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Dear affordableCebu,

How many digits does Metrobank account number have (example: Metrobank ATM Card Savings). My ATM card has my name on the lower left with 13-digits below the name and a 16-digits in the middle of the ATM card.

Ung atm card ko has my name on the lower left corner with 13-digits below the name and a 16-digits in the middle of the atm card.

- asked by anonymous


The Metrobank ATM account number has 13-digits. These are the digits you can find below the account name of the ATM card.

Other types of Metrobank accounts (such as Passbook or Checking accounts) have also 13-digits account number.

In a Metrobank E-teller ATM Card, you can find the account number below the account name printed at the front of the ATM card.

Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM Card (photo)

While the ATM card number has 16-digits. These digits are printed at the middle part of the ATM card.

Problem with Registering to Metrobank's Online Banking Facility (MetrobankDirect)

If your ATM Card number contains 16 digits only and you are required to enter 19 digits, you must add 3 zeros (000) at the beginning of your ATM Card number. Example: 000 + 1234 5678 9012 3456

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Rene combao [Entry]

My metrobank account number 10 digit only
Jeffrey Vicente Eugenio [Entry]

I forgot my account number after losing my ATM card please send me my account number thats why I can ask my balance of it.
Marvin D Emuslan [Entry]


Please can you send me my information
Foster Greene [Entry]

Need my account number
patrick c. gonzaga jr [Entry]

hello po, my metrobank account is 16 digits but i wask ask to put 13 digits only. what should i do? please.

Dindo [Entry]

Paano malaman ang account number ko sa Metrobank paycard saan siya side nakalagay
Arvin B. Gameng [Entry]

Panu ko po makukuha yung 13 digits?
Arvin B. Gameng [Entry]

How to make bank accnt number 13 digits!! My atm cards is 16 digits . I need to know kung saan makikita yung 13 digits.
Jayson [Entry]

I add 3 zero sa 16 digit to enroll moble banking and its invalid
Wilson A. Lopez [Entry]

ronaldo taganna elacion [Entry]

hello po im ronaldo taganna elacion.pwd ko po bang makuha account number ko kc po atm card number lng po nka lagay sa atm ko taas ng name ko po.plss reply asap thank you
Joanna rose barrera [Entry]

Why po nag error padin po ko kahit nag add ako 3 na zero
Jhomar dimaunahan [Entry]

Gud am po pde ko po ba mkuha ko ung account number ko po ksi po 10 digits lang po ksi...dapat 13 dgits po..
.thanks po
Jeshelle [Entry]

I would like to send money to my brother's account, he has 16 digits account number.. but in the Metrobank Direct, it only requires 13 digits.. how can I send or transfer money?
Ronnel Jay Capute [Entry]

He lied, instead of putting three zeroes (000) at the beginning of your ATM Card Number, just put it at the end and it will work.
Cherrylou legaspi [Entry]

My friend in japan send me money through remittance to my metrobank account ..i gave her the 10 digits number only..its already 5 workung days but still money doesnt arrived yet..is it possible the money has been decline due to my 10 digits account when its supposed to be 13 digits?
Luke [Entry]

Im in USA, using united state bank online transfer money to metro bank. My question is metro bank has 13 digit with dash between numbers, because with dash (-) there a error, should I drop the dash sign (-)? And enter only 13 digit acct #. Please advise. Thanks.
marie [Entry]

I’m trying to enrol my savings acct in the mobile app and it asks for the 13-digit acct number. I placed the 13-digit number underneath my name but it’s not accepting it. It says “The information you have entered does not match our records.” Where do i go from here?
Sumit kumar [Entry]

Account number 9450008901546 is exist or not if exist what is the name of the account holder.please reply
Darvee [Entry]

Where can I see my account number? Before it was below my name but now the latest with chip theres no more account number...
Is there anyway on how can I get to know it?
hazel [Entry]

I tried to enroll my 13-digit account number as beneficiary for my online banking remittances from abroad, however my bank here only accepts 10-digit account numbers. Can I omit the first three digits of my Metrobank account number? These digits are repeated, making the account number 13 digits all in all.
Arvie joy [Entry]

Pina update ko po Kasi Yung ATM to emv chip card eh maiden name ko po Yung andon sa old tapos inupdate ko po to married eh ang binigay po saakin na card is emv na nga pero maiden name paren po Yung nakalagay doon napansin ko na lang po Kasi nung naka alis na ako pero po Yung finill apan Kung form is apelido na ng Asawa ko na confused na po ako sa account name ko
cherry rose bolo [Entry]

where can you find the account number in the new EVM metrobank debit card?
haydee [Entry]

when linking bank account to paypal. which number on the metrobank atm should i use? the 16 digit on the middle part of the card or the 13 digit below the name?
Fernando Durante Hofileña [Entry]

I have the new Metrobank Chip-enabled card and it only has the 16-digit number. If someone has to deposit an amount to my card, is it the number I must give? Before kasi there is an account number on the lower left of the card, this time wala na.
Ajay O. Ronquillo [Entry]

My auntie wants to remit money to my atm card what shall I give the ACCOUNT NUMBER or the ATM CARD NUMBER? Thank you.
Cristine sarmiento [Entry]

i tried the 13 digits and 16 digits but the data asked 19 digits
Guest [Entry]

Cristine, try to add three ZEROS (000) at the beginning of the account number.
Pres [Entry]

I tried to register in online banking my prepaid account at metro bank,, but the data asked me for the 19 digit atm number so i add 3 zero(000) at the last digit but the system respond is invalid atm card number.. i repeated it many times already.. please help.. tnx
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