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Do I need to use the same type of batteries for solar panel power system set-up?

If you're a newbie, you might be excited to enter into the world of solar electricity. You might think it's a pride to have a solar electricity at home or office. Whenever your barangay, city or municipality experiences power outage (brownouts or blackouts) and you have a solar power system at home, it's a pride to see your home constantly lighting up and your neighbors' houses are left in the dark.  So, you delve in enthusiastically and buy the materials and accessories needed to set-up a solar power system. In your buying list, battery or batteries are of course included. But do you know that if you buy two or more batteries, should you buy the same type of batteries?
Answer: Yes. You should buy the same type of batteries (the same amperage) and the same brand if possible.

Why? Because when you use batteries with different amperage, the battery with the lower amperage might be damaged faster than the battery with higher amperage. This is due to the charging system that will overcharge the battery with lower amperage.

As the two batteries are charging, the one with the lower amperage will be fully charged faster. So, as the solar charger charges the higher amperage battery and lower amperage battery reaches to the fully-charged state, the lower amperage battery will be exhausted and overcharged. Thus, it will wear and damaged faster.

Likewise, charging two batteries with the same amperage (e.g. two 70-ampere batteries) will reach in a coherent full-charging time.

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dell   (26 May 2018 11:59 AM)

Thanks for this info. I really appreciate this. Can save money from buying different types of batteries.