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New Business Permit in the Philippines 2018

This is the new Mayor's Business Permit in the Philippines.

This document signifies that you have a business regulated under the Philippine government laws.

When your business is registered in the government, you are forced to pay government fees and taxes.

New Business Permit in the Philippines 2018
Mayor's Business Permit

The cost of securing a new Business Permit could run around ₱5,000. You can see the cost which amounts to ₱5,144.50 in the document above.

I'm wondering why would a personal photo of the Mayor be printed or included in the Business Permit?

Is this a form of promoting himself for future elections or political positions?

Business Plate

The Business Permit comes with a Business Plate (like a motor vehicle plate). It bears the Plate Number of the business.

Here's the new Business Plate in the Philippines:

New Business Plate in Philippines
Business Plate

Again the face of the Mayor is also printed in the Business Plate. Is it really needed to include the face of the Mayor in the Business Plate? Or is this still a form of promoting himself?

How to Get This Business Permit and Business Plate?

Just go to the City Hall or Municipality Hall where your  business is located. Go to the Business Registration department/office.

And tell the employee that you want to apply for a Business Permit. The employee will guide you. He will give you the requirements to submit and the things to do.


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