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How many digits does LandBank Account Number have?

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Dear affordableCebu,

How many digits does LandBank Account Number have (example: LandBank ATM Debit Card). I can see my name on the ATM card but where can I find the account number? Is it the number on the middle part or in the lower part?

- Henry


Hi Henry, if you have a Landbank ATM card, you may take a look at the front side of it. Your account number is printed below your name (the Account Name). It is composed of 10 digits. Here's a screenshot of a real LandBank ATM card where you can locate its account number:
LandBank Account Number
Photo: LandBank ATM card (Visa Debit)

You can also find an account number on your LandBank passbook account.

If you encounter a financial transaction wherein you are required to enter a 12, 13, or 14-digit LandBank account number, just add zeros at the beginning of that account number. The number of digits will increase due to the increasing supply of LandBank accounts.

  • Have a physical written/printed copy of your LandBank account number keep in a safe and private place. In case you lost your ATM card/Passbook or in case you forgot your LandBank account number, you still have a copy of that account number.
  • If possible, memorize your LandBank account number. In that way, it will be easy for you to write your account number every time you deposit or withdraw over-the-counter.

Do you still have any problem finding your LandBank account number?
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ANA MARIE LIMIN   (02 January 2018 11:55 AM)
iisa lang ba ang bank account number at atm number ng landbank cash card?

admin   (04 January 2018 10:37 AM)
ana, no. Magkaiba po yung bank account number at atm card number.