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Can I use my BDO ATM card in any country aside from Philippines?

Imagine this scenario: You're a Banco de Oro (BDO) ATM accountholder, and you're planning to go abroad (outside the Philippines such as USA, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc.). You want to use (withdraw or deposit) your BDO ATM card in other country. Does BDO allow the use of their ATM card outside the Philippines?

Yes. That is if you're using an International BDO ATM Debit Card (with Mastercard or Visa logo). You can use this type of ATM card outside the Philippines.

Example of BDO ATM Debit Card (with Visa logo):


Please be advised that ATM transactions using BDO machines is free of charge. However, if you transact using ATM’s of other banks within the Philippines or abroad, their service charge will be as follows:

Other Local Banks’ ATMs:
  • Balance Inquiry = Php 2.00
  • Withdrawal = Php 11.00
Foreign Bank ATMs with Cirrus/Plus logos:
  • Balance Inquiry =  US$ 1.00
  • Withdrawal = US$ 3.50
*Any unsuccessful ATM transaction such as wrong PIN, insufficient funds, exceeds limit, etc. will still be charged of US$ 1.00.

Please be advised that maximum withdrawal limit for your BDO ATM Card:
  • Maximum withdrawal amount / frequency per day = Php 50,000.00 (or its equivalent) or 5 times per ATM card per day whichever comes first
  • Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction/per dispense = Php 25,000.00 (or its equivalent)
  • Minimum withdrawal amount per transaction = Php 200.00 (using a BDO ATM)
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18 Liberose Payot   (29 August 2017 7:52 PM)
What I need to do with my BDO account in Philippines so I can able to withdraw my money even I'm in Dubai UAE?

17 Jimma   (24 August 2017 9:15 PM)
Im so dissapointing using this bank in order to save my money . i didn't recognised my savings. is losing little by little some of my money if i never see my. bal.

16 Mariomty   (11 August 2017 5:25 PM)
I'm using my BDO debit card as my mode of payment in any store here in kuwait, ask ko lang magkano ang swiping fee per transaction?

15 Carl   (13 July 2017 10:09 AM)
Bakit yun ATM Debit Card ko walang VISA or MASTERCARD sa lower right. Parang Plain lang

14 Rhea   (08 March 2017 9:32 AM)
I'm in Hong Kong right now. Can i use my BDO ATM Debit card with Mastecard logo for booking flight tickets and hotels? How to use it.

13 Delle   (14 January 2017 1:48 AM)
I ask one store here in Qatar if I can use my BDO debit visa as Mode of payment... The sales clerk says no.. Bdo debit visa are not accepted.. I thought debit visa can be used abroad....

12 Raymond   (02 January 2017 2:00 AM)
Ask ko lang po kung kailan ulet puwede mag withdraw kapag un maximum withdrawal exceed na

11 jenalyne driza   (14 October 2016 12:03 PM)
how many hours i should wait after my account exceeded the limit

10 Liesel villegas   (21 June 2016 6:11 AM)
Can I checked balance my bdo atm card but without visa logo in any atm branch here in abu dhabi??.. I open it in philippines? How can I assure if my deposit go to my savings? I'm here now in uae.

9 BABYGIRL GARGAR   (14 June 2016 8:36 AM)
can I use my BDO atm card in Singapore to withdraw but no visa logo?

8 Rachel Alquiros Galang   (31 March 2016 9:44 PM)
im here in UAE, ive asked many tyms to give me an statement of account w/ my bdo kabayan saving.. UnfortunTely ive almost 3 weeks waiting for response.. They said the agent here in dubai not yet reply for my request..hope you can help me what should i do to get my statement of account... & 1 more quess.. I can check my balance using my atm bdo kbayan saving here in UAE? Thanks

7 ivy   (01 March 2016 7:43 PM)
hi Bdo. i have a kabayan bank account i forgot to activate my bdo atm card before i left the country. I'm currently located at al khobar, KSA can i activate my atm here? since it has a Mastercard logo?

6 Vicenta   (23 October 2015 12:40 PM)
Why my atm when i used po pay my order online in usa DECLINED?

5 Ma. Joy J. Cemine   (08 June 2015 8:58 PM)
Hi.. i am planning to go travel as tourist in india and i dont have international debit or credit card. The mode of payment in paying the visa is using those two card mentioned above. How to have that card? I only have a savings card.

4 Aera Rosyl   (18 October 2014 3:52 AM)
I have a BDO debit card with the Mastercard logo on it and i wasn't able to use it for Amazon purchases,.. prior to opening the account I asked the agent if i can use it for online and international purchases and was assured that I can.. so here I am in MEA and cant get my stuffs online because they kept declining my transactions.Contacted their CS and was given a pretty generic answer. very disappointing experience.. so my card is just accumulating molds in my wallet.

3 Julie Ann Montales   (30 September 2014 12:43 PM)
Can i use my bdo atm card in singapore to deposit money but no logo of visa.ty

2 Julie Ann Montales   (30 September 2014 12:40 PM)
Just want to ask if bdo atm debit card can use in other country in depositing a money.but my atm debit card has no logo of visa...ty

1 Swedenlars   (29 October 2013 4:34 PM)
We find your website very useful when it comes to questions concerning the Philippines. We are living overseas and recently opened a dollar account with BDO. So far we have not used their ATM card here in Switzerland. Now our question, your are saying that the withdrawal fee abroad would be $ 3.50. So far so good. But somebody told me that they charge a certain percentage on top of the withdrawn about. It seems that BPI is doing this as well. So are you sure it is only the said $ 3.50 and nothing more ?

Thank you so much for your reply,

Lars and Roswitha Benvenido