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How can an OFW Apply a Loan in ChinaBank?

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) work hard for the welfare of their families in the Philippines. You might be an OFW who wanted to make the most your hard-earned money by planning to build a house for your family or buy a car for family use or for business. In situations like these, financing or applying loan in a bank might be a main option to get what you want. China Bank provides a better financing solutions for OFWs. Even if you're currently abroad or outside the Philippines, you can apply a loan in China Bank. You might ask, "How can I (as an OFW) apply a loan in ChinaBank?". You may follow the procedure below:

OFW Apply Loan in ChinaBank

Loan applications can be submitted to any ChinaBank branches here in the Philippines. If you are currently abroad, you must have a representative or an Attorney-in-Fact, who can process your papers in your behalf. A Special Power of Attorney that is duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate Office is needed. All other requirements that will be coming from abroad should be authenticated by the Philippine Consulate Office.

Kindly visit this link

On the right portion of the site, the requirements for the different type of Home Loans may be displayed. There is also a Loan Calculator that will assist you in the computation of the monthly amortization of your planned loan amount.

For your possible co-maker here in the Philippines, kindly refer to the requirements below:

    • Certificate of Employment stating length of service and monthly salary
    • Income Tax Return or ITR (if any)
    • Special Power of Attorney (Bank Form)
    • 2 valid ID's

    • Certificate of Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Industry (DTI)
    • Financial Statements (Audited)
    • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with Statement of Assets and Liabilities
    • 2 valid ID's

Special Power of Attorney (Bank Form, 5 copies)

Preferably, co-maker needs to be related to you ( relative ) no specific salary ceiling needed. Still, it will be subject for credit approval process.

If you have any concern with applying a China Bank loan, please do not hesitate to post them in the comment below.
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19 Rashyl Basong   (19 February 2017 3:28 PM)
I am an overseas filipino worker in Qatar and would like to avail of personal loan for house improvement in the amount of Philippine peso 100,000.00 . kindly provide me the list of requirements and process.

Thank you

18 Jackelyn   (20 October 2016 10:07 AM)
Dear Ma'am and Sir

I'm jhackie, i inrested to borrow $45000 urgent .. hope you can help me to borrow USD ..

contact: viber - (+855) 996 17295

Best Regards.

17 drwilliamsleo   (19 September 2016 5:43 AM)
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16 lovely mogadez mozo   (15 July 2016 9:52 AM)
Good day, im an ofw here in taiwan want to avail your ofw loan..hope you can send your contact number.


15 RANDY VERA CRUZ GAMOTEA   (21 June 2016 11:32 AM)
hello good day...
how to apply loan for ofw? im interested pleaseN give me advice or fedback IM WORKING IN SAUDI ARABIA 10 YEARS FOREMAN MONTLY SALARY PHP 55,000.00..
thank you very much..


14 neriza   (14 June 2016 7:14 AM)
i am a beneficiary of my husband, can i get loan? his currently in saudi. where i should go?

13 ROMEO CONSTANTE   (16 May 2016 6:50 PM)
I am interested to apply loan. can you help me how ?

12 Menandro Villanueva   (23 April 2016 2:48 PM)
request for assistance, quick loans for OFW max 250K - no co maker needed.

11 Jeruel Sarmiento   (08 April 2016 9:05 AM)
Hello and Good Day!

I just want to inquire for OFW the loan, I am working in qatar and coming home for vacation.
what is the requirements for OFW loan?.

Thank you



10 Leslie   (20 December 2015 6:19 PM)
I want to inquire for personal loan, currently im here in Qatar.

9 Elika Elioenai T. Bitoon   (23 July 2015 3:53 PM)
I'm currently in Taiwan as a Factory Worker with a 3year contract. Im planning to apply for a personal loan to pay all other debts for me to save for the future. I still have a year left of my contract and possibly i can renew it. I will be at the Philippines this August for a 13day vacation.I just want to ask if Im qualified for your ofw personal loan? If yes, please inform me as soon as possible so that I can prepare and bring with me all the requirements.
Thank you and more power.

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7 kelvinrachel   (28 May 2015 4:13 PM)
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6 Gemma hervas   (10 May 2015 7:40 PM)
I want to know how much I can , my salary is 1500 Malaysian ringgit

5 Gemma hervas   (10 May 2015 7:39 PM)
Hi mam/ sir, I am her in malaysia and I am planning to get a ofw personal loan when I got my vacation on July. And my employer give me a 3 weeks vacation because of that I want to ask you how long I could take my loan when I apply it in your bank office?

4 Bernardino Luzon   (06 April 2015 10:27 PM)
Good day sir/madam

I am an ofw and i wanted to apply for loan. I am presently in the Philippines right now taking my vacation. I want to apply loan because i want to purchase a lot. kindly send me an email regarding this matter.

Many thanks...

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