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How to Apply an OFW Loan in BPI?

If you're an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who wants to apply a loan in BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands), here are the procedures to do and the requirements needed to bring. This guide applies to Personal Loan application in BPI. 

Apply OFW loan in BPI

The eligibility requirements for OFWs in applying for a Personal loan are the following: 
  • Must be a Filipino citizen 
  • Between 21 and 60 years old upon loan maturity 
  • Residing/working within the approved geographical lending area of BPI Personal Loan 
  • OFWs with local agency (not direct hires abroad). ITR will be waived but you will need to submit proof of income and should be present during the application process, which includes Promissory Note/Disclosure Statement signing once approved. 
  • Applicant should be present here in the Philippines, and able to visit any nearest BPI branch nationwide, during the application process. Our servicing unit does not conduct credit investigation if the applicant is outside the Philippines. 
If you are qualified based on the parameters above, please prepare the following application requirements: 
  1. Duly accomplished application form 
  2. Must have an active BPI or BPI Direct account (BFB account not included). If not, client will be asked to open one. 
  3. Proof of income: Can be Original or Photocopy (If photocopy, it should be readable) 
Also bring any of the following:
  • Active employment contract and POEA Overseas Employment Certificate or Latest POEA Customer Info sheet (OFW Information Sheet) 
  • Photo-bearing government-issued ID  (e.g. Passport, Driver's License, SSS, PRC, etc.)

*Additional income documents may be required during credit evaluation 

How much can be borrowed?

You can borrow from Php 20,000 to Php 1,000,000 depending on how much you need. Your maximum loan amount, however, can only be up to 3 times your gross monthly income subject to the Bank's assessment of your application. There is no collateral requirement for Personal Loan application. 

Interested applicants can submit all application requirements at any nearest BPI branch. Processing of your application will take 7-10 banking days upon receipt of complete requirements. 

Please take note that once your loan is approved, you will need to be physically present in any nearest BPI branch since signing of loan documents must be done in the presence of a branch officer. 

Upon approval of your loan, kindly visit the branch to sign the loan documents. Please note the following reminders in the crediting of your loan proceeds: 
  1. Loan proceeds will only be credited to a BPI or a BPI Direct account. 
  2. Existing depositors of BPI Family Bank will still be required to open a BPI account for the crediting of the loan proceeds. 
  3. Crediting of the proceeds will take 1 to 3 working days from signing of the loan documents. 
  4. A minimal processing fee of Php 1,500 will be deducted from your loan proceeds. 

If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to post them in the comment below.

Do you have any other concern in applying a loan in BPI?
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Sim   (20 January 2018 8:03 AM)
Personal loan is one way to help augment sudden financial needs. While BPI is a good bank that offer personal loan for OFWs, there are also several banks that provide the same facility. I found a good comparison here :) http://ofwbank.ph/get-quick-cash-with-the-help-of-personal-loan-and-find-out-what-banks-have-to-off er/

jeff juab   (06 September 2017 6:29 PM)
hi good day po mam/sir ask ko lang po kung magkano pwede i bank loan pag 1,800 only for my basic salary im from davao del norte plan ko po sana mag bank loan for housing thanks po

joubert pallarca   (25 August 2017 7:52 AM)
my salary is 2050sr per month how much is the maximum amount can I apply for a loan

Joules Alexis Sasan   (14 August 2017 11:51 AM)
Good day sir/ maam...im a ofw here in saudi arabia...regarding on your ofw loan sir...my basic salary is 2000sr but if we are going to total sir plus my overtime it will reached 4000sr.....and im planning to loan the amount of 400000 pesos...is it possible sir????thank you and God bless

Joules Alexis Sasan   (14 August 2017 11:44 AM)
Sir good day, I just want to inquire about the loan regarding ofw..can I avail that one sir...cuz im planning to have my vacation this october 2017....and can I have more info sir....thanks and God bless

Tessie salvan   (07 June 2017 4:38 PM)
I want to borrow money fthe amount of 100000 if you can..I want.to pay this within 1 year

Aizza Ortega   (26 May 2017 2:45 PM)
Good afternoon madam/sir
I'm ofw for almost 5 years now I just have my vacation this may until 10th of June I want to inquire about the OFW Loan and how many days is to be process???

