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Pia Wurtzbach Recalls Bad, Painful Past With An Ex-Boyfriend...

“I’m a Yes girl,” says Pia Wurtzbach pertaining to her relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

PIA WURTZBACH – Beauty queen and model Pia Wurtzbach opens up about her past relationship with this guy with whom she submitted almost everything to.

Currently, crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is happily in love being in a relationship with Scottish travel entrepreneur Jeremy Jauncey. They have been together for quite a long time now and how smitten they are of each other is something that many people admire and get envious about.

Pia Wurtzbach new boyfriend

But before settling in the happy love life that she has now where she seems really contented and loved, she had her fair share of bitter experiences. Looking back, she had this crazy and bad relationship with this man where she almost gave up everything just to fully submit herself to him.

This happened way before she joined pageants. In a new episode from Between Us Queens podcast, she shared that she was a different person back then. The beauty queen shared that she became submissive to this man who she opted not to reveal the name. She was an “under” and she tends to always submit to whatever he says to her. Wurtzbach admitted she was that kind of girl before – voiceless and doesn’t have the capacity to fight for what she wanted.

She chose and prioritized him over her career, job, friends, and family. She turned her back to everything and everyone just to be with him until it came to a point that she had nothing left. In that phase of her life, she remembered she was penniless and lost in her life because he’s the one who seems to be directing her what she should want and not. She shared, “And I just remember feeling so lost. And, like, I didn’t have a voice anymore and parang walang identity.”

And she just woke up one day struck with a realization that she doesn’t it anymore. She wanted out of that situation and with just a hundred with her, she left him. She had friends before who helped her out and from there, she tried to figure out where to start to build herself again from zero.

Pia Wurtzbach sexy body

Pia Wurtzbach lovely face

“After that, that was a big learning experience for me, na hindi pwedeng Yes Girl tayo palagi. May mali din ako for sure kasi I let it happen,” she shared. Wurtzbach added that it is indeed true to just love the person until you feel the love no more. By that, you will be the one to eventually give up and leave and this is exactly what happened to her.


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