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How to Pay MERALCO Bill Thru BDO Online Banking?

With the advent of online banking and e-payment, paying your MERALCO Electric Bill should be easy and hassle-free. Save your time and money. You can pay your MERALCO bill without going to any MERALCO office or any MERALCO payment centers/outlets. How? Through BDO (Banco de Oro) online banking.

Pay MERALCO Electric Bill Thru BDO Online Banking
How to Pay Your MERALCO Bill Through BDO Online Banking?
First it is required that you have a BDO account. Your BDO account should be enrolled to BDO's online banking facility. In enrolling or applying for BDO online banking, this article might help you: 

If you are already enrolled, your BDO Account should have a sufficient balance to pay your MERALCO bill.

Then, log-in to your BDO online banking account ( https://www.bdo.com.ph/ ).

To be able to pay your MERALCO bill via BDO Online Banking, or Mobile Banking App, or Phone Banking, please enroll your MERALCO as your Biller by following the steps below:
1. Go to Enrollment Services --> Enroll --> Add Company/Biller.
2. Select MERALCO for the Company/Biller Name
3. On the "Subscriber Number” field, input the first 11 digits of your ATM/Phone Reference Number. This is indicated at the bottom portion of your bill. 
4. Key in the "Subscriber Name” as reflected on your bill.
5. "Preferred Nickname” could be house, office, etc. for your own quick reference when paying.
6. Click "Submit.”
You may pay your bill/s immediately after enrollment:
1. Login to your BDO Online Banking account.
2. Select Financial Services --> Bills Payment --> Pay Bills
3. Choose which BDO deposit account to pay from.
4. Select MERALCO as the Company/Biller to pay then input the total current amount.
5. Type in the last 5 digits of your ATM/Phone reference number. These numbers vary every billing cycle.
6. Choose your payment schedule then click "Submit.”
If you have enrolled your old MERALCO account previously, you may delete it by going to Enrollment Services --> Company/Biller --> View/Edit/Delete Biller. Tick off MERALCO from your list then choose the Delete (X) icon.
Do you have any concern or problem in paying your MERALCO bill through BDO online banking? Tell us in the comment below.

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Maricar Dela Pena   (30 August 2020 8:10 PM) [Entry]

I have tried many times but I can't pay my meralco ill thru bdo online. It keeps telling me the details are incorrect.

Ann Rivera   (17 August 2020 4:32 PM) [Entry]

Hi, good day!

I've already added the payee on my BDO account but always received this error whenever I pay my Meralco bill:

Sorry, your transaction cannot be processed due to invalid payment details or exceeded daily limit for this biller/merchant.

Any help?

Khim   (11 August 2020 6:29 AM) [Entry]

I followed the instructions and still having the same error.
What should I do?

1. Put exact amount
2. Correct ref no

"Sorry, your transaction cannot be processed due to invalid payment details or exceeded daily limit for this biller/merchant."

Shey   (04 August 2020 7:34 PM) [Entry]

I follow all, and keep getting this response.

Sorry, your transaction cannot be processed due to invalid payment details or exceeded daily limit for this biller/merchant.

I did not exceed my limit.

Pls help. What should i do?

Philip Tejerero   (24 July 2020 5:23 PM) [Entry]

I don't think this works in 2020

Yoly Tejadilla   (09 June 2020 8:32 PM) [Entry]

Sorry, your transaction cannot be processed due to invalid payment details or exceeded the daily limit for this biller/merchant.

What do the above mean when I am paying my bill which I can't process?

Arlene Dela Torre   (28 May 2020 1:35 PM) [Entry]

Hi. I keep getting the invalid payment details. Ans the account account is not overdue.