Rasol   (21 May 2017 1:20 PM)
I am in Saudi Arabia working in Consulting firm. I just want to inquire if I can avail a OFW personal loan without my presence. My wife is the one who will process with all the requirements needed with my signature?

Thanks for replying.

Rasol, Riyadh, KSA

ariel a din   (13 May 2017 2:48 PM)
Nagtatrabaho ako sa saudi Arabia...pwedi po bang mag loan w/out my presence..

Jerry b. Dalafu   (01 March 2017 6:21 AM)
Hello madam/sir. I would like to apply for an ofw loan but I am still here working in taiwan. Is there any other way so that I can avail personal or ofw loan?

jhun hilario   (31 January 2017 0:40 AM)
im ofw but i dont have a local agency in philippines since 2013. but im still working here in singapore.
im still required to apply or avail a loan from bpi?
i have a account in bpi since 2008 also.
my salary is 55k per month
not included my overtime.
if im allowed to apply a personal loan.
how much i can apply?
thank you

Ria   (28 December 2016 9:09 PM)
I ask if im qualified to apply ofw loan im here in saudia arabia but my daughter whos the one to process there in phil.thank u

Jonalyn Bacor   (16 December 2016 5:06 AM)
I need help and somone whon can assist me. I want to loan im ofw. Anybody can help me pls

jerson enriquez   (07 December 2016 5:41 PM)
Good day! i'm Jerson Enriquez of iligan City.I am currently working here in Saudi Arabia as a safety officer. I just want to know whether I am still qualified to apply an OFW loan even if I am working here in abroad? If not, how about my wife? Can she apply instead of me.Thank you!

Andrelyn robles   (15 November 2016 5:59 PM)
Hello po im ofw from uae, gusto ko sana mag-loan pwede po ba yung sister ko magprocess ng document send ko sa kanya, by next year po kasi ung bakasyon ko

Michael Climacosa Baquillas   (07 November 2016 10:52 PM)
Dear sir/madam,

I'm OFW from K.S.A.!I want to avail to loan.


relien cabel   (04 November 2016 10:20 PM)
hello po gandang araw gusto ko po mag personal loan ofw dito s saudia arabia mg vacation po ako ngayong december 2016

Vanessa R. Hernando   (23 October 2016 12:52 PM)
Hello. Good day..i want to apply personal loan. I am here in taiwan as caretaker. How can i apply even i'm outside the philippines?
Thank you

Janette Lacayanga   (11 October 2016 3:27 PM)
Dear Sir/ Madam,

Good day! Nandito po ako sa singapore ngayon. Pauwi po ako sa Pilipinas sa December pero babalik din po ako agad dito sa Singapore. Balak ko po sana mag apply ng loan pag andyan na ako sa Pilipinas. Am i qualified po ba?

marivic Taganas   (09 October 2016 3:31 AM)
Hello good day... paano ba mag submit nang requirements para sa ofw loan kahit nandito pa ako sa ibang bansa...

sihn   (01 October 2016 2:36 PM)

Good day!
I'm an ofw . I want to apply for personal loan.
I have read the requirements for ofw- land based (Direct Hire).
One of them is OEC. I'm planning to submit my application & requirements on November while I'm in abroad, so that before I'm going back to the Philippines on December, I would know ahead if my loan is approved or not. My concern is my OEC, can I still use this OEC with me as a proof? Or do I need to get the latest OEC ? But I'm worrying if I'll get my new OEC earlier it would be expired before my departure. It's validity is only 60days and I would be returning on January 31 2017. Please advise.

Thanks and Godbless

MICHAEL P.VILLAFLORES   (21 September 2016 1:21 PM)
Dear Sir/Mam,

Nabasa ko sa website ng BPI ang OFW personal loan at ako ay andito sa oman pwedi bang ma process ang apply loan ko at pag uwi nalang ako mag sign ng mga documents na dapat kung isigned?
Thank you.

ayleen caseres   (29 August 2016 10:34 PM)
iam ofw im working beautician in oman i want to loan if you are given how to procced to make it loa

Mr. Gilberto Ronquillo   (19 August 2016 11:11 AM)
hello sir,
i have been taught in Thailand for 12 years, i have my contract of employment, work permit and a visa. is it possible to apply a personal loan even i am out of the country? thanks

Catherine Cole badudao   (04 August 2016 9:50 PM)
Hi, im applying for personal loan for ofw while in the philippines for vacation,but i receive the text from bpi that loan will be available after 6 months.my question is still my loan will be active or it will be aprovedeven im not in philipines? I submitted all the requorements needed.thank you.

