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How to Find the Account Number of BDO ATM Card?

You might forget your account number and you cannot deposit money to that account. So, you might probably asking, "where or how to find the account number of your BDO ATM Card?". (Note: BDO stands for Banco de Oro)
Account Number BDO ATM Card


The New BDO ATM Card (with EMV chip)

New BDO ATM Card (with EMV chip)


The account number is not printed on the ATM card. So, you cannot find it there. If you applied for BDO ATM card with Passbook, you can find the account number printed inside the Passbook.
Alternatively, you can ask for your account number (BDO ATM) by going to your BDO branch or to any BDO branch and request for your account number. Before going to the BDO branch, it's recommended to bring at least two valid id's (for identity verification) or your ATM card.
Given your name, a bank employee will then search your account number at their online database with the help of a computer and internet. It's so easy to retrieve it and it might take just seconds to retrieve your account number. After successful searching of your account number, the bank employee will give you your account number.
Do you remember that on the first day you opened your BDO ATM account, the bank gave you a deposit slip containing your Account Number. If you have it, you may take a look at it.

If you're far from your branch of account or if you're outside the Philippines, just call BDO customer service to retrieve your account number. They'll be happy to assist you on that matter.


  • To help you avoid the lost of your bank account numbers particularly in Banco de Oro (BDO), you can have a copy on it in your private folder hidden in a secured place of your office or house. Or you can have a copy on it to a password-protected document or folder uploaded to a reliable hosting website.

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Judy Ann Talabon   (16 June 2019 8:55 AM)

Can i ask about my account number i forgot ?

elcheen grace caraig   (10 June 2019 5:56 PM)

my account number pls...tnx

Kris Sandra Santos   (26 May 2019 3:39 PM)

Good day can i ask my BDO account number?

Nice villanueva   (07 May 2019 5:36 PM)

Can i ask my account number please ? Thank you

Mhay Nazareno   (07 May 2019 12:41 PM)

Good day can i ask my BDO account number?
Please help thank you and Godbless.

Adam Hernandez Benitez   (11 March 2019 4:49 PM)

Can I get my cash card account number

Odenamerly@gmail.com   (07 March 2019 10:56 PM)

How to find my account num
Merly odena
Frst 5 digit of account num:00479

Joven Bergancia Lupo   (29 January 2019 10:40 AM)

Can I ask for my BDO Account number? Thanks and God bless

Jeremy tadiosa pandez   (24 December 2018 5:01 PM)

Good day! Im looking for my bdo atm cash card account number please help... godbless!

Ailyn   (01 December 2018 1:49 PM)

Hi in looking for my account number?

Lalaine mendi   (11 November 2018 1:19 PM)

Hi im looking for my Account number. Lalaine Mendi

Martha Mae Alisen   (08 November 2018 7:30 AM)

How can i know my cash card account number?

luncio salvador dosalen   (04 November 2018 6:40 PM)

may I request a kabayan passbook account number for me to fill up forms online using my phone to be submitted immediately.Thanks

Ma. Joan   (18 October 2018 10:42 AM)

Can I have my Cashcard Account number.?

Jovelyn Javier   (04 October 2018 11:27 AM)

Good day! Requesting my account number please!
Here is my card number 4895040347349314..

Michael II Joven Bertulfo   (26 September 2018 12:38 PM)

Hi i wanna ask for my bank account number?

MJ Alfonso   (30 May 2018 11:39 PM)

Hi , I had my card replaced I got a new card right. I wanna know if my account number is still the same?

michelle garcia   (15 May 2018 5:35 AM)

Hi can I ask for my bank account number?

Marie Cor Chezza B. Gildo   (25 March 2018 7:03 PM)

good day. im living in Oman i opened an account through BDO last february 2018 when i went on vacation on Philippines.. i lost the deposit paper that you gave me i did not know my account number. now im back in Oman i want to know my account number because i left my atm card to my mom and i want to send money also. i asked my mom to go to nearest BDO branch which is in Tanauan City Batangas Mabini branch but they did not give the account number to my mom coz the teller told her it is not allowed.. how would i know my account number..? please i need an answer as soon as possible.. thank you!

admin   (21 April 2018 9:16 PM)

Mam Marie, you need to call BDO's customer service to retrieve your account number. They'll be happy to assist you on that matter.

May ann dela pasion   (06 January 2018 5:41 PM)


jessica v navarro   (05 January 2018 8:25 PM)

i dont remember my bdo account pde po ba gmitin ung nakasulat na # sa harap ng debit card ko para hulugan ng pera.

johnriel asucan pagas   (22 November 2017 3:29 AM)


michelle vanne aduca   (25 October 2017 4:04 PM)

hello po ilang beses na po akong nagtry magenrol sa BDO online Banking but ang nagpapakita po lagi kung sinasubmit ko atm card number is not valid e ang tinatyper ko naman po is yung 16 digit na nasa harap ng atm ko. What to do po. Thank you!

Maylene Adao   (12 August 2017 2:11 PM)

Tanong lang po? Nag open ako ng bank account sa banco de oro ngayun po my kaibigan ako na ginamit na profile picture ang picture ng passbook ko na naka sulat ang name at account number and adress. Safe pa po bang deposit sa account q po kung na publish po ito sa facebook? Thank you po

christopher james p delos santos   (09 June 2017 7:03 AM)

I requested my account no for this card no bdo cash card 6018539079131698 for my other transaction thanks

christopher james p delos aantos   (09 June 2017 7:02 AM)

Hi please can i have account no for my bdo cash card copy thanks

romeo s. lacson   (19 May 2017 12:19 PM)

i am enrolling mat account online but i do not have my account number. would it be possible to furnish me my account number..my account is with bdo sindalan san fernando pampanga

Neko Wenceslao   (18 April 2017 5:11 PM)

Hi Im trying to enroll BDO online banking but they ask to fill my acount no. but I cannot find it in account information

Nathaniel M Sale lll   (05 April 2017 6:58 PM)

forgot my account number how can i do to know my account number please reply

Julius ryan c maniquiz   (25 January 2017 5:15 PM)

Im here at muscat barka oman i forgot my account number how can i do to know my account number please reply thank you so much

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