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How to Pay PLDT Bill (Internet or Landline) Thru BDO Online Banking

Want to avoid the hassle of going to the PLDT office or PLDT payment center in order to pay your PLDT bill (internet or landline)? With the advent of online banking, you can conveniently pay your PLDT bill thru BDO online banking. Save time and money by paying your bill at the comfort of your home or office with just a few click of a mouse. Are there any charges paying your PLDT bill online? No. It's completely free. Here's the procedure on how to pay your PLDT bill thru BDO online banking:

Note: Use Internet Explorer in paying your PLDT bills thru BDO Online banking. If you use Chrome or Firefox, the transaction will not proceed. You will encounter an ENDLESS spinning (reload) of the page.
By the way, PLDT stands for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. BDO stands for Banco de Oro.
Step 1
It's required that you have a BDO account and that account should be enrolled in BDO's online banking facility. This might help you: "How to Apply for BDO online banking?".
Step 2
If you already have a BDO account enrolled in BDO's online banking facility, the next thing to do is to log-in to your BDO online banking account.
Step 3
Enroll a PLDT as your Company/Biller. You can do this by going to the Navigate menu --> Enrollment Services --> Company/Biller --> Enroll
Enroll PLDT bill to BDO online banking
Enroll PLDT to BDO online banking
Step 4
Fill-out the Enrollment form.
  • Company/Biller Name - choose PLDT
  • Subscriber Number - enter your PLDT Account Number
  • Subscriber Name - enter your PLDT Account Name
  • Preferred Nickname - enter any nickname you want
Then click the Submit button.

Note: If you don't know your PLDT Account Number, this article might help you "How to View Your PLDT Bill Online?".
Enter Enrollment Details to BDO online banking
You will receive a message on the BDO website and to your email that confirms successful enrollment of the Company/Biller (PLDT).
Successful enrollment of PLDT bill to BDO online banking
Step 5
After successful enrollment, you can now pay your PLDT bills. Go to Navigate menu --> Financial Services --> Bills Payment --> Pay Bills.
Pay PLDT bill thru BDO online banking
Pay PLDT bill thru BDO online banking
Step 6
Enter payment details in the Payment form.
  • Pay from - choose the BDO account where you want to withdraw for the PLDT payment.
  • Pay this Company/Biller - Choose PLDT
  • Amount - enter the amount of the bill (or amount due)
Then click the Submit button.
Pay PLDT bill thru BDO online banking
Continue to follow further instructions and then if the payment is successful, you will receive a message that confirms the successful payment of your PLDT bill.
  • Aside from paying through BDO online banking, you can also pay your PLDT bill through Metrobank online banking.
  • It may take 1 to 3 banking days before your payment will reflect to your PLDT account. PLDT Customer Service (Billing Department) handles the verification of all payment transactions done thru online banking system. A lot of PLDT subscribers/customers are paying thru online banking system. Your payment transaction thru BDO online banking might be queued in their system. PLDT Billing Department is the one who will check and verify those payment transactions. So, if you pay your PLDT Bill after your due date, you can call PLDT Customer Service right away in order to confirm your payment and to reconnect your line immediately.
Are you having any problem paying your PLDT bill (landline or internet) through BDO online banking?

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Enol   (02 April 2019 10:10 PM) [Entry]

I always pay my pldt bills online like ahead or on the due date itself. I never had any problem. If you pay during business days, you’ll get confirmation right away but if during weekends the process will be the next banking days.

Jezzachloe   (22 November 2018 4:23 AM) [Entry]

I advise you, if you want to pay your bills online do it in advance not in due dates. I had a horrible experience yesterday. The customer service rep (billing dept) can't find my payment because it has not been reflected in their system. I should wait until 3 days for it to be reflected. They couldnt reconnect our internet until our bills payment is posted.

Pat   (15 June 2017 8:08 AM) [Entry]

I made the payment @ June 14 in the morning; was posted in my bdo account immediately, and confirmed by pldt the day after.

Janice   (31 May 2017 6:34 AM) [Entry]

Good day,
I have proccessed succesfully a bill payment tru my bdo online banking may 30 it was deducted on my bdo account
' want to know how long it will take to post on my pldt account ?

I just thought that its reliable to do payment bills tru online banking that it will be posted right away..until now the payment is not yet posted to my pldt account..

admin   (17 January 2018 6:18 PM) [Entry]

Janice, it will take 2 to 3 banking days before it will reflect to your PLDT account. The one who will process and view your payment transaction is PLDT Customer Service (Billing Department). You can even call them (PLDT Customer Service) in order to confirm your payment transaction. They will then find your payment transaction and confirm it within the time of your call.

Lala   (27 May 2017 1:05 AM) [Entry]

I don't know how to comment but this should help. I did select "PLDT" as merchant when I first paid my biss through BDO online banking, however as per PLDT people, since we are using the Ultera Plan, merchant should be Smart Communication. If you already paid it under PLDT, you may need to coordinate to the nearest PLDT office to have it transferred. I you remember, Smart recently acquired PLDT, which might be the reason why.

Mitch   (15 April 2017 12:00 PM) [Entry]

Freya02, did your payment go through na ba? Noticed it's been 10 days from now since you posted the comment. I'm curious if real time ba siya or super delayed if through bdo online banking.

Freya02   (05 April 2017 10:58 PM) [Entry]

Hi via T.,,, i have the same problem. I did the sam process but it was successfull at bdo but pldt still shiws the same amount.. How will i know if the payment went through?

admin   (17 January 2018 6:19 PM) [Entry]

To verify your payment transaction, you can call PLDT Customer Service.

Jhann Benedict   (07 January 2017 11:17 AM) [Entry]

Is there a transaction fee when paying bills through this payment method?

admin   (07 January 2017 11:24 AM) [Entry]

Jhann, it's FREE OR CHARGE.

Via T.   (21 December 2016 4:23 AM) [Entry]

How does it take for a payment done from bdo online internet banking to PLDT? I made a payment last December 14,2016 for PLDT and the money has already been take out of my bank balance but PLDT still shows the balance due for the same amount. Already checked the details for my payment (PLDT subscriber account number etc) and its correct.

archer   (19 August 2016 4:34 PM) [Entry]

@Mon, I think there might be a digit missing in your Subscriber Number. Like in my case, I tried to enroll my PLDT Ultera Account (7********) and failed at my first attempt because I based the account number in my bill summary at PLDTHome.com, which displayed only 9 digits. Upon checking my actual bill, I discovered it has zero "0" as its prefix so it is actually 07******** (10 digits). My second attempt came through.

Hope this helps! :)

Mon   (25 June 2016 11:34 PM) [Entry]


I've been trying to enroll my PLDT DSL but unfortunately it keeps on telling me that my Subcriber Number is incorrect. I can only see 1 Account Number in my online billing and 1 SRN and I already tried them both. Please help.

mel   (17 June 2016 9:54 PM) [Entry]

Thanks a lot. This is very helpful. :)

maydoggielover   (16 September 2014 1:51 PM) [Entry]

Thank you. Your post has been very helpful, especially with the step by step instructions.

liabuj   (13 August 2014 9:20 PM) [Entry]

there's no Company/biller in my navigator :3