Rosario Dela Cruz   (26 July 2016 9:03 AM)
Greetings! I'm ofw based in Singapore for 10yrs
I want to apply for a personal. Is it possible to apply while in abroad.? I will go back home on September and I stay only for 12days. And I do hope my application will be granted while in the Philippines.
Thanks u

millicent   (03 July 2016 6:37 PM)
i want a personal loan

Josie Baldemoro   (24 June 2016 5:55 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam,
I just to ask if what is the requirements for OFW cash loan im working in Kuwait as assistant store manager for Fashion shop. I was ofw since 2006,what are the requirements and it is possible to process in manila though my province is bicol?Kindly waiting for your kind response if im qualified.

sairah sumanday sandalo   (18 June 2016 1:04 PM)
Good day madam & sir,

I,m OFW from dubai UAE, i'd just want to inquire regarding the ofw load,how to apply in what is the requerments even i,m still here in UAE?

Ramon N. navasca   (06 June 2016 5:20 PM)
Sir / Madam,

where i get the application form for this ofw loan.

Thank you.

Dorina S. Sison   (04 June 2016 3:53 AM)
Hi Sir/Mam,

Good Day!

I'm OFW from Doha Qatar, i'm going for vacation this month of June, because me and my boyfriend are planning for a marriage so I can be able to bring him here in Qatar if we are officially married, but my problem is, we have enough money only for marriage, but for his visa and ticket is my problem, because he will come here also in Qatar to work so I hope BPI will give me a Loan once I reach there in Philippines on June and after I passed all the needed requirements for loan.

Buena Bungag   (24 May 2016 1:28 PM)
May I know how much annual interest if I will get 18 months to pay?
Thank you.

roderick lanito   (18 May 2016 5:09 PM)
Hi ma'am/sir Is it possible for me to apply housing loan. I'm ofw from malaysia
Hope to hear from you soon,Thank you and Good day

Dave   (15 May 2016 6:20 AM)
Good day sir/mam
Is there any other options to avail the loan if im still here in abroad? I just hope i can apply even im still here outside the country.. thanks

Princess Tocante   (03 May 2016 10:05 PM)
I would like to ask if I'm eligible to apply for an OFW loan that I need to support my family in a few months since the agency will take the first 2 months of my salary for the placement fee. This will be my 2nd time working abroad. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you.

Gemma velasco managuit   (01 May 2016 6:18 PM)
Please There is Any Chance for me to Take Lima

Romeo Constante   (11 April 2016 3:10 PM)
I applied twice but unfortunately still not approved. I am a OFW I worked here in Saudi Arabia and every time I go vacation, I applied ofw loan in your bank but sad to know still dis approved. what is the discrepancy of my requirements and my application still rejected? what am I supposed to do?

Makcry Shaxl   (09 April 2016 3:47 PM)
Hi ma'am / sir is it possible for me to apply and to approve my loan if I use my loan for applying abroad going Canada ?cause my money is not enough.how much for my monthly payment? How many month to pay?thank you

Justina lozano   (23 March 2016 12:47 PM)
Good day sir/mam,
I would like to ask how to apply ofw loan,,im here in italy working as family household,,can you send what requirements i need and application form,,,thanks and God bless,,

Ace Nicasio P. Lavida   (12 March 2016 4:10 PM)
Hi mam , sir , i would like to inquired regarding ofw loan , by this march 22th , i will be on my vacation , im planning to apply ofw loan , how long does it takes the processing?

Jul Clarido   (08 March 2016 1:13 PM)
Hi how any months to be paid?

Deogilo Alviar Langoyan II   (18 February 2016 12:02 PM)
Im an OFW in Saudi Arabia working as a Safety Inspector, I want to apply loan when I go home this coming April first week...I would like to ask how many days the processing of the loan if you have already complete requirements?

Jucel tero   (10 February 2016 3:10 PM)
I'm ofw from dubai ..I extend my contract for two year but then I have a vacation this coming March ..you said you need contract ..my contract will be fix after I go back here in dubi ..but I have my oec from poea..is it ok ..

James Dela Cruz   (20 January 2016 1:00 PM)
Hi I'am an ofw here in Qatar and i want to avail ofw personal loan. Can be my wife process in be half of me through Special power of attorney?

