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The Reasonable Devising on the Mining Sand Washer...

The Reasonable Devising on the Mining Sand Washer

In the present three test specification, the purpose of the asphalt and stone adhesion test through adhesion test to evaluate the quality of the adhesion of asphalt and stone construction. So reduce the clay content in the stone can greatly increase the bond strength between the binder and mineral aggregate, thereby improving the quality of the project.

Many domestic vibration screening machine in site are installed with more drains, the washing mechanism is removing stone surface adhesion by spraying water to stones, rely on the scouring action of the pressure of the water, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning, while it is apparent that, for the part the local water cannot rinse, it is difficult to achieve flushing purposes, even if the place water rinses, for the adhesion of the solid impurities, water pressure alone also difficult to clean, so the washing effect is poor, and the water consumption is huge; so developing new sand washing machine is imminent.

More of the existing domestic washing stone machine is the spiral shaft conveyor type, with high water consumption and low washing effect, washed gravel is with high moisture content, and then work noise is large and causes harsh environment. With the national awareness of environmental protection, the principle of the conservation of water resources, the development of water-saving and environmental protection stone washing machine is important.

With the development of modern architecture, the construction of a bridge span is greater, the length of the tunnel is longer, and the height of the buildings is higher, which put forward higher requirements for building materials. Flushing technology is a major problem that has long plagued the project builders, stone washing machine with its state-of-the-art flushing technology to solve this problem.

Stone washing machine as mixing station ancillary equipment for the previous step, stone washing machine is mainly used for the high quality requirements of the piles, bridges, railroad tracks pillow, tall buildings and other projects occasions; ordinary concrete is made of cement, water, gravel, sand four kinds of basic material, the technical nature of the concrete to a large extent determined by the technical nature and relative content of the raw material; pure sand has rough surface, particles are rich with angularity and can bond firmly with grout; most engineering adopts gravel, but the gravel contains clay and other impurities, before using, it must be cleaned to reduce the clay content in the stone and impurities, which can greatly increase the bond strength between the binder and mineral aggregate, to improve the quality of the project.

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