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The correct installation of HX sand making machine

On the moment I stepped on this section, the reprimanded voice lingering in my ear, the chief inspector Yang rebuke Manager Wang of construction units: what have you done, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has sent us the equipment, why not you install the sets and put into use? Having finished eating lunch at highway headquarter and bidding farewell to Mr Zhang, I drove fifty kilometers far away to the 38 section, which is complex and large quantity of sand needed.

The manager Wang showed helplessness and cried out:'rush? We are more urgent than you, we are also wanna install the Hongxing sets earlier and bring on stream. But large number of things are still lacked here. I have just contacted the transport team, they will come in ten minutes, so please wait a moment'

'How can it be, I have just consult technician Li, he said Hongxing sets shall be arrived ' hearing this, chief inspector Yang stopped scolding manager Wang. I am also confused, it is strange today that engineers in two places I have ever been to both quarreled for the preparation of Hongxing sand making machines, like the stone crusher machine, grinder machine, gravel production line, sand production line.

I explained my purpose to Manager Wang, and he said' dear sir, you should clear about what time is it now, Hongxing sand making productionline sets will arrive in several minutes, I will command workman to receive Hongxing machine and their technical personnel, soon we will arrange them to install the sets. So I got no time to accompany you, you can come another day and we will have a good chat', on saying this, the transport truck has just arrived...

I am regret that I cannot interview them today, I farewell to Manager Yang, Manager Wang, the engineering brigade should share this precious time with the customer from Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

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