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How to Pay VECO Electric Bill Through BPI Online Banking...

The biggest electric utility in Cebu, Visayan Electric Company (VECO) makes it easier for you to pay your VECO bills. VECO partnered with the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) to facilitate bill payment for VECO. With just a few clicks, you can now pay your VECO Electric Bill through the BPI online banking facility. How? Follow the procedure below:
Step 1

It's required that you have a BPI bank account and you apply for BPI online banking. The following articles might help you:

If you already have a BPI account and applied for BPI online banking, you must log-in to your BPI account. From the Main Menu, go to Payments & Reloading -> Bills Payment -> Enroll All Other Bills

Enroll VECO bill to BPI online banking

Fill-out the enrollment form.

Enroll VECO bill to BPI online banking

In the ATM Card number option, choose which type of BPI account your would like to use for paying your VECO bill. Enter the 2-digit located at the lower right hand corner of your ATM card right across your name.

Under Company Name, choose VISAYAN ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC (VECO).

Under the Reference Number, enter your VECO Account Number. Your VECO Account Number can be found on upper left part of your VECO bill (encircled in red).

VECO Bill Account Number

After completing the form, click the Submit button and you will receive a confirmation message verifying your successful bill enrollment. You can now pay your VECO bill right after this enrollment.

Step 3

In the menu, go to Payments & Reloading -> Bills Payment -> Pay Bills Today.

Pay VECO bill through BPI online banking 

You will be redirected to the Pay bill form.

Step 4

Input the necessary information on the merchant to be paid:

BPI bills payment form for VECO
> Enter the amount to be paid (do not include comma).
> Choose Source Account where payment will be debited from.

Then click the Submit button. You will then receive a confirmation message. Confirm the payment and you're done. (finished).

On your next payments, you don't need to re-enroll the VECO merchant. You may only follow Step 3 to 4. So, paying your VECO bill through BPI online banking is just a few clicks. Very convenient!

Important Reminders

If a confirmation page does not appear, please check if your account was deducted. To do this, click on More Options from your portfolio, choose "View my transactions for the day” then click on Submit.

Your account will be deducted immediately.

Payment will be forwarded to the merchant's account one banking day after your transaction.
Transactions done between 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM are considered transactions the next banking day.

Are you having problem paying your VECO bill through BPI online banking?

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ms [Entry]

you need to type VISAYAN ELECTRIC COMPANY. if you type VECO, walang lalabas. you have to input the full name of the company
pg [Entry]

VECO was removed for some weird reason :(
estokmolo@yahoo.com [Entry]

no VECO in the company name
Sid [Entry]

I can't find VECO on the list of merchants in bpi eol.
salvi labra [Entry]

I can't find VECO in the list of merchants when I enroll the account. There seems to be no option for VECO. help