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Chinabank Savings Account Interest Rate and Minimum Balance Requirements

Below is the table of type of accounts in Chinabank and their corresponding minimum maintaining balance requirements and interest rates.

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Chinabank Minimum Maintaining Balance Requirements, Initial Deposit and Interest Rates

Account TypeMinimum
Monthly ADB*
Minimum Daily Ending Available Balance to Earn Interest
Peso Regular SavingsP 1,000P 1,0000.250%
Account (ATM & Passbook)
MoneyPlus Savings AccountP 20,000***P 20,000***Tiered
ChinaCheck Plus AccountP 5,000P 20,0000.125%
US Dollar Savings AccountUS$ 500US$ 1,000***0.250%
EURO Savings Account*****EUR 1,000EUR 1,000***0.080%

*        Average Daily Balance
**      Also Initial Deposit Requirement
***    Based on Avera ge Daily Available Balan ce (ADA B)
****  Peso Account interest earning is subject to 20% Withholding Tax. For residents, Foreign Currency Account interest earning is subject to 7.5% Withholding Tax. ***** Available at selected branches

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