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Terrible Earthquake in Cebu, Philippines - February 6, 2012

As I was coding a new website today at 11:45am, I felt something different in the wall of our house. My wife was terrified and said, "Linog!, linog!, linog!" (In English, linog means earthquake). I was also terrified by the shaking of the Earth we live in. Earthquake struck here in Cebu.

Earthquake in Cebu
Map in Cebu

As we felt the earthquake, we went into the main door, seeing the outside environment, making sense of the shaking of the ground and feeling nervous on what might happen if this earthquake will strike so hard. What I thought at that time was that this earthquake will only not be so intense. I was already aware of the recent successive earthquakes happened in Samar, Philippines. Yesterday, Samar recently experienced four (4) earthquakes with intensity 5 recorded as the highest magnitude. I always read latest news from Google.

I didn't know the real strength of the earthquake. It might be intensity 3 magnitude. No damages happened. We felt just the shake of the ground. It was also the time I stopped coding my new website: Top Business-Finance Website. It was like the Earth stood still for 30 seconds.

And this time that a real earthquake happened in our place here in Cebu, Philippines, My wife and I are already prepared whatever disaster might happened. It was the will of God who among the 7 billion human lives he will take back.

Few minutes after the shocks (earthquake movement), we felt again a mild shaking of the ground. As I was sitting in my chair, I felt like I had been carried away by small waves in the sea. My computer LCD monitor shook a bit and danced without music.

What a terrible experience!

This was my article post just few minutes after we felt the earthquake. I decided to post this because I'm scared to what this successive happening of natural disasters meant. The earth right now is acting abnormal. Not only brought by global warming, the earth is suffering from corrupt souls who are not afraid of doing evil things and forgetting God in their lives.

Take note also, that this earthquake happened in this date February 6, 2012. Number six (6) means something. I don't know how you could interpret that.

If you ask the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) why did Cebu experience this earthquake. They would probably answer, "the earthquakes were caused by the movements along the Philippine Trench".

If you are in Cebu, did you also felt the earthquake? What did you feel during that time?

I've gathered some pictures of the earthquake experience in Cebu and in other parts of the Philippines. Here they are:

Eathquake in Lahug Cebu
Staff and employees in Asiatown IT Park, Cebu went out from the buildings.

Earthquake in IT Park Lahug Cebu
Employees in Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu gathered outside their office buildings.

Earthquake in Negros Oriental
The earthquake cracked the road in Negros Oriental

Here's a video uploaded by pochacco in Youtube. Look how terrified the people in Cebu are. They ran and walked in fear.

Another video from Mark Nicholas Orongan. Look how the earthquake provokes intense fear to the people in Cebu.

A video by Kuya Bricks Lim with Allan Jean Cuyag. Look at how the people panicked in Pasil, Cebu. They heard Tsunami warning in the news. That was why they watched the river to see a sudden increase of water level.

Residents in Balamban, Cebu spotted sudden increase in sea level (credit to Irene Nipaya, Lan Ono and Roldan Lucero). Date: February 6, 2012 | Time: 4:17pm

This terrible event is not really funny in the Philippines. Please avoid making jokes about this quake in the Philippines.

More pictures (credited to Gene Liobe Belza) of the earthquake experience in Negros Occidental:

Earthquake in Gaisano San Carlos, Negros Occidental
The quake shattered the glass window of Gaisano San Carlos Mall, Negros Occidental

Earthquake in Gaisano San Carlos, Negros Occidental

Earthquake in Negors Occidental
Some residents in Negros Occidental evacuated their homes after they felt the quake.

Some residents in Negros Occidental evacuated their place

Earthquake in Negros Occidental

Earthquake in Negros Occidental
A child patient in the hospital evacuated outside a hospital in Negros Occidental

Tremor in the Philippines
Another evacuees

Earthquake in Negros Occidental 2012

Earthquake in Negros Occidental

Earthquake in Negros Occidental
Residents in Negros Occidental walked with fear in the streets.

