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This is the Guidelines for the October 2012 Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test Registration and Test Administration. 
The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) will conduct the Accreditation and Equivalency Test in two levels: elementary and secondary, to be administered in seventeen (17) regions covering two hundred five (205) divisions nationwide.


When to register?

June 12 - July 31, 2012 at the designated Registration and Testing Centers (RTCs) nationwide.

Where to register?

One secondary school identified by the SDS shall serve as the Registration and Testing Center (RTC) of the Division. An elementary school may qualify as RTC, provided the rooms are spacious and armchairs are used, not desks.

The RTC shall have the following qualifications:
  1. The school is in the most strategic location within the division.
  2. The school has one of the best facilities in the division. These facilities include clean and accessible toilets for male and female. The testing rooms are well-lighted and with good ventilation.
  3. The school can accommodate the number of test takers based on the figure of last ALS A&E Test, with thirty (30) armchairs per room.
  4. The school should be not less than 30 kilometers away from the RTC of another division.
The Schools Division Superintendent shall submit to the Regional Office official name of the testing center for his/her division on June 5, 2012. The Regional Director shall submit the official list of the testing center for his/her region on or before June 8, 2012

Any testing center (regular testing center, additional, extension, etc.) which name has not been formally submitted to BALS on or June 8, 2012 shall not be included in the official list of RTCs, hence no conduct of ALS A&E Test shall take place in that center.

Who are qualified to register?
  • An elementary dropout who is at least 11 years old on or before the day of the test, may take the elementary level ALS A&E Test
  • A high school dropout who is at least 15 years old on or before the day of the test, may take the secondary level ALS A&E Test.
  • Non-passers of previous ALS Programs
  • Learners/completers of the ALS Programs
  • Youth and adults although in-school but overaged for elementary level (more than 11 years old) or for high school (more than 15 years old).
What are the documents needed for registration?

A registrant must present any of the following documents on the day of the registration:
  • Two (2) ID photos (2" x 2") with name tag (SURNAME, FIRST NAME & MIDDLE NAME).
  • Original and xerox copies of any of the following government-issued identification:
    • valid driver's license
    • valid passport
    • voter's id
    • Postal ID
    • NBI Clearance (xerox/photocopy not needed)
    • Barangay Certification with photo (stating complete name and Date of Birth of the prospective registrant)
ID's submitted that are not mentioned in the above list are not valid for registration and will not be honored by the Test Registration Officer (TRO). Note that all of the aforementioned, show photo of the bearer of presented identification card.

School drop-outs who are not employed and not old enough to acquire the above documents must submit an Authenticated Birth Certificate.

Who will manage the registration and how?

The District ALS Coordinator (DALSC) designated by the SDS as the Test Registration Officer (TRO) will manage the registration by doing the following:
  • Reports to the Registration and Testing Center from June 12 - July 31, 2012 from 8:00 am to 5:00pm
  • Interviews the prospective applicants to determine if applicants are qualified to register.
  • Distributes the Registration Forms to qualified registrants.
  • Makes sure that all blanks in the registration have their names printed at the back with signatures.
  • Attaches prescribed photos in the upper and lower portions of the registration form by stapling on the left side of the photo, to facilitate checking of test taker's name and signature by the ALS Supervisor, Lead Monitor and Room Examiner.
  • Detaches the lower part of the registration form and returns it to the registrant for use as admission document on the day of the test.
  • Prepares the Masterlist/s of Registrants (ALS A&E Form 1 ) in the following manner:
    • Arrange all registration forms in alphabetical order
    • Group them by 30s, male and female not segregated
    • Prepare the Masterlist
    • Tally the Masterlist/s with the corresponding approved registration forms
    • Submits the Masterlist/s of Registrants and corresponding approved registration forms to the ALS Division Supervisor.
    • Informs/Announces the names of the disqualified test takers days before the testing day.

An additional DALSC shall be assigned to a registration and testing center with more than 1,500 test registrants; and another one (1) for every 1,500 thereof.

Schools Division Superintendent shall approve/grant service credit of a maximum of five (5) days to TRO who rendered services beyond five o'clock on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays during the test registration period.

Who else can help the registrants to register and how?

In case the registrants cannot go to the RTC themselves, the Instructional Managers (IMs), Mobile Teachers (MTs) and other District ALS Coordinators (DALSCs) can do the following:
  • Get the registration forms from the TRO at the RTC
  • Interview prospective registrants
  • Distribute the registration forms to the qualified registrants
  • Assist the registrants in filling-out the registration forms but DO NOT FILL-OUT/ACCOMPLISH THE REGISTRATION FORMS FOR THEM.
  • Submit the duly accomplished registration forms to the TRO
  • Return the approved lower portion of the registration forms to registrants and inform disqualified registrants appropriately, if any.
  • See to it that all registration forms are duly accomplished (all blanks filled-out and two (2) photos attached).
Who will monitor/supervise the registration?

The ALS Division Supervisor, together with the Regional ALS Division Official/Staff shall do the following:
  1. Monitor and supervise the registration in the RTC during the registration period.
  2. Verify the information on the registration forms keeping track of what to watch out for, e.g. ages, in-school applicants and impostors.
  3. Keep the approved registration forms together with the corresponding copies of the Masterlist/s of Registrants to be distributed to the examiners on testing day.
  4. In the absence of the SDS/ASDS, the Division Supervisor approves the Masterlist/s of Registrants.
How does one register for the test?

Go to the designated Registration and Testing Center (RTC) and look for the Test Registration Officer (TRO).

Present requirements for registration.

Fill-out the registration form independently and return the same to the TRO.

Print name and sign at the back of the two (2) photos and attach to the registration form.

Get the lower portion of the registration form and bring it on the day of the test as admission document.

NOTE: The test (registration, administration, certificate of rating and diploma) is free. No payment shall be collected by anyone involved in the ALS A&E Test Registration, Administration and issuance of certificate of rating and diploma.

Who will evaluate the registration forms?

The ALS Supervisor shall:
  • Evalute the test registration form and shall:
    • Ensure that 2" x 2" photo is attached to the registration form of each prospective test taker.
    • Make sure that the back of the photos have printed names of the registrant with his/her signature.
  • Approve/Disapprove registrant/s or prospective test taker/s based on the entries in the registration forms and documents submitted to him/her by the TRO.
  • Request the TRO to revise the masterlist/s if disqualifications are made or as needed.
  • Have the final masterlist approved by the SDS/ASDS.
  • Maintain the registration forms and certifications for safekeeping until the conduct of the next A&E Test.
  • Recommend to the BALS Director IV the cancellation of testing in a particular Division if the total number of registrants in a testing center is less than one hundred (100).
Note: Schools Division Superindtendent shall approve/grant service credit of a maximum of two (2) days to ALS Supervisor who rendered services beyond office hours and who monitors and evaluates on Saturdays and Sundays during the test registration period.


When and where is the Orientation for Test Registration?

Orientation for Test Administration shall be held either at the Division Office or at the Testing Center a day before the test administration:

WaveSchedule of Orientation
WAVE 1October 6, 2012
WAVE 2October 13, 2012
WAVE 3October 20, 2012
WAVE 4October 27, 2012


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