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What causes the fast abrasion of crushing machine

If the equipment manufacturing industry upgrades, research-and-development-oriented enterprises will benefit. We think that the comparative advantage of the labor cost in China machinery industry is disappearing, so the upgrade of equipment manufacturing industry is the only way to success. At present the r&d investment is only that of about 2 percent for the 204 listed enterprises in our country machinery industry. But according to the fact that In America the R&D fees reach 6 percent for the 245 listed mechanical enterprises, the research and development investment of China machinery industry is insufficient. Looking from the American development experience, if an enterprise increases its r&d investment dramatically, its business performance and the profit level will improve greatly in the next 5 to 10 years, and excess returns of these listed companies is also much higher than that companies with less investment.

Corrosion is the deterioration of the properties of a material due to its interaction with the environment. Corrosion occurs everywhere from your teeth to your batteries. For machinery, what is the factors to cause body abrasiveness?

1. The effect of grinding materials hardness

Grinding materials hardness has a visible effect on attrition reat. The rate depends on ratio between stuff's hardness and grinding material's hardness. THe ratio changes, and the rate changes.

2. The effect of grinding materials shape and size

Grinding material shape(sharpness) has also a visible effect. According to different shapes, grinding material can be divided into three types: sharpness, polygon and obtuse form. In the same hardess, sharpness material has worst effect on stuff, the worse is polygon, and the obtuse type is the last.

3. The effect of stuff function

The stuff function is elastic modulus, macro hardness and surface hardness, strength, plastic and fracture toughness, etc. The industrial metal resistance and elastic modulus become direct ratio. But the realation isn't applied for steel heat treating, because it can make abrasive resistance rise greatly. Before and after the steel heat treatment,a single value relative wear resistance to the epicenter is scheduled to macro hardness, only with its macroscopic hardness higher its wearability change slope difference. This shows that the wear resistance of various kinds of steel and macro hardness does not exist between a single value corresponding relation.

The factors exists in almost every machine, jaw crusher, impact crusher, raymond mill etc. To meet the trend of modernization development and the needs of international markets competition, our company has been introducing senior management personnel, scientific and research talents, and advanced graduates continually. And we are taking advantages of advanced technology from United States, Germany, Japan and other countries to achieve self-innovation and effective development.

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