
michael   (07 February 2012 7:31 AM) [Entry]

I hope all my friends in the area are fine having troubles getting through today & yesterday.. Does anyone know if there was any damage in Tacpao a village 9 kilometers up the mountain from Liko ????
michael   (07 February 2012 7:27 AM) [Entry]

From what I could see & my knowledge of the area & towns along the way .. most or a lot of the pictures show damage to the boulavard in Guihulgnan & mainly on the national highway outside of GUIHULGNAN on the way to seaside villages like LIKO just north of G....
JORGENA   (07 February 2012 6:59 AM) [Entry]

This is not from Negros occidental...I think all of these pictures are from Negros Oriental
cris santillan   (07 February 2012 1:53 AM) [Entry]

tinood jud na dili lng sa pnahon sakuna kudi sa permaninting adlaw-adlaw.
Salig kay kristo   (07 February 2012 1:08 AM) [Entry]

Mag to o lang ta sya dyos tanang adlaw. dili lang pag may sakuna sa atong buhay...ihatag ang tanan sa iya atong kasing kasing ug atong pagtoo para pagabot nang trials ligon ta tanan.sa DYOS lang dili sa lain.
Ampo kanunay....