Mao Vargas   (14 January 2016 9:35 PM)
How much the monthly interest and Dubai UAE is covered by this loan??

Juddy Mayuga   (10 January 2016 12:20 PM)
Good afternoon sir/mam
I'm just asking is it possible for me to apply OFW LOAN even I'm here in Taiwan? Because I wanted to apply in Canada.. I'm planning to ask my older sister to help me.for this.. If is it Okey for you...thank you.

Alexander   (06 January 2016 1:16 AM)
Hi i am ofw here in malaysia and i want to avail ofw personal loan. Please send me the requirements. Can be my wife sign in be half of me. Special power of attorneh. Thanks

Nikku Villamor   (18 December 2015 12:28 PM)
I want to ask if im eligable for 3x gross monthly income,even my employment contract is lessthan 2yrs.thank you and i will wait for your reply

grace mosatalla   (14 December 2015 2:47 PM)
Hello good day!I just want to ask if there is a bank can lend a 30,000 pesos for a placement fee (it includes visa stamping and 12% of vat to the placement fee)to an ofw that has a starting salary of 18,000 only

Romulo Hurboda   (28 November 2015 0:26 AM)
Just for verification, I want to avail OFW Loan, please send me the details on how to apply.

Thank you..

regie pascual   (23 November 2015 11:41 AM)
I want to avail personal loan..I am working here in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.my salary income is AED1,500 How can I laon and what are the requirements needed?Thank you

Rhen   (16 November 2015 8:25 PM)
I want to apply ofw personal loan, is't possible that my wife is the principal borrower because I'm here abroad? What are the requirements needed and how to calculate interest rate? Thanks..

ALAN F. MOSA   (12 November 2015 1:10 AM)
I want to avail a personal loan,im working in ksa

rene delposo novino   (31 October 2015 5:58 AM)
Once our loan application is approved, what is the form of payment? Where we can pay our loan here abroad..

Rommelyn Miranda   (26 October 2015 5:58 PM)
If the applicant is in oberseas country he or she can still apply for a loan? thnks

donnabelle morella   (21 October 2015 3:33 PM)
can i apply loan even im here abroad? my brother will be the one to sign as my co maker if possible??

Mary   (20 October 2015 6:31 AM)
i have tried to apply last Augus and submitted all the documents however since im a permanent resident in singapore, i cannot produce oec because it is not applicable to me and poea information sheet shows my previous employer. What document can i present?

JOHN EDWARD J. De Jesus   (17 October 2015 7:23 AM)

I am an employee of Accenture, Inc. but I am currently working on the client side here in Canada. I will return back to the Philippines on September 2016. I would need to start processing the loan for my condo starting January 2016. Can you confirm if I am eligible to take a condo loan? My net income is 150,000 and I would like to take a loan for 1.8M.

Janet   (22 September 2015 8:11 PM)
Im going home december 2015 and i want to get loan kindly give me your mobile number and i will contact you.i want to know what documents i need to prepare.thanks.

Rosalinda Troncoso   (19 September 2015 6:10 AM)
hi maam/sir i want to know how can i apply cash loan on this bank.by the way im here in saudia arabia jeddah my contract is every year go vacation im working in the hospital as a food server my salary 3633 saudi riyal

iana   (06 September 2015 4:40 PM)
Hi my husband is an ofw in kuwait. The salary stated in his contract is around 27,000 pesos only.however his total package is around 33,000 pesos and it is stated on his working permit? Can he still have a loan of 200,000 pesos? Thank you.

MARK JULUIS D. SADIA   (26 August 2015 5:56 PM)
i want to apply.can i get your contact number for more information.thank u

MARK JULUIS D. SADIA   (26 August 2015 5:55 PM)
please contact me at my cp#09152997482.thank you very much

Felix Paypa   (25 August 2015 6:04 PM)
I want to apply a Personal Loan of OFW @ BFI Bank using for assisting to my family,I hope I can avail ...

