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How many digits does LandBank ATM PIN have?

Banks in the Philippines have different total number of digits of their ATM Card PIN.

BDO ATM Card Pin has 6 digits. BPI ATM Card PIN has 4 digits.

How about LandBank ATM PIN? How many digits does the LandBank ATM PIN have?

How many digits does LandBank ATM PIN have?


LandBank ATM PIN has 4 digits. In case you forgot your ATM PIN, remember that it has 4 digits.

How to avoid your LandBank ATM PIN from being forgotten?

  • Write it down on a paper or card. Put the paper/card on a security box.
  • Write it down in excel or notepad and upload it to Google Drive. Make sure you have a very strong Google Account password.

How to Secure Your LandBank ATM PIN?

  • To secure your LandBank ATM PIN, make your own codes when writing the ATM PIN. Instead of writing the digits literally, you can replace those digits with letters. For example, if you ATM PIN is 1434, you can replace it with adcd. So you can write it this way: LNDBNK @tM pN - adcd

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