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DepEd Learner Reference Number (LRN)

In order to facilitate the tracking of pupils, students or learners and their performance, a Unique Learner Reference Number (LRN) will be issued to all public school pupils and students and Alternative Learning System (ALS) learners based on School Year (SY) 2011-2012 Masterlist of Students, Pupils or Learners submitted per DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011.
The LRN is a permanent twelve (12)-digit number which the pupil, student or learner shall keep while completing the basic education program, regardless of transfer to another school or learning center in the public or private sector, and promotion/moving up to the secondary level.
The LRN shall be incorporated in all documents, forms, examinations, surveys and databases which refer to a pupil, student or learner. In particular, the LRN shall be indicated in the pupil's or student's Permanent Record, (Form 137), Report Card (Form 138), ALS Certificate, Diploma or Portfolio, National Achievement Test (NAT), and Accreditation and Equivalency (A & E) Examination.
The Database Management Unit-Office of the Planning Service (DBMU-OPS), shall be responsible for issuing the LRNs to all pupils, students or learners. The Regional or Division Planning Officers shall be responsible for releasing the LRNs of pupils or students to all public schools while the Regional and Division ALS coordinators shall be reponsible for releasing the LRNs of ALS learners to all mobile teachers and learning centers.
The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall be responsible for requesting the issuance of the LRN to pupils, students or learners who still do not have one. The request for additional LRNs shall be sent to the division office (DO) and should use the electronic template specified under DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011 which can be downloaded at the DepEd website address: http://www.deped.gov.ph/downloads. The DO shall consolidate the requests to ensure that the correct template is used before sending them to the DBMU-OPS.
The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall also ensure that information about a particular pupil, student or learner is accurate. They will also be responsible for requesting the deactivation of the LRN due to multiple issuance of LRN to an individual or for any other reasons. The Request for Correction in the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 1, while the Request for the Deactivation of the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 2.
The DO shall submit a Status Report on the Implementation of the LRN indicating the number of pupils, students or learners who do not have any LRN yet following the format in Enclosure No. 3 by April 15, 2012 to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning, Attention: DBMU-OPS.
All DepEd personnel conducting monitoring activities in the schools and learning centers are enjoined to monitor the compliance of the incorporation of the LRN in the pupil's or student's Form 137, Form 138, ALS certificate and diploma or portfolio by the concerned SHs and other DepEd field personnel.
The identity or other information that may reasonably identify the pupil, student or learner shall be kept confidential.

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Wilhelm Provido   (14 December 2017 5:57 PM)
Could you email my LRN please?i really need it for my voucher application please? Ineed it as soon as possible hope you could help me out please email it to me. Wilhelm Provido thanks.

David Joshua P. Viola   (10 December 2017 1:39 PM)
You can find your LRN number at your school id, LRN has a twelve digit number. IF not, you can ask your school registrar for help.

Princess Maria Isabel F. Daguinotas   (10 December 2017 11:07 AM)
I badly need my #LRN for my scolarship please

Rhonjie C. Aparece   (06 December 2017 7:50 PM)
I need my LRN ASAP! can you help me please?

mark jeffrey r. anareta   (06 December 2017 4:31 PM)
kailangan ko po yung LRN number ko ASAP salamat po god bless

Lea Rose Jeorgia C. Salonga   (04 December 2017 8:04 PM)
I forgat my LRN Number, could you please send it through my email :(

Hennie Kathryn Caspe   (03 December 2017 3:30 PM)
Good day Ma'am/Sir, I went from WVS University and I forgot my LRN that I needed for personal purposes. I hope you'll email my LRN number anytime thank you.

Mickle Paulo N. Miclat   (29 November 2017 1:17 PM)
Pwede ko po bang malaman yung akin LRN number? Kailangan po kasi sa school salamat po

Paul Adrian D. Hular   (23 November 2017 10:01 PM)
Can you email me my LRN number? My school is asking for it. I badly need it asap

Edmar M. Granada   (23 November 2017 6:41 PM)
I really need to know the LRN of my brother, JOMARK MARTINEZ GRANADA. Please email me as soon as possible. Thank you!

Marie ang   (23 November 2017 4:04 PM)
I need to know the lrn of my kid, JESIEMER L. ANG.
Please kindly email me

Philip Anthony T. Olaño   (23 November 2017 2:33 PM)
Good day, I'm here on behalf of my OLCET requirement. May I request to have my Learner Reference Number? It is essential for my form.

Mark Christopher Alvero   (21 November 2017 7:10 PM)
can I get my LRN? I realy Need ASAP. Thanks

Farah Calie Guro   (20 November 2017 6:51 AM)
Please send my LRN no. to my Email.. I need it since I transferred to another school

Zaina Calie Guro   (20 November 2017 6:50 AM)
I really need my LRN no. because it is requested by my school.. pls send it to my email..

Omair Calie Guro   (20 November 2017 6:49 AM)
I need my LRN no. because it is requested by my school..

John Patrick Basallote Cruz   (15 November 2017 11:36 AM)
I need my LRN for my ID

Earl Sebastian F. Concepcion   (12 November 2017 11:17 PM)
Hi i need my LRN for my application for asap hoping for your consideration. thankyou`

Sarah Andrea T. Gulle   (10 November 2017 1:24 PM)
Hello Good day! I need my LRN for my ID. Thank you. God bless

Flordiles Prollo Opeña   (09 November 2017 4:49 PM)
Hi po'

Good Evening' pwdi po ba makuha ang LRN number ng kapatid ko. Need na kasi sa school nila nag transfer po kasi sya dito sa Taytay, Rizal. At hindi pa po sya endroll.
I hope po na magreply kayo. Salamat po' God Bless

Grace Diaz   (06 November 2017 8:05 PM)
Magandang gabi po ask ko lang ko pwede ko makuha yung lrn no. anak ko nagexam sya at nakapasa...grade 1 n sya ngayon need kc ng school niya ngayon yung lrn no...thank u po hope magreply kayo

Jelyn R. Veranda   (06 November 2017 10:00 AM)
Good day po, kailangan ko po makuha yung LRN ko para sa 4ps here's may name Jelyn R. Veranda

jean ratchellu brillantes   (06 November 2017 9:10 AM)
i want to know my LRN for my ID

Loren Marie A. Onday   (04 November 2017 3:49 PM)
Hello po kailangan ko po makuha yung learner reference number ko need ko po for application sa senior high. As soon as possible po sana.

Jean Obdosantos   (19 October 2017 2:15 PM)
Good day po kapag po ba nasa masterlist of private school operating with permit ang school meaning accredited po ba un ng deped??

Rubelynn Marthe P. Pelones   (18 October 2017 7:38 PM)
Excuse me po pwede ko po hingin ang LRN ko? Nakalimutan ko kasi. Tapos nawala din ID ko. Kailangan kong mag pa ID bukas para makapunta ako ng UP. This coming January 2018. Pwede po ba? Thank you po.

Rochielle   (18 October 2017 11:54 AM)
Hello po gusto ko malaman paano at saan ko ba makukuha ang LRN ko kc may form137 ako pero wala ako LRN .. tulungan nyo po ako

Vince Matthew Enriquez   (10 October 2017 1:16 PM)
I need my LRN asap thank you in advance

Al jiester P. Olivar   (10 October 2017 12:01 PM)
Need LRN please send me my lrn ASAP thank you

Kerby D Batbat   (10 October 2017 7:15 AM)
Goodmorning I need my LRN as soon as possible

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