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Organization of An Enhanced-Basic Education Information System (E-BEIS) Implementation Management Team (IMT)

The Enhanced-Basic Education Information System (E-BEIS) is a web-based system that maintains a database of public and private schools' education statistics. The system was developed due to the urgent need to improve the collection of data from schools and streamline data management processes to deliver timely, relevant and accurate information to effectively support planning, budgeting, formulating policies and other decision-making activities at various levels of the education system i.e. school, division, regional and national levels.
A national roll-out of the system will be implemented beginning SY 2011-2012. To facilitate the implementation of the system, the E-BEIS Implementation Management Team (EIMT) will be organized at the central, regional and division levels. Please see Enclosure No. 1 for the Organizational Structure (OS) and Terms of Reference (TOR) and Enclosure No. 2 for the composition of the EIMT.

At the regional and division levels, the regional directors (RDs) and schools division/city superintendents (SDSs) shall provide leadership and organizational support. The EIMT shall be composed of the Regional and Division Planning Officers (RPO/DPO) as the lead/focal persons, the Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICTU) Coordinator or Information Technology (IT) Technician and a Data Encoder.

The Regional EIMT shall be responsible for quality assurance and enforcing data validation procedures that should have been done at the division level. It will also provide support during training/mentoring of schools and conduct monitoring and evaluation of E-BEIS implementation at the regional level.

The Division EIMT Team shall conduct training/mentoring of schools. It shall be responsible for data encoding (for schools without computers/access to internet), data validation and confirmation of school level data.

The schools shall be responsible for encoding data on school statistics utilizing the BEIS data gathering forms. The school head shall be accountable for the accuracy and completeness of data.

Both Regional and Division EIMTs shall formulate their own training and implementation plans for schools adopting strategies which are suitable to their local conditions. The approaches used by the Strengthening Implementation of Basic Education in Selected Provinces in Visayas (STRIVE) regions and divisions can be adopted.

The E-BEIS shall be implemented parallel to the current BEIS in all regions .

The schedule of trainings for the Regional and Division EIMTs and the School Heads shall be announced through a separate memorandum.

For more information, please contact the Research and Statistics Division-Office of Planning Service (RSD-OPS) at telephone no.: (02) 633-7257 or the Help Desk, Data Base Management Unit (DBMU)-RSD at telephone no.: (02) 635-3986 or send a message at e-mail address: beisteam@gmail.com.

Enclosure No. 1:

The Organizational Structure (OS)
Enhanced-Basic Education Information System (E-BEIS)

Enhanced-Basic Education Information System E-BEIS Organization Structure/Chart

Terms Of Reference

ASec for Planning
shall be the Project Director for the EBEIS Rollout responsible for providing policy direction on the EBEIS rollout. He shall also be the primary champion and advocate for the EBEIS, ensuring that Executive Management and other stakeholders (e.g. funding agencies, government agencies) are informed of the EBEIS and the services it offers. He shall also ensure that continuing support for the EBEIS is obtained and maintained.

