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How many digits does PNB Account Number have?

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The question is related to the PNB (Philippine National Bank) bank account.

Dear affordableCebu,

How many digits does a PNB account number have (like for example, a PNB ATM card). I can see my name printed in the PNB atm card and I also see several numbers in the middle part of the atm card. Is it the account number?

- James

PNB Account Number


Hi James, if you have a PNB atm card on your hand, you may take a look at the frond side of it. The PNB account number has 10 to 12 digits. The digits (numbers) printed in the front are not the account number. It's the ATM Card Number. ATM card number is different from the Account Number. You cannot find the account number in the ATM card.

You can also find the account number on your PNB Passbook and on your online banking account in the PNB website.

The number of digits of the account number will increase due to the growing number of PNB accounts.


  • Have a physical (written or printed) copy of your PNB account number keep in a safe and private place. You can also have digital copy of it in a secure hosting provider such as Google Drive. Or have a copy of your PNB account number on your phone.
  • If possible, memorize your PNB account number. In that way, it will be easy for you to write your account number every time you deposit, withdraw or transact over-the-counter.

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Nick Corpuz   (08 December 2018 10:46 AM)

Hind po masendan ng pera yung Global Filipino acct ko. Pahelp po