Earthquake in Negros Occidental
Residents in Negros Occidental flocked carrying some food for consumption

To view more pictures during and after the earthquake in Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental just click here: Pictures of Earthquake in Negros Oriental. Pictures of Earthquake in Negros Occidental.

News reports around the world:
  • Foxnews.com reported today that the earthquake killed 13 people and left 29 people missing in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Landslide in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental buried as many as 30 houses. It triggered another landslide in Solongon, La Libertad, Negros Oriental
  • Washingtonpost.com reported today that the quake killed 13 people and 40 are believed missing.

More pictures, videos and updates coming soon....
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Total comments: 86
86 filomeno   (15 November 2012 2:12 PM)
ha la nag linog

85 rhea   (10 September 2012 1:34 AM)
GOd for SAKE
hopPE NVR goNE agIAN ......:( OH PLS.....gOD pls PROTECT our PLAce N mY FAMily ............

84 Guest   (12 February 2012 8:52 AM)
Q:Why is it earthquake?

A:It has a new fault

83 zyril   (08 February 2012 4:56 PM)
angel I kNoW GoD WiL NeVeR LeAvE Us....JuSt aLwAyS Be fAiTh aNd tRuSt iN HiM

82 admin   (08 February 2012 8:50 AM)
At exactly 8:41am this morning (February 8, 2012), I felt another earthquake. I'm thinking until when does this earthquake will stop?.... ? Did you also felt the earthquake this morning.

81 taglucop christopher   (07 February 2012 9:16 PM)
mura naman og tinoud ang 2012 nga movie its the end of the world

80 DIANE POWELL   (07 February 2012 7:52 PM)
I live in wngland but have been to Cebu twice now. I thank God that your all safe and my prayers in England are that God will keep you all safe trust in God for everything. Perfect love for God cast out all fear.

79 Jhedchui   (07 February 2012 7:34 PM)

77 juni miñao   (07 February 2012 3:48 PM)

76 CAB   (07 February 2012 3:08 PM)
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, FLOODS, Global warming, famine, wars, Super typhoons, etc...

Nahitabo na tanang in just a short span of time... ug kani tanan mahitabo pa jud nig usab na mas intense..


Next is SOLAR FLARE na muabot this year.. nya wala pay nakasure ug unsai effect ani sa earth. sad

75 CAB   (07 February 2012 1:40 PM)
What we experienced yesterday is just the beginning... YOUR PRAYERS IS USELESS KUNG WALA TAY BUHATON PARA MATABANGAN ANG EARTH.. Kitang tanan ang nag guba ug hinay-hinay sa earth, hope ma stop na ang pag abuso sa atong mother earth or else________________________________________________________ .

74 JDLOVESCHRIST   (07 February 2012 11:39 AM)

73 zylen   (07 February 2012 10:10 AM)
I was on duty at that time when suddenly the earthquake passed.Got really scared.Thanks God nothing bad happened.

72 nympha   (07 February 2012 8:03 AM)
i thank GOD giving me another day, Another life and another journey to be CHERISHED. He washed away my DOUBTS & NERVOUS. And He made me STRONGER in facing this disaster we are encounter now!!!!!!


LOVE ONES!!!!!!!!!! KEEP PRAYING jd ta nin u hapzzzzzzzzzz and take care alwys!!!!!!!!

69 Martin   (07 February 2012 7:16 AM)
Why pray to God!! If u believe in god then he caused the earthquake so u should be asking why did u do this to us filipinos (yet again!)

71 admin   (07 February 2012 7:43 AM)
Martin, if God has the right to create life, He has also the right to destroy life. But God is just. There are some reasons why disasters happened in our life. Maybe, we forget God in our life. Maybe during these difficult times, you can remember God and ask help to save our lives.

68 taberavanes   (07 February 2012 3:04 AM)
As far as I know at this time, I contacted my family in Cebu early this morning and they are all panicking. I called them this morning there were okay but will call back again after work.

