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The number of companies declaring bankruptcy continues to rise.

The number of companies declaring bankruptcy continues to rise.
"With the economy in shambles, the government continues to bail out banks while doing little to assist small enterprises. The Federal Reserve recently announced that they will monetize the debt to the extent of $900 billion, to be paid in early 2011. When the government uses the term ""monetize"" liberally, print more money. In 2008, 800 billion U.S. dollars were in circulation. Now, with the most recent ""monetization,"" the current administration has increased it to over $3 trillion. Using history as a guide, this will only result in hyperinflation. In 2005, 20,000 businesses declared bankruptcy. In 2010, it is anticipated that 60,000 businesses will have filed for bankruptcy. With the addition of hyperinflation, it does not appear that this trend will improve. Because it does not appear that the economy will improve in the near future, many businesses have chosen to close down rather than file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In many situations, this may not be the wisest course of action. Large corporations typically invest substantial quantities in their inventory, personnel, and property. That doesn't even take into account the goodwill they've built with their customer base over the years. When a company abruptly closes its doors, it is responsible for paying its investors, employees, and suppliers. For this reason, filing bankruptcy is nearly essential for a business that plans to close.Insufficient capital to finance a business during a financial storm can lead to its demise. Recessions that last for years can be catastrophic for businesses that are undercapitalized or heavily indebted. When the economy is expanding, small businesses grow too rapidly, leaving them unable to adequately stock their shelves. When the economy is strong, it is essential to develop a solid business plan to aid in the expansion of the company. Due to poor management skills that result in a high debt-to-assets ratio, a substantial number of first-year enterprises file for bankruptcy. The causes of business failure can differ, but companies that wish to continue operations should consider filing for bankruptcy.Many corporations in the United States have become accustomed to declaring bankruptcy, as evidenced by the nightly news. When a company incurs more debt than it can pay, banks and investors have the right to declare the note due. When companies are placed in such a predicament, bankruptcy is typically the only viable option. The majority of companies that wish to continue operations will file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Due to the hopelessness of their financial situation, they will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and close their doors. The continuous economic downturn has had a significant impact on businesses. Continued declines in consumer spending make it difficult for businesses to endure.When a business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, creditors and large stockholders may be involved in the day-to-day operations of the business in order to preserve their investment. Frequently, a bankruptcy court will require new management to increase the likelihood of a business's recovery and ensure that its debts will ultimately be repaid. If a business owner does not want to loose control of their company, they should seek alternatives to declaring bankruptcy. Other options include selling portions of the business to generate cash, reducing labor costs, and negotiating with creditors and suppliers to come up with a solution for paying off the debt on your own. Consider a number of factors before declaring bankruptcy for your business. It is essential to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer who has experience in your industry. Frequently, declaring bankruptcy is the best way to preserve remaining assets. There is an old saying, ""Stop throwing good money after bad.""
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