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How many digits does Metrobank Account Number have?
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Dear affordableCebu,

How many digits does Metrobank account number have (example: Metrobank ATM Card Savings). My ATM card has my name on the lower left with 13-digits below the name and a 16-digits in the middle of the ATM card.

Ung atm card ko has my name on the lower left corner with 13-digits below the name and a 16-digits in the middle of the atm card.

- asked by anonymous


The Metrobank ATM account number has 13-digits. These are the digits you can find below the account name of the ATM card.

Other types of Metrobank accounts (such as Passbook or Checking accounts) have also 13-digits account number.

In a Metrobank E-teller ATM Card, you can find the account number below the account name printed at the front of the ATM card.

Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM Card (photo)

While the ATM card number has 16-digits. These digits are printed in the middle of the ATM card.

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4 Eduardo Manabat jr   (02-August-2015 1:38 AM)
Hi, the teller only gave me a 10 digit number will it be usable for them to send me money?

3 richy y. ballentos   (10-April-2015 8:51 PM)
good day i would just like to ask if this account no 1183118216793 under the name of Zita P. Meninguito is owned by her?? i would just like to verify because i am going to make an online transaction under this name by ordering a product from her i would just like to confirm if this is existing account under that name.

thank you very much.

2 Cres   (08-April-2014 8:20 PM)
What I sent to my sender is my card number instead of account number. He finished the transaction but yes, the money didn't successfully transferred to my account.

But he's account has been deducted with an amount. What should he do to get back his money.

Is it possible to transfer it successfully to my account number through my bank?

1 Arlene Torres   (29-January-2014 6:17 PM)
when i type my card number into a form to pay online..why it says invalid?

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