Scarlet   (25 August 2015 0:55 AM)
Does bpi require minimum working tenure? Because I read it is supposed to be 2 years but I am just 1 year and 6 months in my work. Thanks

Russell S Temperatura   (17 August 2015 7:45 PM)
Good day Maam/Sir

I just want to ask for clarification regarding my OFW loan. Just this month I decided to make a loan in BPI-Binakayan branch and it cost 50,000.00php payable for 5 months, but they gave me only around 37,000.00 php then I consult immediately the officer in charge of the above mentioned branch of BPI. I asked her, why 37,000.00php only? And she explained it to me but it still not clear to me and I'm in doubt. I received the amount just this month and my question is that, my loan is not yet one month in my hands and it was immediately deducted the monthly amortization and it seems to me that its unfair. I need your help Maam/Sir. Please help me. I hope you understand what I mean in my message because I'm not so good in english.

Thank you and God Bless Us :)

joh   (14 August 2015 2:13 AM)
hello, this is joh from singapore i want to take the ofw loan but i can only stay in the philippines for 5 days is it possible? how can i process the documents needed? is it possible that i send someone to pass my documents then after 4 days ill be in the philippines to wait for the call.thanks i hope you could help me.

Victor Bernaldez   (09 August 2015 11:06 PM)
Good day BPI Family Bank, how much would be the montly interest? Or annual interest?

Arbil delino   (25 July 2015 5:56 AM)
How many days approval

jimmy linonhay   (21 July 2015 2:16 PM)

jimmy linonhay   (21 July 2015 1:08 PM)
hellow good day BPI..IM planning to have OFW LOAN at your bank..i am now recently working here at RIYADH SAUDI ARABIA..HOW MUCH IS THE FIRST LOAN CAN I AVAIL?

Luzviminda Prado Morales   (15 July 2015 10:46 AM)
How much initial deposit is required to have an active BPI account? Thank you.

Lloyd Zamora   (14 July 2015 4:15 PM)
To whom it may concern,

I would like to ask if there is available Personal loan at your branch in Bacolod City.

Kindly revert back the detailed information

Thank you.

Maricel melendrez carin   (13 July 2015 3:07 AM)
Have a good day !I just Want to ask how can I apply an ofw loan in bpi ..I'm here already in dubai ..Thank you.

Rey D. Arnoza   (12 July 2015 6:29 PM)
I am an OFW here in Kuwait, can I avail a loan?

juliet Madogyom   (10 July 2015 0:10 AM)
Thank you ..

juliet Madogyom   (10 July 2015 0:07 AM)
Hello sir/ ma'am shall I make loan even I'm here in Moscow Russia...God bless us

baby jane   (09 July 2015 9:12 PM)
i am working in hongkong but i am here in the philippines for vacation i would like to apply for a loan.

gladys   (09 July 2015 0:01 AM)
I'm working in dubai but right now I'm here in the Philippines for vacation I would like to apply for loan. What are your requirements

Jennibeth   (07 July 2015 6:28 PM)
Im working in dubai now.. How can i apply personal loan on your bank..what are the requirements needed?

arbil delino   (05 July 2015 9:40 PM)
hope you can approved my personal loan

Abigail Pacia   (02 July 2015 9:29 PM)
Me and my husband are ofws can we apply for this loan even we are not present in the Philippines now? I already have my BPI Accounts. Thank you, and we are looking forward for your reply

ailyn dimaampao   (18 June 2015 2:00 PM)
Please, kindly know, if i can apply those loans writen here, or
kindly know the information, about, house loan, sorry because i didnt understand properly, i mean, i want a house loans, not cash, please i need your answer,,, thank you

Jeanevi Mata   (15 June 2015 4:11 AM)
Hi! I work here in kuwait, could it be possible that my husband can apply loan? How is the procedure? We don't have a bank account,

Susana Bajamonde   (05 June 2015 9:27 AM)

my name is susana Bajamonde I am working in dubai and BPI Direct account holder, may i ask if i can have a personal loan through online or i need to go home and process to the nearest BPI branch in Bohol, can we ask one of my relative to process the loan or personally i myself will go home and process.

thank you and hope to hear you soon.