67 Scott   (07 February 2012 2:36 AM)
Thank God. I heard from my friend in Cebu. He is OK. His hotel has limited power and he can't sleep, but he is fine. I hope everyone elses loved ones are OK.

66 James   (07 February 2012 1:50 AM)
Rose, for God's sake.. it's not just those that share your "impeccable English" skills that have concerns. Put your efforts elsewhere

65 Rose   (07 February 2012 1:05 AM)
Dont you use spell checker? I'm having a hard time reading this. Its so peppered with wrong grammar and broken English. Sorry, but if you write a blog to be read by people all over the world, your english should be impeccable and have elements of style and not seem like it was wriiten by a 6th grader making an essay. Just saying........

70 admin   (07 February 2012 7:37 AM)
Rose, I highly appreciate your concern. Don't worry, I'll develop my writing skills. Should you have time, you can teach me. smile

78 RosaRosal   (07 February 2012 4:13 PM)
walang perpektong tao khen sabihin mo yan kay Rose. ask mo cya kung sa buong buhay nya hndi ba sya nagkamali. baka sa grammar lang siya magaling oh nagmamagaling.. sorry if i hurt someone biggrin

64 JERVY   (07 February 2012 0:16 AM)
we PRAY always!!

63 Paul Kingsly   (07 February 2012 0:02 AM)
pray lang poh..pray poh direct sa Panginoon natin..wag sa mga diyos-diyosan o mga rebulto...gumising na poh kayo sa katotohanan..

61 Scott   (06 February 2012 10:32 PM)
Please send updates from Cebu. I have a loved one there and haven't heard from them for a few hours. Is there electric and internet connections available? Any updates will help. Thanks.

62 admin   (06 February 2012 10:38 PM)
Scott, I'm from Cebu. No news regarding deaths due to earthquake have been reported in Cebu. Maybe the quake cracked some lands in some areas in Cebu. But as of now, Cebu is safe.

60 RosaRosal   (06 February 2012 10:28 PM)
to ZEREPEM & all///No religion beliefs can save you from this tragedy (Earthquake) pray in silence place, much better. Kasi sa ngayon po hindi lang politika ang may corruption pati mga ibang relehiyon hindi ko naman nilalahat. Base lang on my experience. So, magdasal ng taimtim at galing sa puso. Matutong humingi ng tawad at magpatawad. magsisi sa lahat na kasalanan. sa Dios na maykapal tanging manalig.

Sana sa lahat na sakuna Sya'y laging gagabay sa ating kaliktasan.

59 cherrie   (06 February 2012 9:58 PM)
same feeling as you felt it mr. author...so scarred that even until now.i feel that i should be watchful to the extent that i couldn't sleep...GOD BE WITH US ALWAYS....

58 zyril   (06 February 2012 9:56 PM)
cry 12pm here in UAE i Recieved phone call from Philippines and i got shock wen my sister tell me about happening disaster in Cebu earthquake and tsunami at 7pm today Feb 6,2012 8th b-day of my youngest cute sister she prepare some food 4 party but suddenly she felt tipsy she's wondering y whats going on she came out from house to check cos everything shaking...And told here don't worry cos God is always with us so we just Trust in him whatever happen and God knows everything and he decide to slowly coming down here in the world to let waking up for those people who forget him and always who still doing bad things!so please be change and you know who you are...MAG AMPO TANGTANAN PARA SA KALUWASAN KAY NAGHINAY-HINAY NA UG KANAOG SI KRISTO DINHI SA KALIBUTAN HARON SA PAGHUKOM SA MGA TAWO NGA NAKALIMOT NA NIYA.

57 malou talan   (06 February 2012 9:25 PM)
pray lang jud ta...i knw God s olwiz der 4 us!

