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The instruction of operating and maintaining ball mill...

The overflow ball mill has relatively simple structure--the advantage of no grate fence, high fineness in grinding, and less ball loading etc. Widely used in the second segment or place of comparably finer product. The structure of overflow type is basically the same with the grate one, only with no material discharging grate in the cylinder outlet end. Besides, it has reverse screw blade on the surface of the hollow shaft inner liner cover. It can return the small ball in the slurry and overflowed rough ore back to the mill.

1. Operating Instruction:

(1). Check every section of the machine and the electric appliance to make sure the connecting bolt is tight before running. Make sure the lubricating point is smooth, the transmission device is reliable, the protective device is perfect, the electric appliance instrument is delicate, and the motor carbon is well contacted.

(2). Walk around the mill to make sure no barrier is around or in the moving parts of the equipment. When running, there shouldn’t be anyone around.

(3). Turn on the starter motor by press activate button and notice the change of the electric after all is checked normal. The continuous start of the ball mill can’t be over two times and the interval can’t be over 5 minutes. If you start the third time, you should first check it with electrician and locksmith. It can’t be start with other equipment and must start alternately to avoid tripping operation.

(4). Strictly keep to the rule on water supply, ore feeding, and steel ball adding when in normal operation. . The overloaded operation is forbidden. The idle running time can’t be over 15 minutes to avoid breaking up lining plate.

(5). Check the barrel to avoid leakage and make sure the electric current, the voltage , the feedstock and the feedwater are normal when in operation. Check the temperature of the electric motor and principal axis once per half an hour to keep it lower than 60 centigrade degree. Once a problem is found, try to solve it in time.

2. Maintenance Instruction:

(1). Repair cycle:

A. a month for fine repair

B. one to three months for minor repair

C. twelve to twenty four months for medium repair

D. sixty to one hundred and twenty months for heavy repair

(2). Repair content:

A. fine repair: mainly check the oil mass, adjust the gap between sections, enhance the bolts, change individual lining plate or check the wear pattern of the lining plate, and repair the feeder.

B. minor repair: check the wear pattern of the cleaning & measurement tooth surface and the lining plate, and change it when necessary.

C. medium repair: change the feeding parts, the transmission pinion and the bearing; disassemble and check the speed reducer; adjust the gear after its operation of 3-5 years and measure the hollow shaft after its operation of 3-5 years.

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