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Avoid mistakes in the operation and maintenance of crusher

1. To prohibit does not see the instructions on the operation

After the purchase of equipment, we should carefully read the instructions related materials mining crusher, getting familiar with the use of crusher and maintenance conditions. In the case of unskilled, you must not have their own operation .In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, the presence of professionals help you operate the crusher preferably.

2. To prohibit have the thing operation in the machine

Before the sand maker and the crushing starts work, we first check the crushing cavity that whether there is ore, stone blocks, etc. Crusher didn't allow to start with a load , which can cause damage to electrical tripping or machine parts .If you want to operate the machine, you have to clear it at start.

3. To prohibit the use of substandard power supply

Using unqualified power source, which don't much put no roasting good electrode. After down and down within minutes, electrode within the electrode should pay attention to the quality of electrode and mobile electrode as soon as possible, or movement motor. You can take all kinds of measures to prevent electrode soft break. Once it has to deal with soft broken immediately.

4. To prohibit doesn't wear a good personal protective equipment to work

When the crusher is crushing things, it will generate noise and pollution, which harm our health such long-term. So we should pay attention to wear a good personal protective equipment to reduce damage our health before operating the crusher.

5. To prohibit only using only don't maintenance

In terms of maintenance of the crusher is very important, we use the crusher that will cause unnecessary wear machine long-term. So the machine should be checked for wear regularly, doing maintenance and adding lubricating oil on a regular, so that your machine to play a greater role.

6. To prohibit power-down and does not turn off power

When I am using the crusher and cutting supply power suddenly, you have to remember to turn off the power ,otherwise suddenly incoming supply power will cause unnecessary harm. After finishing the work you should arrange everything, turning off the power to leave and to develop good work habits.

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