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How many digits does BDO Account Number have?

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Dear admin,

How many digits does BDO account number have (example: BDO ATM Debit card). My ATM card has my name on the lower left. I notice many numbers or digits printed in the middle. Are those digits the my account number?

- asked by dondon

Those digits you've found at the middle of the ATM Card are not the account number. They are the ATM card number. The ATM card number is different from the account number. Take note of the ATM card number in the photo below. You cannot see your account number in your ATM card.


The total number of digits of a BDO Account Number varies. It ranges from 9 to 12. It will extend its number as the number of BDO accountholders grows.

The typical BDO Account Number at present has 10 digits. If you enroll your account to BDO online banking service, BDO requires you to enter 12-digit account number. If your account number is 10 digits, you need to add additional digits which is two zeros (00) at the beginning of your account number. If your account number is 2345678901, you need to add two zeros at the beginning of this account number. Thus:
  • 00 + 2345678901 = 002345678901

If you're account number has 9 digits, then add three (3) zeros at the beginning to make 12 digits.

Are you still having a problem identifying your BDO account number?


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Joy Ibanez [Entry]

I'm going to send money online to a kabayan account that has an 11 digit account number. Online banking is required to enter 12 digits. Can I add a zero before the 11 digits to make it 12 digits? Thanks!
almy delos santos borromeo [Entry]

good day,,paano po kung nagkamaling send ng BDO account for disbursement ng loan kulang ng isang number yong account ko,,peru 12 yong original sakin,,posible po bang mapunta sa iba yong pera ko?
Jovian [Entry]

Having 15 digits account number is okay??
Bia Mae Galila [Entry]

Hello. Can i ask how to transfer gcash money to BDO cashcard? Thanks
rimon [Entry]

tanung lng po.nagkamali ung kaibigan ko at sumubra ng isang digit ung paglagay nia ng bdo account number naging 13digits lahat marerefund pba ung naesend nyang pera.o mag error po iyon.wla namang 13 digits na bdo account number po tama po b?
Jurico Sucayre [Entry]

If I input 11 digit account number instead of 12 digit account number.. Is it possible the money I receive will transfer to that bank account with wrong account number inputted or otherwise it will transfer to someone's BDO account ? It is possible?
James Daryl [Entry]

Question if i do not put 00 at the beginning of the account number will it be an incorrect account number?
Marc [Entry]

I transferred from my Metrobank account to a BDO account via PESONET. I added two zero before the account no. as I was told by the recipient. Do you think adding the two zero is also applicable to PESONET?? The transaction is still pending (since crediting will effect by 11:00pm as per pesonet) but the amount was already deducted from my account balance. Shall I worry that it will not be received?
joram vitug [Entry]

how digit account BDO
joram vitug [Entry]

ask my account number BDO
Remiljan A navarro [Entry]

how can i get cashcard account number
Ariel Rivera [Entry]

Meron po aq BDO debit card sa company ko po sya dun nilalagay yung payroll ko po.. Ask ko lang po if pwede po bang magdeposit sa atm ko po using my bdo debit card number? Parehas lang po ba ang account number at card number kapag bdo debit card? Nag accept din po ba ng cheque deposit ang bdo debit card? Please response po.. Salamat po
rian [Entry]

san ko makikita yung accnt number ng bdo cashcard
Klarenz esteffany samontina [Entry]

Paano po kung 16 account number bdo cashcard po aku ..i want to send money from gcash to bdo cashcard invalid po kasi ..
Anne [Entry]

Hello po.. Good day..
Meron po aq BDO debit card sa company ko po sya dun nilalagay yung payroll ko po.. Ask ko lang po if pwede po bang magdeposit sa atm ko po using my bdo debit card number? Parehas lang po ba ang account number at card number kapag bdo debit card? Nag accept din po ba ng cheque deposit ang bdo debit card? Please response po.. Salamat po
Melchor Meniano [Entry]

What is my account number?
May Irish [Entry]

How I can join bdo online banking? I don't have a ATM card only passbook. I want to check my acct thru online. Thanks.
PA [Entry]

Just recently tried enrolling to online banking. My account number is only 10 digits & like you advised I needed to add two 0 to the beginning. My application could not be completed due to an invalid account number so how can that be?
irishjane macardo [Entry]

how many digit in the atm cash card? i just confused, example there is 16 number in your atm cash card. where is the atm card number to find?
marjury [Entry]

Nag apply po ako ng loan tapos gusto ko na through bank account ang process sa pg recieve ko ng loan ko pero ang na type ko don ang atm number ko hi di yong account number ...nkalagay kc don na it must be 16 digit numbers but my account number is 12 only at hindi ma complte kc kulang kaya nilagay ko don atm number ko..pwd ba yon ...?
kim [Entry]

paano po kung 10 digit lang nailagay ko sa accnt no.hindi ko naadd yung dalawang 00 sa unahan?matatanggap kaya ng pinadalhan ko?
Jm [Entry]

My friend will send money in my acct from riyadh..it is bank to bank..but i forgot to add two zeros because in my recent deposit,,there is no zeros in the beginning of my acct nmber..but still..it was deposit..do you think..i will still receive it? The details were complete...its just im worried about the two zeros..
Im using BDO debit card
Zia Kim [Entry]

I'm about to transfer money on a 9 digit account number on bdo online banking and it comes out as invalid am i supposed to add 000 before the account number to make 12 digits?
adrianhills7 [Entry]

bdo bank 50k
Gen Sy [Entry]

Hi my BDO account number only has 8 digits, then should I add 4 zeros??

ALSO it's YOUR not YOU'RE.
Irys [Entry]

Pano po kung hndi ko nadagdagan ng 2 zeros sa harap nung nag online transfer ako pero nag go through nmn sya, bnabawasan account ko. Mrereceive kaya yun ng pinadalhan ko?
Mary Rose [Entry]

how many digits does bdo cash card have?
denielle [Entry]

Does my bdo account number include country code and branch code?
Philippe Andres [Entry]

10+0123456789 digit number if your bdo account po is dollar account
k [Entry]

good day i just want to ask if the account number on peso savings and bdo are not thesame even though there link together?thankyou
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