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Phosphas material is better processed using Hongxing cone crusher

Although our country is the first production country phosphate rock, but our country mainly in phosphate rock lean, grade is more than 30% of the diamond reserves for only 1.108 billion tons, the average grade of only 23%, much lower than the average level in the world. So every province of the relevant measures were adopted to restrict mining or resources integration. Yunnan, guizhou integration has been completed, and the integration of hubei some time ago to fight also dust settles, established the basic theme. The more attention in phosphate rock of today, Hongxing cone crusher is the good helper of processing phosphate resources , phosphate rock to efficient machining into yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphate class.

Our country phosphate rock high concentration distribution, the top five reserves the province is yunnan, guizhou and hubei, hunan and sichuan, respectively in the national resources reserves by 24%, 16%, 13%, 12% and 9%, total 74%, including phosphorus diamond (P2O5 grade higher than 30%) is mainly distributed in the cloud, your, hubei three provinces. Chinnese surface is a rich phosphate rock, is indeed a phosphate poor countries. The data shows, China phosphate rock reserves and foundation reserves of 4.1 billion tons and respectively 10 billion tons, respectively 27.14% and 21.28% of the world. But because China diamond, less more lean, average grade of only 17%. Five oxidation 2 p more than 30% of diamond only 8.5%, not the direct use of low grade phosphate is as high as 90% above. Phosphate rock as a non-renewable resources, is gradually to dry up. The United States in the early 1980 s began to limit the export and import a lot of phosphate rock. China is also gradually realize the importance of phosphate ore resources. Phosphate resources conformity, the acquisition, processing concentration integration development, can prevent the small businesses, not reasonable natural development, etc.

Industry experts point out that, along with the integration of appear climax, phosphate rock price will then rise. Phosphate rock 69% of production for the production of phosphate compound fertilizer, and Hongxing cone crusher is widely used in industrial production of fine grind one of high mechanical. To adapt in phosphate rock processing, it is widely used in dressing, building materials and chemical and other industries, can be divided into dry and wet type two kinds of grinding way. In phosphate rock resources are increasingly scarce today,Hongxing cone crusher help reduce pollution.

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