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How To Fix PLDT Online Billing Which is Not Working?

Online billing makes your life a bit easier. Both the company and the subscriber/customer can save time and money in handling the billing aspect.

Having a problem with your PLDT online billing? Many PLDT subscribers are complaining why they cannot successfully register to PLDT's online billing service. Here's how to fix it. We'll enumerate the problems and provide solutions to each problem.

1. You've entered the correct or appropriate account number but the sign-up form will reply "Account Number does not exist".

  • You might be a new subscriber and your PLDT account number is likely not registered to PLDT main accounting system database. Call 171 (PLDT customer service) for this concern. The agent will be the one to process the registration/sign-up. Make sure you provide username, password and working email address beforehand.

2. You've entered a username with less than 6 characters.

  • Use a username with 6 to 30 characters or letters. Examples of usernames you can use are pinoy143, filipino345, akosijuan888, lovekita68, etc.

3. Password is lesser than 6 characters or has no combination of letters, numbers and special characters (example: #, @, *, %)


  • Your password must be 6 to 30 characters. It must combine both letters, numbers and special characters (example: #, @, $, +, *, %, &).

4. You are surprised by the large amount of bill that you should pay.

  • Be calm before calling the customer service or going to PLDT service center/office. If the amount of your bill is above your expectation or is not normal, you must call 171 in order to know the details of the transactions made by your account number. Tell the agent any transactions you're not aware of.

If you have other online billing related concerns, please feel free to post them in the comment below.
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