Project Manager shall be responsible for overall management of the EBEIS implementation and operationalization. This role shall be designated to the OPS-RSD Chief, being the head of the system owner group. The PM shall have the following specific responsibilities:
  1. Plan and manage the implementation of the EBEIS
  2. Provide overall supervision of the three implementation groups to ensure that rollout activities are effectively and efficiently carried out
  3. Report implementation progress, results and issues to the ASec for Planning on a regular basis to inform and obtain direction on issues needing management direction
  4. Coordinate with Aus-AID Technical Assistance team (formerly STRIVE Project Team) whenever necessary for technical assistance
  5. Coordinate with ICT Committee on implementation of policy directives and requirements affecting EBEIS.
An Assistant Project Manager  shall be assigned to share in project management responsibilities. The APM shall be the lead person responsible for managing and coordinating user support activities at all levels.
  1. Assist in the planning and management of system implementation
  2. Supervise and coordinate all activities related to user support.
  3. Coordinate closely with the field offices on the provision of system support
  4. Coordinate closely with the System Management & Review Group and the System Administration and Application Maintenance Group on system-related issues, ensuring that service level standards are consistently met.
System Management and Review Group shall be responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating system implementation and operations beyond rollout. It shall consist of key representatives from the Office of Planning Service - Research & Statistics Division, the Bureau of Elementary Education, Bureau of Secondary Education and the Regional and Division Planning Units. This team shall have the following specific responsibilities:
  1. Formulate and adjust as necessary the Rollout Plan.
  2. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate implementation activities to ensure that activities are effectively carried out and issues are identified and addressed in a proactive manner.
  3. Undertake monitoring and evaluation of system performance and recommend adjustments and/or enhancements to ensure continuing delivery of information service to E-BEIS clients
  4. Evaluate new business rules and system requirements to determine and prioritize necessary system adjustments
  5. Coordinate with the User Support Group on system policies and procedures related to user support
  6. Coordinate with the System Administration and Application Maintenance Group on necessary system adjustments
  7. Undertake testing and acceptance of system enhancements
  8. Recommend policies related to the continuing maintenance of the system
  9. Prepare budgetary plans for resources needed to continuously maintain and operate the system
  10. Report on implementation results to the Management.
User Support Group shall serve as the front line support of all system users. This team will be headed by key representative from OPS-RSD. It comprises 2 sub-groups administered by selected trainers and experienced implementers from Regions 6, 7 and 8, and technical staff from Region X and XII.
Training Program Management Team (TPMT) shall be responsible for the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of training and other capability building programs being implemented as part of the E-BEIS implementation. The Office of Planning Service shall conduct and coordinate training-related activities for the Region and Division to ensure that training standards are met. The specifcToR are as follows:
  1. Prepare and adjust as necessary the training plan and ensure its alignment with the regional system implementation plan
  2. Implement the training plan and ensure proper coordination and delivery of training activities
  3. Undertake monitoring and evaluation of training from delivery to application of skills/competencies acquired
  4. Report on the results and recommendations on training
Help Desk Support shall serve as the front line support of all system users. This will be set up at the division, region and national levels. The specific ToR are as follows:
  1. Provide front-line support to field users (e.g. schools, public, etc)
  2. Maintain the user accounts of schools and division level users
  3. Coordinate with the System Admin and Application Maintenance Group through the Technical Support
  4. Help Desk on technical issues and problems encountered and monitor the resolution of these
  5. Collect feedback, comments and recommendations from the field and report these to the EBEIS Implementation Management and Review Group
System Administration & Application Maintenance Group shall serve as the technical support for the system. This group will consist of technically trained personnel who shall be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure support and the application system. Specifically, the ToR are:
Network Support Group
  1. Manage and maintain the day-to-day operation of E-BEIS infrastructure (servers, software and communications)
  2. Conduct regular monitoring and assessment of system performance and identify current and future requirements to ensure high system availability and efficiency
  3. Undertake preventive maintenance of infrastructure components
  4. Liaise with service providers and suppliers to ensure continuity of service and maintenance of infrastructure
  5. Communicate scheduled and or emergency system downtimes to field users
  6. Troubleshoot technical problems and provide assistance to the User Support Group (USG) on technical issues beyond the control and knowledge of the USG
Application Maintenance Group
  1. Review system requirements and specifications and translate into program codes
  2. Conduct regular monitoring and assessment of application system performance and perform necessary adjustments and fine tuning to maintain quality system performance
  3. Identify current and future requirements to ensure high system availability and efficiency
  4. Coordinate with the System Management and Review Group on the specifications and business rules governing system adjustments
  5. Coordinate with the User Support Group on system enhancements/adjustments to be communicated in the field.
  6. Troubleshoot technical problems related to application system and provide assistance to the User Support Group (USG) on technical issues beyond the control and knowledge of the USG
ICT Committee shall coordinate with the EBEIS Implementation Team on areas related to DepEd ICT policies, procedures and integration of systems within and outside the department. The committee will also participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the EBEIS implementation to determine policy and resource requirements and to further ensure that ICT resources in DepEd are effectively and efficiently planned and utilized.

Enclosure No. 2:


Chief, Research and Statistics Division
Head, Database Management Unit


BEE EBEIS Representative
BSE EBEIS Representative
BALS EBEIS Representative
OSEC Representative
Regional Members:
Regional Planning Officers
Division Planning Officers

Lead: Jeremiah D. Gumboc (RSD)
Co-Lead: Josephine C. Martinez (RSD)

Arturo Tuazon (EDPITAF)
Arthur Aquino (Olongapo)
Erwin Yumping (PDED)
John T. Dispo (DBMU-RSD)
Jonathan Diche (PDED)
Regional Members:
Leo Dedoroy (Region VI)
Abraham Imas (Region VI)
Bernadette Sumabat (Region VI)
Amy Cortidor (Region VII)
(another slot for Region VII)
(another slot for Region VII)
Mercy Sarmiento (Region VIII)
Nancy Tesado (Leyte Div, Region VIII)
Ruben Nicol (Leyte Div., Region VIII)
Tomas Pastor (Region VIII)
Lead: Isidra Afunggol (RSD)
Co-Lead: Marietta Atienza (RSD)

Marieta Atienza (RSD)
Salome Genito (RSD)
Zaida Fe Briones (RSD)
Evelyn Relor (RSD)
Reuben dela Cruz (RSD)
Rowena dela Cruz (PPD)
Emerita Carpio (DBMU-RSD)
Edelyn Barraca (DBMU-RSD)
Modesto Lopez (DBMU-RSD)
Josephine Graza (DBMU-RSD)
Cristina Cay (DBMU-RSD)
Virginia Castillo (DBMU-RSD)
Nazarina Limosnero (DBMU-RSD)

Regional Members:
EBEIS Regional Help Desk Support Group (Regions 6, 7 and 8)

Jeremiah D. Gumboc (RSD)
Arthur Aquino of Olongapo City
Emmanuel Mendoza (Region VII)
Brigolito Brigoli (Region VII)
Arturo Tuazon (EDPITAF)
Frederick Gregorio (SEU)

Mercy Castro (RSD)
Josephine Martinez (OPS-RSD)
Arturo Tuazon (EDPITAF)
Erwin Yumping (PDED)
Jonathan Diche (PDED)
Leo B. Dedoroy (Region VI)
Mateo Bimbao (Region VI)
Tomas Pastor (Region VII)
Alan Villacampa (Region VII)
Aladin Nieras (Region VIII)
Arnald De Villa (Region X)
Arthur Aquino (Olongapo)
Regie Catedral (Region X)

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