Maricor Bunal   (01 June 2015 2:56 PM)
Hey guys. Applying for OFW loan got easier here. Just check it here! http://www.loansolutions.ph

Emelyn Tomarong   (31 May 2015 5:59 PM)
hello good day Sir@maam i wanna ask if i can allowed to apply a personal loan in your company.i am work here in dubai.as a servant so if i can allowed where branch i apply in bacolod city??thanks @more power..

joy damondon   (21 May 2015 1:05 PM)
good afternoon maam/sir, I am going to hongkong as domestic helper...I just only want to know if how much the interest of an ofw loan and is it ok if rhe requirements is xerox only please reply thank you and more power god Bless

raymundo j.magbanua   (18 May 2015 6:27 PM)
hello,id like to apply ofw loan,,but currently im here in saudi arabia.is it okey if my wife should be my representative in be half of me.here is my email accnt rycudnee01@yahoo.com,,pls kindly email me all the details..thank you very much..mr.raymundo j.magbanua ofw from jeddah.

raymundo j.magbanua   (18 May 2015 6:20 PM)
goodday sir/madam,im currently working here in jeddah,if my housewife can apply in behalf of me?or else can i apply thrue online aplication,i am a branch supervisor at mohammed yousuf naghi hyundai.please kindly respond my msg.my monthly salary is 5500sr.

Marissa Pilleren   (14 May 2015 9:43 PM)
Hi! Good day Im currently working at singapore, I would like to query regarding ofw loan, if my husband can apply in behalf of me? Please give advice for chances of this application. My monthly salary is 3270 sgd. thank you

Rosemarie Lagao   (11 May 2015 12:45 PM)
Hi im rosemarie im waiting for my flight details but my expecting flight is on may 25... do i can still file a loan? Bound to taiwan salary 19,000 nt

BRYAN JULIUS MILLARIO   (11 May 2015 0:44 AM)
Have a good day sir/mam i just wanna ask if i can take this loan im here in saudi arabia but...what should i do ...is it posible if my wife should be my representative...thanks more power...

kim garrik viloria   (04 May 2015 7:56 AM)
hi good day .i would like to ask if its possible for me to apply on this ofw loan but im here in saudi arabia..whats the possible thing to do ?and i do have other bank account is it possible for me to loan?

Janssen Sapanta   (25 April 2015 1:37 PM)
Good day. I'm Janssen Sapanta and I am a seafarer. I just want to ask if can I avail ofw loan in your bank even if i don't have yet an account in your bank? My monthly allotment is in another bank. But I am welling to open a saving account in your bank. I want to apply that ofw loan in your bank cause your interest is lower than the other banks. By the way my monthly income in peso is 40, 000. I'll wait for the reply. Thank you and godbless

wally nacu   (20 April 2015 6:09 PM)
Good day po I'm interested po to apply a personal loan is it possible while I'm here abroad.thanks

JERIC ROLDAN   (05 April 2015 10:16 AM)
Good day I'm Jeric Roldan I ask for ofw loan cause i need to pay my Placement fee and processing fee
my schedule of pdos is April 6, 2015

thank you so much.

What are the requirements for ofw loan ?
Did i considered to avail loan ?

Alva A. Banua   (04 April 2015 0:14 AM)
Hi! I'm Alva.can I ask my mother to open an acct for me before I will go home?I am planning to avail loan on my vacation this month.thank you

syrellan   (06 March 2015 6:48 PM)
Hi,im lynnes gonzaga,I would like to ask for your assistances regarding ofw loan.my flight schedule is march 14,2015.I have complete requirements.please advise me if how to avail ofw loan? Thank you

Josie Barretto   (17 February 2015 12:04 PM)
Im Josie im waiting now my flight details how can loan from your bank my destination is Jeddah my salary 400 dollar

Butch Pablijan   (09 February 2015 3:35 PM)
Need your assistance please. I'm Estanislao and currently working in UAE. I am interested to apply for an OFW loan. please email me here stanley_bush80@yahoo.com .
Thank you and more power...

Krislyn Calda   (12 January 2015 7:46 PM)
Hi I'm Kris, I'm currently working in UAE. It is possible for me to apply for loan even if I'm here in UAE?
email- calda_krislyn@yahoo.com

Emely K Inolino   (11 January 2015 5:53 AM)
Hi am Emely,am currently working n UAE...it is possible for me to apply for loan even f am here?email....francoinolino1482@gmail.com..thank u.

Melody Dangiwan   (10 January 2015 6:19 PM)
hi, i would like to ask for your assistance regarding ofw loan.can i avail more than 3 times of my gross salary?,..im working here in saudi arabia and interested to apply for ofw personal oan..thanks!..(zmjcagdan14@gmail.com)..hoping for your response!

