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How many digits does BDO Account Number have?

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Dear admin,

How many digits does BDO account number have (example: BDO ATM Debit card). My ATM card has my name on the lower left. I notice many numbers or digits printed in the middle. Are those digits the my account number?

- asked by dondon

Those digits you've found at the middle of the ATM Card are not the account number. They are the ATM card number. The ATM card number is different from the account number. Take note of the ATM card number in the photo below. You cannot see your account number in your ATM card.


The total number of digits of a BDO Account Number varies. It ranges from 9 to 12. It will extend its number as the number of BDO accountholders grows.

The typical BDO Account Number at present has 10 digits. If you enroll your account to BDO online banking service, BDO requires you to enter 12-digit account number. If your account number is 10 digits, you need to add additional digits which is two zeros (00) at the beginning of your account number. If your account number is 2345678901, you need to add two zeros at the beginning of this account number. Thus:
  • 00 + 2345678901 = 002345678901

If you're account number has 9 digits, then add three (3) zeros at the beginning to make 12 digits.

Are you still having a problem identifying your BDO account number?


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May Irish   (15 August 2019 7:41 PM)

How I can join bdo online banking? I don't have a ATM card only passbook. I want to check my acct thru online. Thanks.

PA   (03 July 2019 3:13 AM)

Just recently tried enrolling to online banking. My account number is only 10 digits & like you advised I needed to add two 0 to the beginning. My application could not be completed due to an invalid account number so how can that be?

irishjane macardo   (11 June 2019 1:01 AM)

how many digit in the atm cash card? i just confused, example there is 16 number in your atm cash card. where is the atm card number to find?

marjury   (09 June 2019 9:40 PM)

Nag apply po ako ng loan tapos gusto ko na through bank account ang process sa pg recieve ko ng loan ko pero ang na type ko don ang atm number ko hi di yong account number ...nkalagay kc don na it must be 16 digit numbers but my account number is 12 only at hindi ma complte kc kulang kaya nilagay ko don atm number ko..pwd ba yon ...?

kim   (04 June 2019 10:00 PM)

paano po kung 10 digit lang nailagay ko sa accnt no.hindi ko naadd yung dalawang 00 sa unahan?matatanggap kaya ng pinadalhan ko?

Jm   (10 January 2019 6:08 PM)

My friend will send money in my acct from riyadh..it is bank to bank..but i forgot to add two zeros because in my recent deposit,,there is no zeros in the beginning of my acct nmber..but still..it was deposit..do you think..i will still receive it? The details were complete...its just im worried about the two zeros..
Im using BDO debit card

Zia Kim   (24 December 2018 0:55 AM)

I'm about to transfer money on a 9 digit account number on bdo online banking and it comes out as invalid am i supposed to add 000 before the account number to make 12 digits?

adrianhills7   (16 July 2018 2:55 PM)

bdo bank 50k

Gen Sy   (02 July 2018 9:51 AM)

Hi my BDO account number only has 8 digits, then should I add 4 zeros??

ALSO it's YOUR not YOU'RE.

Irys   (05 June 2018 7:36 PM)

Pano po kung hndi ko nadagdagan ng 2 zeros sa harap nung nag online transfer ako pero nag go through nmn sya, bnabawasan account ko. Mrereceive kaya yun ng pinadalhan ko?

Mary Rose   (06 May 2018 11:00 AM)

how many digits does bdo cash card have?

denielle   (12 December 2017 5:18 AM)

Does my bdo account number include country code and branch code?

Philippe Andres   (26 September 2017 2:58 PM)

10+0123456789 digit number if your bdo account po is dollar account

k   (07 September 2017 4:17 PM)

good day i just want to ask if the account number on peso savings and bdo are not thesame even though there link together?thankyou

ella   (19 July 2017 9:12 AM)

Is the password of my debit card is my account number?

Grey   (20 June 2017 2:50 AM)

Thank you. This is helpful.

Cherry   (29 April 2017 3:14 AM)

I have an account in bdo and it has only 9 digits . Before when i'm transfering money i used to add 3 zero's but when i transfered yesterday i didn't noticed that i only add 2 zero's (00+9digits) is it a problem? Or will result to a problem with my money?

Mae Ann   (16 January 2017 1:26 PM)

Hi . I have Bdo online banking but my account is.locked . I called in bdo customer service then they need 10digit online phone banking id .. I type my account number but the operator said its invalid .. Where i van find that number ?

Rodel Gamboa   (15 December 2016 6:34 PM)

I want to send money to bdo accnt.with 10 digits account number. should i put additional 2 zero(00) before the 10 digits account no..reply to my email please...thanks for advance respond

margall lee   (08 December 2016 10:09 AM)

Dear admin,

How many digits does BDO account number have (example: BDO ATM Debit card). My ATM card has my name on the lower left. I notice many numbers or digits printed in the middle. Are those digits the my account number?

serpolette bohol   (06 October 2016 11:01 PM)

i would like to verify if BDO accepts payment for local charges as customs clearance for parcels delivered to the country?

Supremo   (08 August 2016 2:53 PM)

Does this 00 applies even if the BDO account is registered outside Metro Manila, say Bulacan?

raed   (12 July 2016 6:41 AM)

My friend just sent his remittance thru bank here in saudi arabia using the old account number without 10, he is afraid that his remittance will not be received. kindly advise

ELLEN LAPITAN   (12 January 2016 4:06 AM)

i just want to clariry regarding my kabayan savings account number..before it was 10 digit..now that i have new passbook because the previous one was full..the account number that written there is with 00+10digits..is that mean that my new account number is with 00+10digits or its still the same with the 10digit number? im sending money/remittances to that 10digitaccount.. im afraid maybe that im sending money to wrong account..your reply is much apprreciated..thanks

Lian   (16 November 2015 10:48 PM)

Thanks! Great help

Jane obillo   (20 October 2015 6:05 PM)

good day I would like too ask I deposited money in an account but the name is misspelled but the account number is correct does the reciever can recieve it please answer thank you

randy B.pasilbas   (30 August 2015 7:12 PM)

Hi,i am deaf now

Maria Teresa D. Genio   (30 August 2015 10:28 AM)

How can I found my credit card's number? Isn't it on the credit card or can be found if I go to the nearest branches of the bdo ?

Den   (27 August 2015 4:30 AM)

Haha, it helped me,thank you!

Edisa S. Oco   (07 August 2015 8:34 AM)

account number please 5194 6301 2682 9612

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