56 Jigger Agustin   (06 February 2012 8:52 PM)
prayers will help. let's all pray for this.

55 zerepem   (06 February 2012 8:36 PM)
magpadoktrina na po kayo sa ANG DATING DAAN para makapagbalik loob

54 zerepem   (06 February 2012 8:36 PM)
Magbalik loob na po kayo mga kababayan, opening ng Mass Indoctrination ng ANG DATING DAAN ngayon, bukas po kung hindi kayo nakaattend ngayon dalo po kayo para kahit lumindol ulit makatiyak tayo sa kaligtasan, wag tayong mapahamak na nasa maling relihiyon.

53 Bombo Galope   (06 February 2012 8:30 PM)
grave exp ko... nasa 4th floor kami ng high school building nmij sa school....and were having practice para sa foundation..
but suddenly our building is shaking ,,,, ....realize ko na,,,, nagaggamit talaga ang earthquake drill sa mga paaralan....tnk you lord..........

52 admin   (06 February 2012 7:42 PM)
As of 7:40pm, quake continues to occur. I felt in when I type in my keyboard and my computer LCD monitor is shaking. Please God help us... all of us.

51 kaishen   (06 February 2012 7:41 PM)
nilinog napud huhuhu karon lang jud mga 7:37pm

50 admin   (06 February 2012 7:40 PM)
I cannot access the PhiVolcs website. Maybe because of bandwidth limitations. I want to access their website for the latest updates of the quake but I can't. Maybe we will just record the time the quakes happen.

49 admin   (06 February 2012 7:36 PM)
As of 7:34pm today, we experience aftershocks. Please tell us also if you experience this quake at the same time.

48 jervee   (06 February 2012 7:35 PM)
. . graveh . . lakas , ,nun , ,ah , , 4 the first time , ,ngaun ko lng naranazan ganung kalakas na lindol!!!! d2 sa cebu . . . . . lakas sobra , ,lalo na nsa taas ako ng BLDG. . .w8 . . lindol , ,na naman , , ,GOD!!!!!!!!

47 jervee   (06 February 2012 7:31 PM)
. . pray lng po , ,tayu , , , xa lng makaka 2lung za atin!!!!!!!!

46 sofia maria lovella donio   (06 February 2012 7:07 PM)
...0h y g0d naay lin0g ug tsunami sa cebu im scared

45 jacky juarez   (06 February 2012 6:59 PM)
God is the only answer of all our prayers...God bless us...

44 jacky juarez   (06 February 2012 6:51 PM)
Recently a sudden earthquake came again about 3-6 seconds...

43 blueoxen   (06 February 2012 6:40 PM)
sa BISAYA palang....karon n LINOG nasad og BALIK diri sa CEBU...karong gabhi-ona...tnx

42 blueoxen   (06 February 2012 6:38 PM)
a new EARTHQUAKE has occur just here in CEBU just a while ago...i think 6:30pm exactly....we got panic at the moment, it occurs 3-10 secs...WE EXPERIENCE right now...tnx for cooperation...WE HOPE YOU PHILVOCS will give us an UPDATE about the incident...tnx for all...GOD BLESS US all....

40 arap   (06 February 2012 6:33 PM)
Earthquakes do occur and greater and stronger one will still be on the way,despite this calamities one can pray To God protection and with Faith God does Protects,He is all able,never underestimate the value and power of prayer.Another lesson we can learn is also,this things happened at the time u don't even expect,so we better be ready and make our relationship right with God,coz there is an eternal life that those who die in Christ will have.

39 dennis joy tan lim   (06 February 2012 6:32 PM)

37 Pit   (06 February 2012 6:24 PM)
Another quake her in cebu city now but weak but feel it again house was shaking for 10 seconds at 6.10pm

38 admin   (06 February 2012 6:32 PM)
Pit, I felt that quake too. I don't know if there's another earthquake tomorrow stronger than today. I've heard from an astrologer who made a video last December 16, 2011, that in February 6 to 7, 2012, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake will happen. Let's just hope God will care for us.

