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How to Pay PLDT Bill thru COINS.PH Online?

COINS.PH is the biggest online bitcoin exchange and bills payment service provider in the Philippines.

I used to pay my PLDT bill thru going to PLDT office and thru Metrobank or BDO online banking.

I discovered that the best way to pay your PLDT bill is thru COINS.PH.

Register at COINS.PH here.

Or use this code 2l5dyt upon registration in order to get Php 50 free.

Why is COINS.PH the best way to pay your PLDT bill?

It's easier, quicker, and you can get up to Php 100.00 rebate upon payment of your PLDT bill.

If you're already registered in COINS.PH, here's how to pay your PLDT bill in two (2) steps:

Step 1

Log-in to your COINS.PH account and go to Pay Bills. Fill-out the payment form.
Pay PLDT Bill thru COINS.PH Online 1

Take note of the following fields in the Payment Form:
  • choose Telecom
  • choose PLDT
  • Phone Number - include the area code
  • Account Number - enter your 10-digit PLDT Account Number. If its 9-digit, just add zero (0) at the beginning of the account number to make it 10 digits.
  • Amount to Pay - enter the exact amount shown in the bill. No commas included. You can view your PLDT bill here.
Then, click the Pay Bill button.

Step 2

Review all the information and confirm your bill payment. You can cancel the payment order if you see some error in the payment details.
Pay PLDT Bill thru COINS.PH online 2

If you enable the 2nd-Factor Authenticator (using Google Authenticator), enter the verification code. Then, proceed with the payment by clicking the Pay button.

Your bill payment will processed automatically and instantly.

Pay PLDT Bill thru COINS.PH online 3

And you will receive your Php 100 and Php 5 rebates thereafter.

Pay PLDT Bill thru COINS.PH and Get Rebates

Hope you find this useful.

Don't forget to share this with your friends.

If you have any concern with paying PLDT Bills thru COINS.PH, just drop us a comment below.
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