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How can an OFW (currently outside the Philippines) apply to Metrobank Online Banking?

If you're an Overseas Filipino Worker or currently residing outside the Philippines, you can still apply or enroll to Metrobank's online banking facility (MetrobankDirect). How? Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Visit any of Metrobank's foreign branches in your area. To know if there's a Metrobank foreign branch in your area, you can search them easily using the Search form above. Use the following keywords: "Metrobank + Name of Your Place + Branch". Example:
  • Metrobank Saudi Arabia Branch
  • Metrobank Canada Branch
  • Metrobank USA Branch
  • Metrobank Hongkong Branch
  • Metrobank Japan Branch
  • Metrobank Australia Branch
  • etc.
Step 2

Go to your preferred Metrobank foreign branch, bring at least two valid id's for enrollment purposes. If you're a Metrobank non-depositor, bring some money for the initial deposit and two pieces 1x1 pictures.

Step 3

Fill-out an application form and thereafter you should go back to the Metrobank foreign branch after a week to claim your Password Mailer. You will likewise receive your assigned Customer ID to your email.

Are you an OFW? Are you having problems applying for Metrobank Online Banking?
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Meljoy Pactao   (28 January 2014 7:14 PM)
How get my metro bank card here in jeddah saudi? Thank?

marlyn   (02 May 2013 9:48 PM)
hello how can i register online banking but there is no metrobank branche here in in israel?pls.reply thanks!!