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How to Receive BDO Credit Card Bill Online To Your Email?

You're lucky if you always receive your BDO credit card bill (Statement of Account) early before due date. If you're one of those who receive their credit card bill late, chances are you're frustrated not to pay your bill on time (on due date or before due date). If you want to avoid the hassle of receiving your BDO credit card bill late, you must either enroll to BDO's online banking or enroll to BDO's Electronic Monthly Billing Statement Facility where you can receive your credit billing statement monthly to your email.
Receive BDO Credit Card Bill to Email

You have two (2) options in enrolling to Electronic Monthly Billing Statement

1.) Visit your BDO branch of account or any BDO branch. Go to the Customer Service or New Accounts section. Tell any bank officer that you want to enroll your credit card to Electronic Monthly Billing. They will accommodate your request.
2.) You may call BDO Customer Service Hotline. This is very useful for OFW's or those having a vacation.

Within Metro Manila BDO:
  • 631-8000
  • 814-1700 AMEX
Domestic Toll Free BDO:
  • 1-800-10-6318000 (PLDT)
  • 1-800-3-6318000 (Digitel)
  • 1-800-5-6318000 (Bayantel)
  • 1-800-8-6318000 (Globelines)
  • 1-800-10-8141700 (PLDT) AMEX
International Toll Free BDO:
  • (IAC)+800-8-6318000
  • (IAC)+800-8-8141700 AMEX

How long will you wait to receive your credit card bill to your email?

You bill will be sent to your email within 3 days after your statement date.

One good feature of BDO credit bill is it's password-protection. You should enter your choosen password (which you create during enrollment) when you open the file. Thus, your bill will not be easily compromised or access by unauthorized person.

According to BDO, going Paperless bill can help local farmers in Isabela revive its forests. BDO will plant a seedling on your behalf for the livelihood of Isabela farmers.

Are you having a problem with your BDO credit card bill?

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Rommelyn T. Carandang   (03 June 2019 3:30 PM)

Hi mam/sir I just want to tell that i want to receive my statement of account in BDO through Email please Just because of the late deliver of the messenger.
Thank you so much I hope that you are understand my situation.

Victor D. Decida   (14 January 2019 3:51 PM)


Good day!

At around 2;25pm today, January 14, 2019, I was surprised to receive a text message in my cellphone, purporting to come from BDO, informing me that my 07 Jan statement for BDO DC International CC bearing no. ending in 3070 is due in 01 Feb..
A screen shot of the said text message is hereto attached, please open it.
Whereas, at present, I have no credit card with BDO DC. So, is using this credit card to my own damage?

In connection with this, may I request to examine your record and determine to whom this BDO DC credit card was issued, because whoever was using that credit card, certainly, it was not me.

It's me,


Conchita CAstilla   (22 December 2017 5:20 PM)

Can you please email my first and last month billing - November 2017. I want to know the content of my billing. my BDO card ending 2108.

Hazel Y.Cavales   (27 July 2016 6:42 PM)

I hereby request my credit card Statement of Account bearing Credit Card #5125711249941106.

arlene orit torres   (29 April 2016 10:39 PM)

... i want to receive my monthly billing statement.....its been 5 months still i didn't recieve..i always pay monthly but my credit become higher.. please i want to have my montly billing statement
..... thank you...