Trauts Zamora   (18 December 2014 8:45 PM)
good evening!..my cousin would like to loan 2 your bank!..but the problem is that he's in the philippines!..could you or would you help us!..thank you and more power...(karlyllezamora@yahoo.com)

Trauts Zamora   (18 December 2014 8:40 PM)
good evening!..,my cousin is planning to loan to ur bank!..hes also a seaman bt now his on vacation"..could he possibly loan 2 ur bank without latest contract..<(karlyllezamora@yahoo.com)..thank you

Trauts Zamora   (18 December 2014 6:20 PM)
good evening..my cousin wants to loan in your good bank!..this is hes 1st time..he is a seaman..and the problem is that hes now in the philippines spending time together w/his family!..my question is that can he avail?..need your assistance!..(karlyllezamora@yahoo.com)..need your reply!..thank you!..

Flor Cecilia Egual Go   (12 December 2014 10:08 AM)
Hi I am interested to apply for an OFW loan, I am presently working in Singapore, can my husband do the application for me?, and may I know how much would be the interest rate and the terms of payment. My email is fc_egual@yahoo.com

Mia Cherine Eleazar   (08 December 2014 8:28 PM)
Hi! I want to know how long does it take for the processing and approval of a loan. does it take 30 days? i need an answer please. my email address miacherine@yahoo.com

mikay27   (28 November 2014 4:48 PM)
hello i will ask i want to aplly for loan but im in israel can my husband do it for me?

sk20481   (24 November 2014 6:55 PM)
Good afternoon! I Laurencio Sarenas am presently working here in Ras Al - Khaimah, United Arab Emirates under Zamil Steel Company since year 2007. I interested to apply cash loan. this is my email add LaurencioSarenas@zamilsteel.com my contact number is +971 50 627 8637.

Divine Belmonte   (07 November 2014 2:20 PM)
Hello, I am here in Namibia ..is this place included within your parameter which is one of the requirement to avail personal loan? i am interested to apply..email me in this address dnchindo@gmail.com

Karen Alpes   (14 October 2014 3:31 PM)
Hi I am karen alpes I would like to follow up my loan that I submitted last October 2, 2014 please contact me as soon as posible this is my email add karen_alpes@yahoo.com and my contact no.09321074810

Arsenio Tesoro   (11 September 2014 7:09 PM)
Hello, is my housewife can apply for ofw loan on my behalf?

Elmer Delos Trayco   (01 September 2014 5:50 PM)
gud pm...im Elmer, how can i apply ofw loan?im going to malta this coming wdnsday and i just want my wife will sign the form and i give him copy of my documents..what is the best way or the easy way to avail?

Nena Georpe   (16 August 2014 9:41 PM)
good eve is it possible to use spa since my husband is not here in the philippines?

Nena Georpe   (16 August 2014 9:36 PM)
good eve i am planning to apply for ahousing loan in bpi. my husband is an ofw . he is in ksa . as awife isit possible to file a housing loan in your without the presence of my husband? i have already a unit in tuscania subdivison in which the equity is alreaddy fully paid. pls rep ty

Maruja Atenta   (06 August 2014 1:14 PM)
Good Day!

My cousin is planing to take a loan in your bank, but this is his first time as OFW, is it still possible for him to have a loan with your bank? if he is applying for 150k loan, what would be the terms? Thank you! hoping to hear from you soon, here is my email address: navarro_maruja@yahoo.com.ph . Thanks!

Enrique Ty Syluancia   (18 June 2014 6:32 PM)
Blessed day, I'am an ofw here in KSA, I have a lot in las pinas and i want to apply housing loan of 7M if possible
can you give me all the requirements need for me to prepare.

Thanks and God bless you ang more power

Marites N. Ventura   (18 June 2014 4:19 PM)
How much salary you require for an ofw applicant?

Kristine Altamina   (30 April 2014 10:48 PM)
Good day! My husband and I are OFW hence we need an extra money for our kids education for their bachelor degree...How can I avail our loan for I have only 30 days vacation and also my husband. Thank you and looking forward for your kind response.

jojo tapang   (29 April 2014 9:32 AM)
Hi! How can I avail personal loan in your bank? I am recently here in Dubai since 2005. I work as musician-pianist in hotel-bars in the city. I am earning 65kphp per month. I invested my earnings in my home province in Davao. I have a prep-primary schools and I need to expand rooms and building and some finishing touches of newly built rooms a year ago.
I need your reply asap.
thanks-god bless!