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Chinatrust ATM Card Balance Inquiry Online
Do you want an easy balance inquiry of your Chinatrust ATM Card? No need to go a physical ATM machine. Just few clicks of your mouse, you can check your Chinatrust ATM account balance online. Here are the steps.

1.  Go to the official website of Bancnet (https://www.bancnetonline.com).

2.  Browse the list of Bank websites.

3.  Choose and click Chinatrust (pointed by red arrow in the image below):

Bancnet website with Chinatrust

4.  A new window will open which is the Chinatrust/BancNet Online Terms and Conditions. Click the I Agree button.

Chinatrust Terms and Conditions with Bancnet

5.  You will be redirected to Chinatrust Online ATM Banking interface. Enter the appropriate information in the given fields (ATM Card Number, Member Number, Account Type and ATM PIN) and view your account balance.

Chinatrust ATM Online Banking Website

Do you find it convenient to inquire your Chinatrust account balance online? Did you encounter any problems in checking your Chinatrust account balance online?
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27 Cathy De Guzman   (19-May-2016 3:19 AM)

26 Esmael H. Mariano   (29-February-2016 11:22 AM)
i want to check my balance and my card number was erase.how did i know my cash card balance

25 Maria   (27-August-2015 6:58 PM)
I forgot my pin to my ussc card from western union
How can i recover it past

24 Gilbert Zulieta   (29-July-2015 10:01 PM)
i just want to see my balance?

23 Almanah Andan   (18-May-2015 2:28 AM)
Inquiry balance

22 Almanah Andan   (18-May-2015 2:27 AM)
Balance inquiry

21 Jay-ar p.Corpuz   (29-April-2015 3:56 AM)
balance my account

20 raio franco vallescas   (17-May-2014 9:15 PM)
I accidentally forgot my pincode.may you please help me with my problem?

19 Cherry Solar   (03-May-2014 5:35 AM)

18 carlota capian   (30-April-2014 2:38 PM)
i want to see my balance

17 Sarah Neden Bulawan   (22-April-2014 9:43 PM)
i want to inquire my balance please.

16 genesis c. gutierrez   (09-April-2014 12:34 PM)
balance inquiry

15 rolan b. hontillano   (08-April-2014 6:01 PM)
I want to check my my check accounts

14 ginalyn alcabedos   (08-April-2014 3:21 PM)
I can't click any of the bottom like the I agree botton and all other else except this comment box

13 edmil marcelo   (12-March-2014 5:01 PM)
i forgot my pin. please help..

12 josh   (30-January-2014 4:42 PM)
good sevice, always updated my account balance tnx.

11 evelyn g.dagohoy   (18-January-2014 2:23 AM)
good sevice

10 pamela   (16-January-2014 1:45 PM)
I don't have a copy of my account number, how should i know what is it? it is required in paying your sss contribution. ty.

9 helen lardizabal   (16-January-2014 10:10 AM)
Why can't I not able to access my balance inquiry through Bancnet online balance inquiry like I used to? The keypad is not there. Could you please help? Your help will be much appreciated.

8 evelyn g.dagohoy   (14-January-2014 2:09 PM)
I want check my balance pls.help me thank you...

7 Benedict Arizobal   (20-December-2013 11:49 PM)
Why can't I view my bancnet credit card in USSR western under chinatrust 4215620876780030

6 RICHARD DADIS   (17-December-2013 8:50 PM)
need to know my balance asap

5 wena pielago   (17-November-2013 11:22 PM)
hi!i I want to have an updte to my ATM 4215620270466160. I cannot view it in bancnet online. Thank you.

4 cesar sayat   (17-October-2013 7:41 AM)
I want to know my ATM# 4215620890031808 Why can't I view it in bancnet online / Why is it deactivated?

3 TESS C. FAINZA   (26-July-2013 1:31 PM)
Hi how can I view my withdrawals from December 2012 up to this date thru online? Can you please advice.

2 mark joelV,orbase   (24-May-2013 8:23 PM)
may name is mark joel V,orbase i forgot may password in may ATM cant you pls help me please

1 violeta b. gopela   (09-May-2013 5:50 PM)
Hi, I want to know my ATM account no. 4215620900268960. Why can't I view it in bancnetonline? Why is it not activated? What's the problem in my ATM? Is my account number on process. Thank you. I want to know the answer.