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How LTO officers apprehended me while I'm riding my motorcycle?

Land Transportation Office (LTO), a Philippine government agency which regulates the land transportation system and implements rules, policies and laws related to the land transportation in the country. I just want to share with you my experience when I was apprehended (arrested) by two LTO officers when I was riding my motorcycle. I was confused and annoyed by the actuations of these two LTO officers.
I was caught riding without the Official Receipt (OR) of the 2013 and 2014 registration of my motorcycle. I have an updated Driver's License. I legally bought the vehicle from Motor Ace and it has a Certificate of Registration (CR) dated 2012. I renew my certificate last July 2013 but the OR was lost.

I explained to the LTO officers that I lost the OR (2013) of the vehicle's certificate. I present to them the Insurance (dated 2013) and the Insurance' receipt that it was renewed last July 2013. I admit that I didn't able to renew my registration for this year (2014). So, they issued and gave me a Temporary Operator's Permit (TOP). They get my driver's license. You can see the photo screenshot of the TOP issued to me below.

Temporary Operator's Permit (TOP)

My violation? ...was unregistered MV (Motor Vehicle).

They told me to report to the LTO office in order to pay for my charges/penalties and to get my driver's license. After a few hours of being apprehended, I went to the LTO office to settle my charges and there, I saw the two LTO officers (who apprehended me on the road). The other one told me to go outside the office and accompany him. Then, I went outside the office with him and he explained to me that I should pay Php 4,000 in order to settle my case.

What I was thinking about??? If I pay Php 4,000 without an official receipt from the LTO office, it means that the money would just go to them alone and not to the LTO official accounting system. That's illegal. And also, my violation is not unregistered MV because my motorcycle has been registered but was just expired this year. The violation should be expired CR and failure to carry OR of the registration. And my charges would be just around Php 1,150. And why would he ask for Php 4,000?

Then, he went and kept on negotiating and ended up asking me an amount of Php 2,500 and my violation will be cleared and settled. My driver's license would be released.

Since I have no enough money to pay for it, I went back to the LTO office on the other day and pay for my charges and get my driver's license. Then, after a day, I renew the registration of my motorcycle.

Lesson Learned: Keep your Motor Vehicle registration updated and educate yourself on the LTO Traffic Violation and Penalties para hindi ka maperahan ng mga LTO officers na gutom sa pera.

Did you experience being apprehended by an LTO officer or traffic enforcer? How did you deal with your violation and charges? Tell us in the comment below.

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