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The Harmonious and Balanced Development of Mining Crusher

According to the key support for energy, transportation and raw materials and other basic industrial development, industrial policy, mining machinery, as these basic industries, pillar of national priorities should be given priority support to  further develop and improve, for coal, metal and nonmetal mines Development to provide more advanced level of international quality, high efficiency crusher, milling machine, sand making equipment, to meet the economic development for energy and raw materials needs.

Mining crusher machinery in the computer technology, network technology, multi-disciplinary integrated support for economic development, driven by demand in the market, in the harmonious development of mankind and nature, the mining machinery has been upgraded to digital, intelligent, ecological and pleasant oriented direction.

Mining machinery in the economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development occupies an important position and role of the pillar industries belonging to the national economy. Stone crusher manufacturing industry is the establishment of an independent state based industrial system, but also to measure an important indicator of national industrial strength.

China's 'Eleventh Five Year' Plan pointed out that to build a resource saving and environment friendly society, focusing on the development of circular economy has insisted on developing equal emphasis on conservation, conservation priority, according to reduction, re use, resource oriented principle, resource extraction, production of consumption, waste generation, consumption and other sectors, and gradually establish the resources of society as a whole recycling system; to save energy, water conservation, saving land, saving materials and strengthening the comprehensive utilization of resources to strengthen the promotion of conservation policies.

For the natural environment and achieve the harmonious development of the required mining machinery 'eco', with the help of advanced technologies on manufacturing model, manufacturing resources, manufacturing, process manufacturing organizations continually innovate to make our products throughout the life cycle does not produce environmental pollution or environmental pollution minimize the maximum utilization of resources, the lowest energy consumption, and ultimately corporate co ordination of economic and social benefits. Efficient, zero emission fuel cell mining machinery has good development prospects with the application of ore beneficiation equipment.

Geothermal energy as green, renewable resources, has been identified as countries around the world to maintain social sustainable development, new energy, the geothermal resource rich developed countries have been a better use of resources and the development of crustal heat treatment of solid waste resources for the Mining Machinery expanded its service areas.


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