Anna   (21 May 2020 5:32 PM) [Entry]

Why invalid subscribers number

Jonathan M Cansanay   (22 February 2020 6:11 PM) [Entry]

I already enrolled the billers name which is meralco, and this is the second account that ill be using BDO in online payment but it keeps on saying INVALID PAYMENT DETAILS. I already followed the instructions, considering that this is the second account so i know i completed every details in payment. And its not an overdue account.

marilou resurreccion   (31 December 2019 10:54 AM) [Entry]

it says invalid payment details

Mai   (06 May 2019 1:34 PM) [Entry]

Thank you for the information,but they don’t accept overdue account

eileen   (01 March 2019 11:14 PM) [Entry]

why i am encountering invalid payment details when all the details are correct?

Regina marfori   (16 January 2019 8:50 AM) [Entry]

"Ramil dela Pena   (03 January 2019 3:35 AM) 

Why invalid payment details in paying meralco bill?"

Put the exact amount, including the centavos.

Ramil dela Pena   (03 January 2019 3:35 AM) [Entry]

Why invalid payment details in paying meralco bill?

Ishie   (14 December 2018 2:47 PM) [Entry]

How many days before it will reflect on my meralco app bill? I paid my bill for the first time last Dec 12 and its a successful transaction and yet when i checked my meralco app it stated there i am still not paid. Anyone? Thanks

Dave   (03 December 2018 6:14 AM) [Entry]

The app does not work, even if you correctly fill in all what u all have said in here. Tried a hundred time already but still up to no success.

Compared to BPI, This BDO, app sucks!!!

Ken   (18 October 2018 4:01 PM) [Entry]

I already solved this "invalid payment details" by completing the amount, don`t just put 500 instead put 500.00


se7en   (08 October 2018 1:42 PM) [Entry]

read the comments below, it works when you type in the EXACT amount as others have noted. Thanks.

Cyen Lazam   (26 September 2018 7:18 PM) [Entry]

I followed to put the first 11 digits of the atm/phone ref no still it’s invalid

Meng Castillo   (25 August 2018 11:15 PM) [Entry]

I’ve tried it last year and this year, it still shows up as invalid payment details.

Cecil   (02 July 2018 9:45 PM) [Entry]

Tried it just now it was successful please take note of the ff

1 for the ATM reference number make sure to input the last 5 digits on the lower left portion of your bill

2 the amount you must input is the exact amount up to decimal place on your billing statement


admin   (03 July 2018 8:34 AM) [Entry]

Hi Cecil, thanks for the additional tips. It'a a big help to other people.

elsa   (23 May 2018 6:03 PM) [Entry]

BDO IB is suks though updating always but it doesnt work. I did everything then submit it>>>>> the error is invalid

subscriber number I've checked it well but for some weird reason. unsuccessful :(

AJ   (02 November 2017 1:23 AM) [Entry]

System in bdo online payment meralco is Broken. Smh. Invalid payment. Waste of time.

Captain obvious   (29 October 2017 2:55 PM) [Entry]

Don't bother paying your Meralco bills using BDO online. After 5 different houses in 12 years and a hundred times trying to enroll and pay, the system just doesn't work. BDO should just remove this option. Other billers work flawlessly.

Arnel Santos   (26 September 2017 10:46 AM) [Entry]

It's not accepting my online payment. It says invalid payment details. I put in 00550966977 for subscriber number and 09070 for ATM Ref number.

Gladys Gay Mellado   (25 September 2017 6:28 AM) [Entry]

Hi. I just followed the steps above and was able to enroll my Meralco account. But when I tried to pay online, it prompted "Invalid Number".

Hope you can assist. Thanks

FRANK BUERCK   (13 July 2017 12:51 PM) [Entry]

It is not taking the current atm/phone reference number from our current bill...
number is 06253...our account # is..1378608324

monica cua   (27 May 2017 4:14 PM) [Entry]

i keep on getting the same "INVALID PAYMENT DETAILS" everytime i click submit.. i double triple check my details and everything is correct..

Efren Handumon   (02 December 2016 3:10 AM) [Entry]

It shows "invalid payment amount" on the bills I am paying online. Please help as my due date is 30November and since 29th Nov till now, the issue is the same. Thanks

Efren Handumon   (02 December 2016 3:06 AM) [Entry]

Hello, I am paying my bills online but it's always showing invalid amount. Kindly help.


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