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The Improvement on the Performance of Jaw Crushers

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The crushing process of materials is inevitable in many industries, such as metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemistry, chinaware, road building and so on.
Because of the big difference of physical characteristic and structure among different materials, in order to meet the needs for all kinds of materials, the specifications of crushers vary greatly.

In terms of metal ore beneficiation, crushing is the first procedure in ore-separating industries.

The kenimatic feature of the liner and the connection between it and other parameters are calculated and analyzed in certain coupler space with the certain domain density.

In other words, some parameters are selected from the designing parameters to carry out the computing experiment.

Based on the above analysis, computing analysis of flow feature of material in crushing chamber and interaction between the raw material and liners is carried out.

Also, some experiments are carried out on the small experimental stone jaw crusher in order to analyze the distribution of crushing force and the wear feature of liners.

In brief, from the point that some important parameters are taken as the adjustable operational parameter, the kinematics feature of the liner is analyzed.

The job is helpful to the jaw crusher research and can accelerate the development of new style China jaw crusher having high efficiency and low power draw.

In order to improve the performance and working efficiency of jaw breakers, some peculiar jaw crushers have ever been produced by foreign professors.

In the early years, the German and former Soviet Union all produced jaw breaker driven by hydraulic pressure.

Its characteristics are to increase the swaying times of mobile jaw to increase production capacity.

At the same time, the hydraulic pressure can also be used to adjust discharging port, and as a protection for over loading.

The western German has produced impact jaw crusher, and Soviet Union has ever produced vibrating jaw crusher (also named as inertia jaw crusher).

They all depend on the vibration of mobile jaw to impact materials, so as to improve the crushing ability.

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