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How to Enroll BDO Credit Card to Online Banking?

Like the deposit accounts (ATM card or Passbook with ATM card), you can also enroll your BDO or Banco de Oro credit card to its online banking facility. Examples of BDO credit cards that you can enroll to online banking are:
  • BDO ShopMore MasterCard
  • BDO Standard MasterCard
  • BDO Gold MasterCard
  • BDO Titanium MasterCard
  • BDO Platinum MasterCard
  • BDO Forever 21 MasterCard
  • BDO Bench MasterCard
  • BDO Simple Installment MasterCard
  • BDO Classic Visa Credit Card
  • BDO Gold Visa Credit Card
  • BDO Platinum Visa Credit Card
  • Blue from American Express Credit Card
  • American Express Credit Card
  • American Express Gold Credit Card
  • American Express Platinum Credit Card
  • Cathay Pacific American Express Credit Card
  • Cathay Pacific American Express Elite Credit Card
  • JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card
  • JCB Gold Credit Card
  • BDO Gold UnionPay Credit Card
  • BDO Virtual Card
Here's the procedure on how to enroll or apply your BDO credit card to BDO's online banking website:
Enroll BDO Credit Card to Online Banking

Step 1

Go to the official website of BDO [ https://www.bdo.com.ph ]. On its homepage particularly on the upper-right part of the website, click the "ONLINE BANKING LOGIN", a small screen will pop-out and will show the "BDO ONLINE BANKING" button which links to its online banking log-in page. Click the "Not yet enrolled? Enrol Now!" link. You will be redirected to the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions page.
BDO homepage website

Step 2

Check the small box on the bottom part of the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions page. Then, click Submit button.
BDO Online Banking Terms and Conditions
You will be redirected to the Online Enrollment page.
BDO online banking enrollment application

Step 3

Fill-out the needed information on the Enrollment page:
Account To Enroll
  • Since you're going to enroll a credit card, you must choose Credit Card
Select Channels
  • Check the Online Banking.
  • You can also check Phone Banking or Mobile Banking if you want.
For Online Banking
  • User ID - enter a user id. It could be combination of your name and your favorite numbers
  • Password - choose a password that is very hard to guess. A very good password is a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols. Examples are Rf83g#f*bH, y@dh!93Ghd, or U2*dgV3Gt. Take note: Password should not be the same as the user ID.
  • Confirm New Password - enter the password again
Challenge Question
This challenge question provides a way to log-in or to access your BDO online banking account in case you forgot your One-Time-Password (OTP). Samples of questions are:
  • In what city were you born?
  • What is the license plate of your car?
  • What is the maiden name of your mother?
  • What is the name of your favorite pet?
  • What is the nickname of your favorite cousin?
  • What is your father's middle name?
  • What is your favorite PBA team?
  • What is your favorite sport?
  • What was the last name of your favorite teacher?
  • What was your favorite subject in college?
  • What was your first job?
  • When is your mother's birthday (Month/Day/Year)?
  • Where did you go on your honeymoon?
  • Where did you have your first kiss?
  • Where did you spend your high school?
  • Where was your wedding reception held?
  • Where were you during typhoon Ondoy?
  • Who is your favorite superhero?
There is a second challenge question in case your forgot the answer of the first challenge question.
Client Information
  • Mobile Number - provide your mobile or cellphone number
  • Email Address - provide a working or active email address
You must enter the validation code shown in the captcha (image). You can left the Marketing Referral Code blank.
Review all the information you provide on the enrollment form, then, click the Submit button.
Follow further instructions...
Are you having any problem enrolling your credit card to BDO's online banking facility?

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Larry   (02 July 2017 4:21 PM)

Great post, man. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I was wondering how you could enroll a BDO credit card to an existing online banking account. I already have my online account up and running, and I've been using it for years with my ATM transactions. I just want to pay my credit card bill through it. Any ideas on how to do this?

XINMEI ZHAO   (08 December 2015 11:19 PM)

I can do the online banking. can you teach me how to add new credit card to my online banking please?

mariegold almendarez   (25 June 2015 4:21 PM)

please, i want to know what is the marketing referral code. i am waiting for your immediate response and kindly send the answer to my email provided.


Jennifer mitra   (10 June 2015 6:52 PM)

cant register ebanking. keeps saying we are unable to process your request

mame   (29 May 2015 1:44 PM)

why i can't enroll eBanking after i fill-out all required information. it say's We are unable to process your request. to update your mobile number, please call the customer contact center...why do i need to update my mobile number?

rowena   (11 April 2015 5:35 PM)

what is marketing referral code

John Kennif Dela Roca   (04 January 2015 2:48 PM)

I'm presently here in country of QATAR, I'm trying to make an online banking account but when I entered the mobile number the system not accepted, but I already put the area code of QATAR which is 974, for example 97466971294, but still not accepting.. May I know or can you give me an example how to write the number from this country, Qatar, including country code and area code.

iGMX   (10 June 2014 7:32 PM)

BDO Online Banking currently DOES NOT allow any VISA credit card of theirs to be enrolled. As of 10 June 2014.

Jeynelyn bambao   (27 April 2014 0:37 AM)

I want to apply bdo credit card