36 MRO   (06 February 2012 6:17 PM)
nobody can fight against earthequake , even if you pray u can not save your life sad
i dont know why dont you still interested to Earthquake alarm device that can alarm and inform you befor an incoming earthquake ..save lives is really important but some authorities dont pay attention to this , if they just pay some cash they can prevent lots of loss of lives ... Earth quake alarm device that i have heard about that can alarm at least 30-40 second befor incoming earthquake and its really goodt time for evacuate and save our lives .
its around 6 months that this device is in the philippines but nobody know about that ... wish we just care to our countrymen

35 alliza marie rosauro   (06 February 2012 5:54 PM)
first time nako na ni earthquake sa among skwelahan nagsuwat ko ato dayun hibong ko nag uyog uyog man ang lingkuranan abi nako akong classmate moy nagsigig uyog uyog sa akong lingkuranan dli diay pagtunob nako sa semento hala uie nag oyug oyug man hala lindol kuyawan ko pero i keep calm

34 rexine   (06 February 2012 5:40 PM)
Thank god wala maxado nasaktan. Specially my co-workers doing installation. Im praying for of all people their.

33 Joseph   (06 February 2012 5:14 PM)
That's magnitude 6.8 here in Cebu according to Philvocs. And that earthquake was the strongest I ever experience.

32 sheena   (06 February 2012 5:12 PM)
we just all pray only god knows.........

31 Belladonna   (06 February 2012 5:10 PM)
I am glad everybody's ok back home...Keep on praying guys....We all need that..

30 IFUGAO   (06 February 2012 5:09 PM)
yeah yeah corrupt evil no. 6 conspiracy nonsense!

come-on! look at japan they are they are calm even they have 9.1 of earthquake.

29 Paul   (06 February 2012 4:42 PM)
Seriously, I hope Cebu manages to survive this minor calamity. Click for the truth.

28 Paul   (06 February 2012 4:40 PM)
Ooops! Sorry, I had several burritos today. Just had to let that gas out my butt.

27 kittykat   (06 February 2012 3:52 PM)
I agree with the author. Yes, it was terrible. We were on the 5th floor (still here by now) during the earthquake so we really felt it. Lights were turning on and off. Our pods and the ground was shaking. It was really scary.. unsaon nlang akong baby. :(

but thank God, it's okay now.

26 mae   (06 February 2012 3:51 PM)
na hadlok japun ko karun ahy, hangtod karun, lami na kaayo ko pagkatulog kai nalipong ko sa earthquake, nagpanic btaw na tanan tao dre sa amo-a, graveh ni dagan jheud ko lahos wala koi gi bit2, atakz false alarm raman diay,pwo karun hadlok japun ko, gusto ko makahibaw kung naa pavah xunod nga earthquake nga mahitabo :((

25 shantalle   (06 February 2012 3:25 PM)
aw..anah just now? you will realize to go back bible? why you did not do it before?..anyway God never forget us but we who forget Him..hmmm...we better prepare ourselves though if its His will its His will..

24 chann   (06 February 2012 3:24 PM)
i tougt its end of the world

23 malf   (06 February 2012 3:18 PM)
You are all truly idiots. An teensy bit of shaking for a few seconds and you flip out over it and all go "LIKE, OH MY GOD....WAAHHH" The author of the main article is the biggest idiot of all for posting something that reads "Terrible Earthquake in Cebu, Philippines - February 6, 2012"

Get a life.

22 vester   (06 February 2012 3:15 PM)
people at downtown are in panic mode...

41 admin   (06 February 2012 6:34 PM)
vester, sobrang panic talaga ang mga tao kanina. Masyadong takot sila katulad nung nangyari sa Japan. Nakapangingilabot!!!

20 Dylan   (06 February 2012 2:52 PM)
This eathquake hit my school ,Cebu International School. The magnitude seemed to be right around 3. Nothing broke around us but the doors where swinging back and forth and windows shaking. We fast walked down from the 3rd floor onto the field. We waited an entire hour and maybe 30 minutes before we were finally allowed to be sent home.

