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How to Find the Account Number of BDO ATM Card?

You might forget your account number and you cannot deposit money to that account. So, you might probably asking, "where or how to find the account number of your BDO ATM Card?". (Note: BDO stands for Banco de Oro)

Account Number BDO ATM Card



The account number is not printed on the ATM card. So, you cannot find it there. If you applied for BDO ATM card with Passbook, you can find the account number printed inside the Passbook.

Alternatively, you can ask for your account number (BDO ATM) by going to your BDO branch or to any BDO branch and request for your account number. Before going to the BDO branch, it's recommended to bring at least two valid id's (for identity verification) or your ATM card.

Given your name, a bank employee will then search your account number at their online database with the help of a computer and internet. It's so easy to retrieve it and it might take just seconds to retrieve your account number. After successful searching of your account number, the bank employee will give you your account number.

One more thing, did you remember that on the first day you opened your BDO ATM account, the bank gave you a deposit slip containing your Account Number. If you have it, you may take a look at it.

  • To help you avoid the lost of your bank account numbers particularly in Banco de Oro (BDO), you can have a copy on it in your private folder hidden in a secured place of your office or house. Or you can have a copy on it to a password-protected document or folder uploaded to a reliable hosting website.
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23 Neko Wenceslao   (18 April 2017 5:11 PM)
Hi Im trying to enroll BDO online banking but they ask to fill my acount no. but I cannot find it in account information

22 Nathaniel M Sale lll   (05 April 2017 6:58 PM)
forgot my account number how can i do to know my account number please reply

21 Julius ryan c maniquiz   (25 January 2017 5:15 PM)
Im here at muscat barka oman i forgot my account number how can i do to know my account number please reply thank you so much

20 marciana ecleo   (08 December 2016 1:48 AM)
i just to know if my account in BDO is still open now but i forgot my account number can you please help me my BDO ACCOUNT is BDO DEBIT card i open that in BDO BRANCH IN ABAD SANTOS AVE LRT STATION BRANCH TONDO MANILA


19 Remar   (03 December 2016 8:59 AM)
Good day.. i remitted money thru exchange/remittance shop to my Bdo acct.. i only used 10 digits account no. Without "00", will still be credited in my acct.? The remittance shop accepted the transaction with 10 digits bdo account. no. Thank you..

18 Robert Bruan   (22 November 2016 2:56 PM)
@Jennielyn go to your BDO branch or to any BDO branch and request for your account number. Before going to the BDO branch, it's recommended to bring at least two valid id's (for identity verification) or your ATM card.

17 Jennielyn trinidad   (27 October 2016 6:30 PM)
I need my account number.how to request it

16 Gino Mejico   (14 August 2016 8:40 AM)

15 Rizza Villamor   (24 July 2016 4:07 AM)
Hi..if someone will know my bank account number does he have a permission to widraw cash from my account??

14 Ferdinand Capuyan   (23 June 2016 8:57 PM)
I want to open and BDO kabayan saving account.how ca i open if im already here in saudi..can you help me because i dont have access..im here at riyadh province..too far frm the city...

13 charmainemonterroyo   (22 June 2016 8:36 PM)
hi im charmaine monterroyo i need my acoount number

12 charmainemonterroyo   (22 June 2016 8:34 PM)
hi im charmaine im lose my account number can you help me becouse i need

11 Gladys Subaldo   (30 May 2016 1:13 PM)
I want to deposit to my account but it isn't working. Kindly, help me to figure it out. I am out of town and i cannot fix it to the branch where I am registered with.

10 aiyeen hope fuyonan gardoce   (19 May 2016 8:37 PM)
good day.. i forgot about my kabayan savings account number.. and im here in riyadh. can you please check it for me? thank you..

9 liezle serrano   (19 May 2016 2:31 PM)

8 relan castro   (18 May 2016 8:41 PM)
i just want to check my account number for my kabayan savings.

7 darwin dagasuhan   (15 March 2016 0:27 AM)
hi! i lost my bdo atm card but i still know my account # 3160026811.
can i apply for another atm card online? thanks

6 John bazil c. Caguimbal   (03 November 2015 3:16 PM)

5 Michelle Monton   (10 September 2015 12:01 PM)
Is there any possible ways than going to the BDO Branches? Can I track my account number on ATM Machines? Just want to go online banking but cannot access it because of the needed account number. Hope you reply. Thank you.

4 Jhay-em   (08 September 2015 11:23 AM)
Hi SANDRA JOSE CANIMO you should have a prefix no which is "00" + your 10-digit number in your Passbook. Hope it helps.

3 Chris DiLaurentis   (24 July 2015 4:20 AM)
I have a BDO account but it is for my payout (a payroll account, if that is the correct term for it), can I still ask for my account number or it is only applicable to personal BDO account? I was planning to enroll for an online banking so that I can check it via BDO mobile application and I can not do that without the account number. Can't I check my account number to a BDO ATM (hope you understand what I mean by this)? Is there an option on the machine that allows us to check the account number? (I can actually check that myself,I just want to post it just in case someone will have same question) Lastly, are Postal ID and company ID okay? Will they accept those? Thank you so much for your help.

2 Mark Joseph G. Andrade   (09 May 2015 3:52 PM)

1 SANDRA JOSE CANIMO   (26 April 2015 8:45 PM)
Good Day!

Hi I'm Sandra Canimo and I'm living in Dubai UAE . I open an account hire which is Kabayan Savings, i want to check my balance online because until now I'm not going home in Philippines to change my password and check my balance . Please help me because when I'm using the online and register they are asking about the account number when I'm searching it in my passbook but it's not correct the number of the account should be 12 digits but my account number is only 10 digits which is written in my passbook . I already deposit money on this Kabayan Saving that's why i want to check if how much is it now .Please reply on my message as soon as you read this one . Many Thanks!