19 faithlim   (06 February 2012 2:41 PM)
[b]..im from carcar cebu.. im watching tv during the earthquake, im still feeling a little bit dizzy right now.. peoples here are already evacuating.. our market are now close because the people there are soo scared the ''gaisano carcar'' is now close many glasses are broken,the crack of the carcar church is bigger now..hope after this terrible happening the encharge of the church well gather some donations to renovate the church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.. :( [/b]

21 admin   (06 February 2012 2:55 PM)
we pray all of you there in Carcar and to all parts in Cebu and Philippines. We hope God will do no harm with us living here in Cebu.

18 Duck   (06 February 2012 2:41 PM)
Get back into the Bible. Its time to get closer to God. God will spare US, Philippines.

17 Elden   (06 February 2012 2:38 PM)
huhuhu,.hadlok jud xah when i felt the earthquake,.its my first time to feel like this sudden moment,.
huhuhu :( We just Go on praying for.,,Trust GOD!

16 student   (06 February 2012 2:31 PM)
All of us at school were evacuated and we all felt scared but me and my friend prayed for everyone's safety

15 Rock n Roll   (06 February 2012 2:26 PM)
wuajaja more more..

14 sol   (06 February 2012 2:19 PM)
les all pray for our safety specially who are living here in cebu....

13 Joshua Bermjo Kim   (06 February 2012 2:15 PM)

12 Bianca Kim Jalandoni   (06 February 2012 2:14 PM)
HAHAHAHAHAHA.:) Im gonna pa deliver mcdo later at 4 pm. they say there will be a stronger one at 4 or 5pm today. SCAAAAAAARY.:O

11 jaque   (06 February 2012 1:50 PM)
same feelings i had, while nag net ko the mirror near me. kusug kaau ang sayaw din akoa gitan aw ang tiles kusug kaau ang uyog pati ang mga wall. I'm so nervous but I keep on praying dayun ning undang sya nwala akoa nervous when I call God ug gisalig naku niya ang tanan.

Anything happen lets pray and trust God sya ra gyud ang maka pa undang sa mga kalamidad.

10 arfuld   (06 February 2012 1:45 PM)
we were in the office in the biggest company here in Tagbilaran City. Almost everybody started to run outside, but i managed to calm myself, and tried to find anything hard to hide on, in case the earthquakes turn pretty bad. Now is the time to pray and surrender yourself to the Lord.

9 dencio   (06 February 2012 1:22 PM)
What a post? But that's your feeling man. we don;t feel the same. Its just a normal cause of phenomenon.

8 student   (06 February 2012 1:17 PM)
our school is shaking and the tiles are cracking.

7 myra therese   (06 February 2012 1:14 PM)
Yes!..exactly the same feeling with you this morning..i was so scared that time but i stay calm and had a quick prayer..

5 Jean   (06 February 2012 1:13 PM)
We also experienced it here in Cagayan de Oro. Shocking

4 Kim   (06 February 2012 1:11 PM)
Waaah.. that was terrible :((

3 grace   (06 February 2012 1:11 PM)
i feel it slytle coz i was moving and wrking doing my househld chores in and out my main door,my 3yr old son was in the computer playing and all of a sudden he went out looking w/ me and so scared and crying so bad coz he notice that the LCD was shaking,and i started being scared as well.it took my son 30 mins.-1hr before he calm down.he was crying the whole time and kinda very scared coz of the earthquake.

6 admin   (06 February 2012 1:13 PM)
grace, we felt the same.

2 michelle dumapig   (06 February 2012 12:56 PM)
the shaking, frightened me.for almost 26 years of my existence, 'twas the first time i felt it.

1 Ralph   (06 February 2012 12:52 PM)
I felt it. It was pretty substantial. I have felt about 6 earthquakes before. In Calif, Puerto Rico and here in the Philippines. This was the biggest one I ever felt.